URGENT! OPPOSE Have Trunk Will Travel’s Wildlife License Renewal URGENT! OPPOSE Have Trunk Will Travel’s Wildlife License Renewal
Urgent! Please Take Action  
The deadline for public comments to the US Fish and Wildlife Service is April 22, 2013.

Have Trunk Will Travel Training
a Group of Elephants with a Bullhook

Have Trunk Will Travel (HTWT), suppliers of elephants for movies, circuses, county fairs, parades, and TV advertising, has applied for the renewal of their Captive Bred Wildlife (CBW) permit “...in order to maintain the ability to buy, sell, barter or loan captive-bred animals for the purpose of propagation of Asian elephants (Elephas maximus) through its breeding program and collaboration with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums Special Survival program and other elephant holding facilities.”
ADI’s footage of the abuse of Tai, the elephant who featured in the film Water For Elephants, and Rosie, who featured in Zookeeper, can be found here
Our disturbing footage shows elephants crying out as they are electric shocked and beaten with bullhooks. The scenes of baby elephant Tucker being hooked in the mouth and brutally hit over the head with a bullhook were heartbreaking. Tai, Becky, Dixie, Kitty and Rosie range in ages from their late twenties to late forties
Those who have seen the footage of Tai and the other elephants being beaten and given electric shocks will be horrified at the thought that HTWT could be licensed to continue keeping elephants for another five years. It should be remembered that HTWT has not denied the treatment of the elephants, instead claiming that they“…stand by our care and training methods.” 
Our investigation of Gary and Kari Johnson’s training methods, and their own defense of those methods, clearly indicates that the way elephants were treated should be classed as harm and harassment. HTWT has breached the Endangered Species Act and should not be granted a renewal of their permit.
Urgent! Please Take Action   
The deadline for the public to submit comments to the US Fish and Wildlife Service for this application is April 22, 2013.

Please send your polite comments to DMAFR@fws.gov  making sure to include the following:
1.    the Federal Notice publication date – 03/22/2013
2.    the application number  - PRT-808265
3.    the name of the applicant – Gary Johnson

Thank you,
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Jan Creamer
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