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July  27, 2013

Dear Friends,
Summertime!  Monsoon rains! Water flowing in the Santa Cruz River! A chorus of spade- foot toads!  Kino Heritage Fruit Trees and Mission Grape vines burgeoning with fruit! Dozens of native shade trees in the Native Plant and Mission Road buffer zone!  A new O’odham style ramada completed and another underway!
What a wonderful summer to take a tour of Mission Garden!  Walk inside the garden’s four adobe walls and you step into a different world.  The four acres of formerly barren dry ground are being converted into a green, thriving landscape.  Near the entrance, in the seasonal waffle beds now planted with a Monsoon Garden, the delicate green shoots of historic Hohokam and traditional O’odham rain-fed summer crops are pushing up through the soil.  Move on to the orchard, where 121 authenticated heritage trees are now producing figs, pomegranates, quince, apricots, and plums, and grapes are growing on 28 Mission grape vines. Continue on past the new mesquite ramada to the depths of the Garden and you arrive at the historic Timeline Gardens, where the Hohokam agave plantation is taking shape, and the Early Agricultural area, based on the configuration of plots at the Las Capas excavation in Marana, is being planted with ancient varieties of corn and beans.
Thanks to our many expert consultants and our O’odham advisors, Mission Garden is emerging as the country’s first authentic, living museum of agricultural history – a wonderful way to honor the 4,100-year history of agriculture in Tucson, the longest continually cultivated place in the United States.  Mission Garden is now a true desert oasis and a place where you can literally “taste” history.  We want to share this amazing, thriving garden and our many accomplishments with you.  Please join us in the cool of the morning to visit or volunteer.   We are open Saturdays between 8 AM and Noon, and by appointment for tours.
Our annual Birthday Breakfast, honoring the founding of Tucson’s Presidio, is something you won’t want to forget.  Join us at the Mercado San Agustin on Sunday, August 25th from 7-10 AM, with tours of the nearby Garden available all morning.  Park in the big parking lot on the west side of the Mercado’s shady, green patio, and enjoy our now-famous torta de huevo, vegetarian tepary bean stew, tomatillo salsa, tortillas, horchata, and coffee. Heritage trees, plants, and seeds will be on sale. The Breakfast is $20.00 ($25.00 at the door). Please RSVP to (520) 777-9270 or
Thanks to our many supporters and our amazing hard-working corps of faithful, expert volunteer gardeners, we are ahead on our five-year commitment to the City and County to raise the funds in our management and operations agreement – but that doesn’t mean we don’t need funding!  Every month, it takes about $3,100 just to cover our regular, mundane, unglamorous expenses like the water bill, the Port-a-Potty, insurance, and personnel salaries.
We need your help now!  We need to raise $18,600 to cover our basic expenses for the second half of 2013.
Your contribution will help us create a truly unique educational and tourism facility at Mission Garden, which – as a key part of Tucson Origins Heritage Park – will be a major contributor to Tucson’s economic development, and attract the annual visitation of 70,000- 100,000 estimated by cultural and ecological tourism specialists.  What a great boost to Tucson’s economy and what a wonderful hands-on way to educate our students and our local residents!  Please donate as much as you can this summer, using the enclosed envelope or donate online at    We want you to keep us ahead of schedule!
Thank you again and again and again, and please visit us soon!
Yours for historic preservation, cultural education, and greener gardens,

Roger Pfeuffer
Katya Peterson


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Friends of Tucson's Birthplace
PO Box 1228
Tucson, Arizona 85702

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