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Happy New Year!  In this month’s featured article, we reflect on the past year and look forward to 2019.  2018 was an exciting year, highlighted by the launch of our annual scholarship program, upgrades to our work force development material, and partnering with the Hawaii Department of Transportation to conduct their Field Sampling & Testing Qualification Program – Asphalt Module.
Click here to learn more about these highlights, what else happened in 2018, and what is in store for 2019.
Stone Matrix Asphalt (SMA) has been successfully used in Hawaii.  To raise awareness of SMA, HAPI and the State Highways Division’s Work Force Development Program are partnering to bring the National Center for Asphalt Technology’s SMA design SMA Coreand construction training to Hawaii.  This 1-day workshop will be conducted on both April 10 and April 11 at the Daniel K. Inouye Airport Conference Center.
Click on the date of the workshop (April 10 or April 11) for additional information and to sign up for the workshop. There is no registration fee for staff from government agencies. 
Refresher session at HDOT Lab FacilityContinuing our relationship with the Hawaii Department of Transportation (HDOT), Highways Division (HWY), Materials Testing and Research Branch (HWY-L), HAPI will be conducting their Field Sampling and Testing Qualification Program (FSTQP) – Asphalt Module in 2019. A refresher course and certification exam are scheduled for February 7 and 8 in Hilo.  The next sessions on Oahu will be on March 2, 4, and 5.  Click here for additional details and to register with HWY-L.

Big IslandHDOT invites you to a presentation of their preservation program for the Big Island. The intended audience is contractors and suppliers that do work on the Big Island. Don Smith, HDOT Hawaii District Engineer, will outline the Department’s preservation program for his District. Smith will present the vision, goals, and benefits of a systematic preservation strategy. Click here for additional information and to register.

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Featured  Article - A look back to 2018 and forward to 2019

Out going 2018!2018 was an exciting year! 
We launched our first annual scholarship program.  The goal of this scholarship is to assist college students pursing a degree in civil engineering, construction management, construction engineering, and other degrees related to the design and construction of infrastructure improvements.  The four scholarship recipients will be recognized at our January lunch meeting
HAPI was pleased to receive a contract to conduct the HDOT’s Materials Testing and Research Branch (HWY-L) Field Sampling and Testing Qualification Program (FSTQP) – Asphalt Module, effective September 2018. HDOT believes that hiring HAPI as their Asphalt Module trainer will raise the standards of asphalt field sampling requirements. In the future, annual refresher courses and exams sessions will be conducted on Oahu every March and October. Sessions will also be conducted on Hawaii Island, Kauai, and Maui.
Work force development is a challenge for our industry.  In 2018, HAPI developed three new items and activities that were used at our table at career day events as follows:

  • CCD at Aloha Stadium Parking LotA new 4-page brochure gives 3 reasons why the asphalt industry is an awesome career choice
  • An interactive activity, using a laptop computer, lets students explore different career paths in our industry. 
  • The Paving Train activity is an interactive game to show how road repairs are done.  Students are given pictures of equipment needed for work and asked to put them in the correct sequence.  
These new products and activities were used at Construction Career Day events on Kauai and Oahu.  The “Paving Train” activity alone attracted over 250 students to our table.
In addition to the above-mentioned highlights, we continued our training program.  Thirteen workshops were attended by almost 170 people. Workshops were conducted on Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and Hawaii Island, and were as follows: 
  • Training session at the HAPI officeUnderstanding a Job Mix Formula Submittal (3 sessions)
  • Use of Geosynthetics for Asphalt Pavements (2 sessions)
  • Best Practices for Asphalt Pavements (2 sessions)
  • Preparation for the HDOT Bituminous Sampling Exam Workshop (1 session)
  • New in 2018:
    • Using PaveXpress and PaveInstruct (1 session)
    • Best Practices for Asphalt Pavement-the Next Level (4 sessions)
Also new in 2018, was the offering of the AASHTO TSP•2 Preservation Treatment Certification exams in Hawaii.
Click here for a tentative schedule of training workshops planned for 2019.
New Member LogosMembership is open throughout the year.  In 2018, we were pleased to welcome the following companies as new Associate members:
  • Astec, Inc.
  • CEI Enterprises, Inc.
  • Community Planning and Engineering, Inc.
  • DMK & Associates
  • Gilson Company Inc.
  • HDR Engineering, Inc.
  • KYD, Inc.
Our goal is to encourage all producers, asphalt binder suppliers, laydown contractors and design consultants to join HAPI and be part of a single voice for the asphalt industry.   Click here for information about HAPI membership. 
Looking forward to 2019What’s in store for 2019?  We plan to continue publishing our monthly newsletter; updating our website, including our calendar of events; and YouTube Channel; and continue regularly posting to our Facebook page and Twitter account.  In addition, HAPI will be pursuing the following initiatives:
  • HAPI and the State Highways Division’s Work Force Development Program plan to continue looking for partnering opportunities for training for the asphalt industry.  For example, this year, in addtion to the SMA training in early April, we will be partnering on the Best Practices for Asphalt Pavements workshops in late April (click here for dates and locations). The workshop has been conducted annually for the past four years.  Partnering with the HDOT for these workshops would help reach a larger audience.
  • Due to the success of our lunch meeting on Maui (click here for the report), HAPI will consider holding an annual meeting on Maui.  A lunch meeting will also be considered for Kauai and the Big Island.  Click here for a report of our lunch meeting on Maui.
  • Starting this month we will feature a post from our  Western/Pacific (f.k.a. PacCoast) Smooth Ride Sentinel blog.  The blog is a new resource for the asphalt industry for information from the West Coast and Pacific region. It draws information from state asphalt pavement associations and asphalt mix producers in the region. Click here to learn more about the blog that was launched last August.  Click here to go to this month’s featured post.

HAPI looks forward to an exciting 2019!

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Asphalt Pavement Guide Highlight   

Pavement GuideThe HAPI Asphalt Pavement Guide is an interactive guide to asphalt pavements and pavement treatments, and includes local Hawai’i guidance, procedures and designs. It contains a general overview of all HMA aspects and in-depth information on recommendations and practices for Hawai'i.  It is intended to assist those who work with asphalt pavement and HMA in any way including architects, engineers, contractors, students, and homeowners.

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Asphalt Video of the Month  
The road is the place to beThe road is the place to be!  Watch a dynamic video which captures the relationship of drivers and passengers to the nation’s interstate system. When Americans head out on the road, what they care most about is enjoying the smooth, high-performance driving experience which asphalt pavements deliver. Click here to view the video.
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Western/Pacific Smooth Ride Sentinel blog
alaska-repair-roadsShaking from the large earthquake that shuddered through Anchorage, Alaska last week was strong enough to turn smooth asphalt roads into broken, jagged depressions of rubble. But within just a few days, crews managed to repair the worst of the damage, unsnarling traffic in Alaska’s largest city.  Click here to learn how they did it!
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HAPI Calendar of Upcoming Events:         
(for additional information click on the event title)

 SMA design and construction training, April 10, 2019; Honolulu, HI

 SMA design and construction training, April 11, 2019Honolulu, HI

 See Techinical Bulletin below for other upcoming HAPI training sessions planned for 2019.

Other events and training opportunities!

✤ TRB 98th Annual Meeting, January 13-17, 2019; Washington, D.C.

✤ 2019 NAPA Annual Meeting, January 20-23, 2019; Marco Island, Florida

✤ World of Asphalt, 2019 Show and Conference, February 12-14, 2019; Indianapolis, Indiana

2019 AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Annual Meeting, February 18-21, 2019; Cancun, Mexico

✤ AAPT Annual Business Meeting and Technical Sessions, March 3-6, 2019; Fort Worth, Texas

NAPA FREE Webinars - click here for additional information and to sign-up: 
NAPA Webinars

Asphalt Institute (all FREE):

Asphalt Emulsion FREE Webinar Series Recordings

Pavement Preservation Treatments FREE Webinar Series Recordings

Advanced Pavement Preservation FREE Webinar Series Recordings

Tack Coat Best Practices FREE Webinar

Thin Lift Asphalt Overlays FREE Webinar

National Highways Institute: Full Depth Reclamation, or FDR, is a rehabilitation technique in which the full thickness of the asphalt pavement and a predetermined portion of the underlying materials (that is, the base, the subbase, and/or subgrade) is uniformly pulverized and blended to provide an upgraded, homogeneous material.
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Technical Bulletin - 2019 Training Sessions  

The following is a tentative schedule of our training for 2019.  For a description of the courses*, click here to visit our HAPI Training program website page. 


We will keep you posted on the details of the various training workshops in our monthly newsletter.



-       HDOT Preservation Program - Hawaii District Presentation – Feb 6 (Hilo)

-       HDOT Asphalt Sampling Certification – Feb 7 and 8 (Hilo)



-       HDOT Asphalt Sampling Certification – Mar 2, 4, and 5 (Oahu)

-       If needed, HDOT Asphalt Sampling Certification – Mar 23, 28 and 29 (Oahu)

-       *Understanding a JMF submittal workshop (Oahu)



-       SMA Design and Construction Training – Apr 10 and 11 (Oahu)

-       *Best Practices for Asphalt Pavements - Apr 22 (Oahu)

-       *Best Practices for Asphalt Pavements - Next Level - Apr 23, 24 (Oahu)

  -    *Best Practices for Asphalt Pavements - April 25 (Hawaii)

  -       *Best Practices for Asphalt Pavements-Next Level - Apr 26 (Hawaii)

-       *Best Practices for Asphalt Pavements-Next Level - Apr 30 (Kauai)

  -       *Best Practices for Asphalt Pavements-Next Level - May 1 (Maui)



-       *AASHTO TSP•2 Preservation Treatment Certification exams (Oahu)

-       *Using PaveXpress and PaveInstruct (Oahu)



-       HDOT Asphalt Sampling Certification – Aug 21 and 22 (Maui)

-       HDOT Asphalt Sampling Certification – Aug 28 and 29 (Kauai)



-       *Understanding a JMF submittal workshop (Oahu)



-       HDOT Asphalt Sampling Certification – Oct 5, 7 and 8 (Oahu)

-       If needed, HDOT Asphalt Sampling Certification – Oct 26, 30 and 31 (Oahu)

-       * Use of Geosynthetics for Asphalt Pavements (Oahu, Kauai)



-       *AASHTO TSP•2 Preservation Treatment Certification exams (Oahu)

-       *Using PaveXpress and PaveInstruct (Oahu)

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