Why Spiritual Fitness? 

The term “Spiritual Fitness” is derived from many of the writings of Promised Messiah (as). For example, in The Philosophy of Teachings of Islam Huzur states, “It should be remembered that the highest spiritual condition of a person in this life is that he should find comfort in God and all his satisfaction, and ecstasy and delight should be centered in God.” Based on this, are you spiritually fit?

Join us for a 30-Day Ramadan Spiritual Fitness challenge!


Please print this one page, post it on your fridge and give yourself a star, everyday, when you accomplish all the listed actions.
Still don’t know what your “boarding pass to heaven” is? – Watch this Jalsa Speech

Print your Ramadan calendar, with all the local salat times, here. Just punch in your zip code and then click on the Ramadan tab above. 
Have trouble reading Arabic? At least complete one reading of the Holy Quran in your native language during this Ramadan. The Promised Messiah (as) said: “The Quran possesses a spiritual quality that enlightens the hearts.”
Tahajud prayers carry a higher spiritual status than the Taraveeh prayers. Whenever possible, offer Tahajud during Ramadan.


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