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July 2018 

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Dear Readers,

July is National Carpet Cleaning Month, so this month's newsletter is dedicated to cleaning and maintaining carpets.

An effective maintenance program for carpets means the carpeting always looks good.  Often, this is not the case.  Carpets get cleaned only when soiled traffic lanes become highly visible or unsightly stains become noticeable.  WHY?  Because extracting carpets is a big job that takes a lot of labor and requires extended downtime.  

Your customer is screaming for a better, faster, and easier way to clean carpets. ENCAPSULATION Cleaning is the answer!  In our newest Technical Bulletin we discuss how Encapsulation cleaning is so much different than bonnet cleaning.  Understanding encapsulation and combining the products with the right equipment can produce amazing results.

Teaming encapsulation chemistry with orbital agitation is proving to produce results beyond what has been achieved before.  All while taking less labor and placing carpet back into service faster.

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Encapsulation Cleaning

IMG_5180Did you know?   More and more professional carpet cleaners are using encapsulation cleaning as a bigger part of their services.  This new Bulletin from our Technical Library discusses encapsulation cleaning methods and how pairing it with orbital agitation creates a new standard of results.

Encapsulation Cleaning is NOT Bonnet Cleaning

Got Coffee in the carpet?  

coffeespilledCoffee is the most common spot or stain encountered on commercial carpet.  Yet, it is surprising how often the wrong product is used to take out coffee stains.  Learn about how to remove coffee stains and make life easier for your customers by reading this Bulletin from our Technical Library.

How to Remove Coffee and other beverage stains

If it Smells like Pee, do this

catoncarpetUrine or other biological  odors trapped in carpet can be a problem in homes with pets,  but also schools, nursing homes and other facilities. Getting rid of these odors requires specialized methods and products. 

Wicking....Like Magic!  A Stain Returns

daycaregroupIt is not uncommon to remove a stain from carpet only to see it return days or even weeks later.   Before you start pulling out your hair, read this article about a process called "Wicking" and how you can prevent stains from coming back. 



In this issue


Encap Chemistry + Orbital Agitation for amazing results


Getting stains out

Removing coffee and beverage stains


Urine Odors OUT

Techniques to rid carpet of urine and other bio-odors


Stains that return

STOP "Wicking"

ECO2 Encapsulation Cleaner with OXYgen


Multi-Clean ECO2 receives the CRI Seal of Approval

X-Ray      Peroxide Powered Beverage Stain Remover

xrayquart 3

Takes out coffee, tea, soda, sports drinks, red wine, alcoholic beverages, & fruit juices.

Bio-Power Plus  Bio-Enzymatic Urine Stain and Odor Remover


Takes out stains and odor caused by urine or other biological malodors.

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