Dec 18, 2013
Vol I, Issue 9

Establishing 200 Salat Centers in 100 Days

In September, 2013 we launched this initiative, hoping that it would provide a salat center within 15 minutes driving time, to most of our members in the US. With the prayers of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih and the support of respected Ameer and Naib Ameer sb, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work.
Today, with 12 days remaining, this is our final plea. Read the FAQs, check out the location of current salat centers, talk to each other, and ask each other if you have a Salat center or Masjid within a 15 minute drive from your home. If not, find another Ahmadi brother/family in the area and set up a Salat Center. 
We will share the detailed table of Jamaats/number of salat centers with you on December 31st Inshallah!
Muslims have generally forgotten about the necessity of offering Prayers in congregation, and this is one of the biggest reasons for divisions and dissension in the Muslim world. Allah, Almighty has placed many individual and communal blessings in this form of worship, yet Muslims have sadly forgotten them. Wherever the Noble Qur`an has instructed Prayers, it has instructed congregational Prayers; nowhere has the Qur`an instructed the plain observance of Prayers without congregation. - Translated from Tafsir Kabir, Vol 1, pp105; commentary of Ch2; verse 4.  H. Khalifatul Masih II.

Voluntary Fast

This coming Thursday, (Dec 19th) is the third Thursday of the month. Based on Khalifatul Masih (aba)’s instruction, we promised that as USA Jamaat, we would collectively observe a voluntary fast on every third Thursday of the month. I am requesting respected Presidents to inform Jamaat members with the timings of Sehar and Iftar. Here are a few sample salat times:
Washington DC area – Fajr at 6:00 am and Maghreb at 4:45 pm
New York Area – Fajr at 5:50 am and Maghreb at 4:30 pm
Chicago – Fajr at 5:50 am and Maghreb at 4:25 pm
Los Angeles – Fajr at 5:40 am and Maghreb 4:45 pm


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