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Is your experience like this one that we share in our educational materials - copied below? Did either parent have braces yet, with your children there has been no need with a nutrient dense diet? If so, please respond to this email with your testimonial, akin to what is published below, with a few quality photos to consider and if yours is chosen to use, we will send you the electronic versions of our new educational materials complimentary!

The trend to physical degeneration is reversible! These two beautiful girls were born to mothers whose nutrition had not been optimal during their growing years. However, they were able to reverse the trend. One mother returned to her traditional Jewish diet while she was a teenager, before she bore the young woman on the left. In particular, she ate liver two or three times per week. She often went out with her friends but did not have as much money as they did so she chose the least expensive thing on the menu, which was liver. She also had access to raw Guernsey milk and cream. Both mothers ate a rich diet during pregnancy and fed their daughters whole, nutrient-dense foods including animal protein, whole milk products, butter, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as cod liver oil. This diet allowed these girls to reach their optimum genetic potential. Both mothers had crowded teeth, while these two girls have naturally broad, straight teeth, needing no orthodontics. The trend to physical degeneration was reversed.

Deadline is November 30, 2012


Sandrine Love, Creative and Executive Director

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