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June 2018 

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Happy 4th of July

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Dear Readers,

Electrostatic Spray (E-Spray) disinfectant application continues to capture the imagination of the janitorial and sanitation industry as an innovative tool to prevent the spread of contagious illnesses.  Why?  Because illnesses represent a huge cost to businesses and institutions.

Below are a few examples of financial impacts:

  • Illness related absenteeism costs businesses an estimated $226 billion annually due to lost time and productivity.  
  • Many schools are  subject to attendance based  funding policies that penalize schools when students are absent.  Teacher absences are equally costly when substitues are brought in.  
  • Foodborne illnesses extract a heavy financial toll on food service operations.  
  • Healthcare acquired infections are costing healthcare operations huge dollars in lost reimbursments.  
  • Contagious illnesses in long term care facilities can be deadly to the elderly residents.
Read on to learn more about the E-Spray System  opportunities.

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E-Spray for BSC's

Fotolia_36666644_Subscription_Monthly_MDid you know?   According to the ISSA-Sanitary Maintenance Distributor Survey, 68% of Building Service Contractors prefer to buy from distributors.  
In the blog titled "E-Spray Disinfecting:  How BSC's can improve results"  you will learn where the opportunities are for BSC's, guidance on pricing E-Spray Services, and how BSC's can on sell E-Spray services to their clients.
Business Cost of Illness Calculator

E-Spray Electrostatic for Education           Hitting the the touch point hotspots!

Presentation1 2It's nearly impossible for custodial staff to disinfect all the surfaces in a school, unless of course, you have E-Spray.  In this blog titled "Keeping Students Healthy" ,we will discuss the opportunities for E-Spray in the education market.   

Introducing...FIRE-STORM                   The Strongest Stripper Available

Firestorm What makes FIRE-STORM such a powerful stripper?  Combining the best of the new with the best of conventional makes this stripper work the best.

Dealer Promotion:  5 gallon FIRE-STORM only $49.75 until July 31, 2018.


In this issue

E-Spray for BSC's

An opportunity for BSC's to shine


E-Spray for Education

Keeping Kids Healthy




The Strongest Stripper!



E-Spray for...



Validated Products for use in the E-Spray System:

Microcide TB
#64 Millennium Q
#256 Century Q
#10 MC-10 Sanitizer
#17 Odorite Neutralizer
#18 Tri-Fecta Bioenzymatic


Multi-Clean has validated the above products can be used effectively through the E-Spray System without effecting product efficacy.

The FLU will be back!


We have a dedicated resource webpage for our E-Spray System.


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Compare Firestorm to:  Betco Extreme, Pioneer X-Treme, Hillyard Devastator, Diversey ProStrip HD, NCL Bare Bones, Buckeye Ripsaw. 

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