Feb 6, 2014
Vol II, Issue 2

Have you been listening to Huzur’s Friday Sermons? If not, here are 10 faith inspiring quotes which might entice you to listen to the full sermon. If you did listen to the sermons, tell us! Aren't these some awesome sayings?
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Alright, here we go:
The Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) did not come to give us any property, any worldly governance, he did not invent anything, did not provide us with any luxuries, all he gave us was truthfulness, how unfortunate would it be if we lose it as well and we would throwing the grace with our own hands that was revealed after thirteen hundred years... Remember very well that this blessing took thirteen hundred years to return and if we do not value it and it ends up in another thirteen hundred years, we will be cursed by all the generation till that time.
We believe that Hazrat Isa (on whom be peace) has passed away, we believe that God sent the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) as the second advent of Hazrat Isa (on whom be peace), we believe that the last revealed Book given to the Holy Prophet (peace and blessing of Allah be on him) is in its original state. Can all these beliefs help us succeed in our objective? The answer is a simple, no. Unless...
So to stop evil deeds and to promote good and virtuous deeds we have to wake up the very soul of every member of the society and realize that even a small righteous act of goodness is a big virtue and that even a small evil act is a grave sin. Until this kind of thinking develops in every one of us and an effort will not be made to bring this about, the evil deeds will continue to exist in society and these will continue to impede the work of bringing about a practical reformation.
A person can make the sacrifice of accepting One God instead of three and it will never be that having accepted One God, one fine day he will think about three gods. However, a person dependent on intoxication will certainly have withdrawal symptoms. He can give up a life-long creed but giving up a habit of few months or years makes him restless. There are people who come in the Jama’at having forsaken their families, even their wives and children but when they are asked to give up smoking, they look for hundreds of excuses.
Those Ansars whose mounts turned back easily swiftly turned and those whose mounts resisted, they cut the necks of their horses and run on foot towards the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) and presented themselves before him. This is the very spirit which we need to understand today. Today, the one commissioned by God, the true and ardent devotee of the Holy Prophet calls us to reform ourselves. Thus, the three days of Qadian Jalsa should be spent in Taqwa and remembrance of God and these three days should be made a source of permanent nearness to God. It is time to cut off the necks of rebellious horses of our nafs (self).
As the Jama’at continues to make progress, and as the Grace of God continues to pour down upon us, these oppositions also are picking up speed and they will. We are not worried by them nor should we be because in the end they are decreed to fail and whither... So fill the coming year with prayers. Pay so much attention to the recitation of durood and istighfar that Allah, the Exalted, casting always a glance of Mercy upon us, may continue to make more and more expansive the Grace that He has been bestowing upon us and turn the machinations of our enemies upon them themselves. May He wipe out and make extinct, every opponent and every opposition. May His Grace continue to descend upon us in greater measure every day.
Reformation of practice requires three things: strength of resolve which is capable of big things, abundance of knowledge so that our strength of resolve realizes its responsibility as regards what is wrong and what is right and supports what is right and endeavors to follow it and not lose out due to ignorance. Thirdly, we need strength to implement matters so that our limbs follow our good intentions and do not reject what the good intentions order them to do. These are the fundamental sources of coming out of sin and reformation of practices.
What is strength of resolve... In religious matters strength of resolve is iman (belief). When seen with this angle, we will understand that the capacity to implement matters is enhanced with iman and every difficulty is eased with the help and support of God and troubled situations are diminished due to iman... Such strength of resolve is all-encompassing and such people are the champions of the spiritual world. Satan is left surrendering to them. Troubles as high as mountains are cut apart like pieces of cheese for them and with such strength of resolve, no other method is required!
The abundance with which our Jama’at has fresh signs of God before it is matchless. There is no other religion apart from Islam with signs of ever-fresh Word of God, living miracles and signs demonstrating the existence of God which cleanse human hearts from all kind of adulteration and grant it knowledge and closeness of God. Why then, do we still find weaknesses of practices in our Jama’at...
‘Hazrat Isa (on whom be peace) can very well be alive in heaven. His being alive in heaven is not as harmful as it is harmful for the existence of God Almighty being dead in our hearts. What good is it when you continue to lay emphasis on death of Hazrat Isa (on whom be peace) while you are killing God Almighty in people’s hearts and are not attempting to make Him Living!’[http://www.alislam.org/friday-sermon/2014-01-31.html]

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