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Ten prayers recommended by Huzoor:

Visit this page to download and print a one pager listing the ten prayers recommended by Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V in the Friday Sermon of May 30th 2014.

Launching Tahir Academy

Majlis-e-Shura 2014 discussed the need to provide a unified platform for the moral training of your children in America. This generated the recommendation to establish Sundays schools in Jamaats where Missionaries, auxiliaries, and other teachers can provide religious instruction to our children in a streamlined fashion. Huzoor has approved "Tahir Academy" as the name of these Sunday schools and now you have access to almost every resource you need to establish a Tahir Academy in your Jamaat. 

What is the Tahir Academy all about? Watch our top video on this link

What happens to our Atfal and Nasirat classes? They will be enhanced. Read the FAQs and learn the answer to this and many other questions that you may have. 

Our minimum goal is to establish 25 Tahir Academies, nationwide, within a year. But that's a minimum goal. We want every Ahmadi Muslim child to have this blessing.

What is the administrative structure? We knew you would ask, so we made a short video. Watch here. 

If you seek full detail, read these handbook of rules, policies, and best practices from two different Jamaats. Here and here

So what is the next step? Contact your local presidents and volunteer yourself as teachers and administrative staff. We are encouraging parents to volunteer their time to make this endeavor a success. The fruits of Tahir Academy - while may become obvious very quickly - will truly manifest in 10 years from now when these students will go to colleges with a rock solid Muslim American identity.


You have the whole summer to meet, discuss, and plan.  Come August, we don't want you to be left behind since more than 25 Jamaats have expressed interest in establishing Tahir Academy.  



Faheem Younus Qureshi
Serving National Tarbiyat Department, USA


How to marry another Ahmadi Muslim without seeing one?
We are exposed to non-Muslims or non-Ahmadi Muslims at school and work while strict segregation is the norm at the mosque/Ahmadi homes. How then are the Ahmadi Muslim youth expected to not get attracted to those they are exposed to? And how do we expect them to marry those they almost never see? Click here....

Friday Sermon: "Khilafat, prayers and Martyrdom of Dr. Mehdi Qamar Shaheed" 

Learn More

Contact your local Tarbiyyat Secretary. Learn More


Contact your National Tarbiyyat Secretary,  

Faheem Younus  

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