Volume 1 Issue 15                                                                                  April 13, 2012 
Weekly Recap
This week, concerns regarding Hezbollah supporters operating in New York City continues to be a topic of discussion for NYPD and other national intelligence and media agencies. Throughout the week-long Passover holiday, state and local law enforcement agencies have increased security measures at Jewish institutions throughout the nation. In Israel, the Israeli and Lebanese Navies have strengthened their cooperation, as they prepare for possible pro-Palestinian flotillas to Gaza on Nakba Day planned for this month. Israeli police are also gearing up for a ‘flytilla’ in which approximately 500-1,000 activists will try to enter Israel en route to the Palestinian Authority. Although these events are international in scope, as many know, events impacting Israel have had negative implications for Diaspora and American Jewish communities in the past. As the Passover holiday comes to a close, it is important that our community continues to remain vigilant and never hesitates to report unusual behavior or events to local police immediately. Please see the “'Security Tip of the Week”' that lists signs of terrorism that may help detect potential terrorist acts.

Paul Goldenberg
National Director
Secure Community Network
 Homeland Security
April 10, 2012
Court: 5 Terror Suspects Can be Sent to the U.S.

The European Court of Human Rights ruled against five terror suspects Tuesday, saying that they can be extradited to the United States despite their claims that they will be poorly treated. The court ruled that the suspects would not get "ill treatment" in super maximum security prisons if they are extradited to the United States and convicted in American courts, according to a statement from the European court.
(Source: http://www.cnn.com/2012/04/10/world/europe/uk-terror-suspects/index.html?hpt=hp_t3)
April 8, 2012
American Universities Infected by Foreign Spies Detected by FBI

Hearkening back to Cold War anxieties, growing signs of spying on U.S. universities are alarming national security officials. As schools become more global in their locations and student populations, their culture of openness and international collaboration makes them increasingly vulnerable to theft of research conducted for the government and industry.  “We have intelligence and cases indicating that U.S. universities are indeed a target of foreign intelligence services,” Frank Figliuzzi, Federal Bureau of Investigation assistant director for counterintelligence, said in a February interview in the bureau’s Washington headquarters.
(Source: http://www.businessweek.com/news/2012-04-08/american-universities-infected-by-foreign-spies-detected-by-fbi)
April 6, 2012
'Hezbollah Has 300 Operatives in NYC'

A recent report by the House of Representatives Committee on Homeland Security states that there are hundreds, perhaps even thousands, people he described as "Iranian and Hezbollah terrorists" in the United States.  An alarming part of the officials' assessments focuses on the apparent surveillance missions that Iranian diplomats and possible Hezbollah operatives have been seen conducting at sensitive targets such as New York City's subways and bridges, and at nuclear power plants and tunnels elsewhere in the United States in the past 10 years.
(Source: http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4213306,00.html)
April 4, 2012
French Militant Attack Underscores Need for U.S. Vigilance: U.S. Official

Recent attacks by an al Qaeda-inspired gunman in France highlight the need for enhanced cooperation between U.S. federal and local police to thwart domestic attacks, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said on Wednesday.  "We just need to look, unfortunately, overseas to what happened in France with the murders there," Napolitano told a training event in Phoenix for federal, state and local law enforcement.  "The recent attack in Toulouse underscores the need ... for analytical capabilities and law enforcement capabilities on the ground in every community," she added.
Middle East
April 11, 2012
Tel Aviv Court Releases Dutch Tourist who Threatened to "Slaughter Jews"

A court released on Tuesday the Dutch tourist who was shot and seriously wounded by police trying to arrest him for allegedly threatening to "slaughter Jews."  The police had asked the court to detain the man, Bo Schimmelpfennig, 32, for several more days on charges of making threats, attacking a police officer and obstructing a police officer in the execution of his duty.
April 11, 2012
Police Gear to Stop 'Flytilla' Activists at BG Int'l

Some 650 police officers, mostly in plain clothes, are expected to meet pro-Palestinian activists who will arrive in Israel as part of the protest fly-in scheduled for Sunday.  Israel believes some 500-1,000 activists will try to enter Israel en route to the Palestinian Authority.
(Source: http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4215031,00.html)
April 11, 2012
Israel, Lebanon Navy Increase Cooperation in Mediterranean

The Israel Navy has recently strengthened its cooperation with the Lebanese Navy in the Mediterranean, as it prepares for possible pro-Palestinian flotillas to Gaza on Nakba Day this month.  According to Israel Navy officials, the indirect cooperation between the Israeli and Lebanese navies has increased. On Land Day last month, when hundreds of Palestinians took to the streets to protest the loss of Arab lands in the Galilee, the Lebanese army increased its naval operations and barred any ship from approaching the maritime border with Israel, to prevent any possible provocations.
April 10, 2012
Iran Says it Captured Israel-Backed ‘Terrorist Team’

Iranian security forces have arrested an Israeli-backed “terrorist team” that was planning attacks inside Iran, the Intelligence Ministry announced Tuesday, four days before crucial nuclear talks with world powers.  The announcement, reported by the state-run Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), said that “terrorists, backed by the Zionists,” were arrested after months of intelligence operations in central and border provinces and that the “Zionist regional headquarters” was discovered in another country in the region. The ministry did not specify when or where the arrests were made or say how many alleged terrorists were rounded up. In Iran’s ideological vocabulary, Israel is called the “Zionist state.”
(Source: http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/middle_east/iran-says-it-captured-israel-backed-terrorist-team/2012/04/10/gIQA8I3I8S_story.html)
April 8, 2012
Israel Says Ready for Hezbollah Attack

Israeli military officers say the country's armed forces are preparing for a mass incursion into Lebanon if war breaks out with Hezbollah again.  Based on intelligence gathered by the military, the air force could take out targets such as training bases and rocket launching pads in a matter of days. However, officers say a ground offensive would be necessary due to Hezbollah's underground command posts and camouflaged launching pads.
 International News
April 12, 2012
N. Korea Missile, Nuclear Scheme 'In Kim Jong Il's Will'

A top North Korean defector on Thursday said he had obtained the last will and testament of Kim Jong Il, in which the late leader purportedly urges his nation to develop weapons of mass destruction. 'Keep in mind that constantly developing and keeping nuclear (weapons), long-range missiles and biochemical weapons is the way to keep peace on the Korean peninsula, and never drop your guard,' the will said, according to Japanese weekly tabloid magazine Shukan Bunshun.
(Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/Asia/Story/STIStory_787999.html)
April 12, 2012
'Georgia Not Determined Iran's Hand in Terror Plot'

The deputy head of the Mossad traveled to Tbilisi recently to meet with his Georgian colleagues investigating who was behind the failed February attack on an Israeli embassy vehicle there, Georgia’s Ambassador Archil Kekelia told The Jerusalem Post.  Though Israel quickly blamed Iran for the bombers who struck Israeli embassy personnel in Georgia and India on the same day, and attempted an attack in Thailand a day later, the Georgians – who are in Iran’s immediate backyard and have friendly relations with Tehran – have not yet concluded their investigation or cast any blame.
(Source: http://www.jpost.com/DiplomacyAndPolitics/Article.aspx?id=265788)
April 11, 2012
French Cabinet OKs New Anti-terrorism Measures

France's conservative government unveiled new counter terrorism measures on Wednesday to punish those who visit extremist websites or travel to weapons-training camps abroad, in the wake of killings by an suspected Islamic extremist in southern France last month. The measures now go to Parliament, where they may face resistance from the Socialists, who say France's legal arsenal against terrorism is already strong enough and that the proposal is a campaign ploy to boost President Nicolas Sarkozy's chances at a second term.
(Source: http://news.yahoo.com/french-cabinet-oks-anti-terrorism-measures-093206501.html)
April 10, 2012
Spain No Longer Imports Oil From Iran

Spain stopped importing Iranian oil “at the end of February” because of a gradual European Union embargo, the foreign ministry said Tuesday.  “We haven’t imported Iranian oil since the end of February as businesses have diversified their buying because of European sanctions,” a ministry spokesman said.
(Source: http://news.nationalpost.com/2012/04/10/spain-no-longer-imports-oil-from-iran/)
April 9, 2012
Nigerian Easter Bombing Death Toll Rises to 36

Nigerian officials say a suicide car bombing near a church on Easter Sunday killed at least 36 people and wounded dozens more in the country's north.  Witnesses said security personnel in the city of Kaduna prevented the attacker from reaching a collection of churches. Saidu Adamu, Kaduna state's information commissioner, says the explosion damaged several buildings on the city's main road and struck an area where motorcycle taxis do business.  He said it appeared the bomb had detonated prematurely, and that despite the casualties, the attack could have been much worse.
April 9, 2012
North Korea Readies Longer Range Rocket; Japan, South Korea Wary

North Korea has readied a rocket for a launch from a forested valley in its remote northwest this week that will showcase the reclusive state's ability to fire a missile with the capacity to hit the continental United States.  Pyongyang says the rocket, to be launched this week, will only carry a weather satellite, but South Korea and the United States say it is a test of a ballistic missile. And although the risk of it veering off course is low, guidance remains its weakest point.
April 9, 2012
Syrian Forces Fire at Refugees in Turkey; Deaths Reported

Syrian forces on Monday fired across the border toward protesters at a refugee camp in Turkey in the first such attack since Turkey began sheltering thousands of refugees last summer, authorities said.  Some news agencies said at least two people were killed in the attack, but the reports could not be immediately confirmed. A number of other people were wounded.
(Source: http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4214184,00.html)
April 7, 2012
Malmö: Hatred of Jews in a Swedish City

Anti-Semitic hate crimes are on the rise in Sweden, and as in France and Great Britain, the violence and harassment is increasingly a consequence of immigration from the Muslim world. And just as in other parts of Western Europe, there is no reciprocity between the two groups: the war in Gaza caused a sharp rise in anti- Semitic hate crime, while there were no reports of Jewish attacks on Muslims.
(Source: http://www.jpost.com/Opinion/Op-EdContributors/Article.aspx?id=265209)
April 6, 2012
Canada Orders Extradition of Suspect in 1980 Paris Shul Bombing

An Ottawa professor has been ordered extradited to France, where he faces charges related to the 1980 bombing of a synagogue in Paris that killed four people.  Canada's Justice Minister, Rob Nicholson, issued the extradition order on April 4 against Hassan Diab, who teaches sociology at two Ottawa universities.
 Risk Management
April 9, 2012
Managing the Risks of Climate Change and Terrorism

Society has difficult decisions to make about how best to allocate its resources to ensure future sustainability. Risk assessment can be a valuable tool: it has long been used to support decisions to address environmental problems. But in a time when the risks to sustainability range from climate change to terrorism, applying risk assessment to sustainability will require careful rethinking. For new threats, we will need a new approach to risk assessment.
(Source: http://www.thesolutionsjournal.com/node/1068)
 Crime and Safety
April 9, 2012
Kiev: Jewish Man Attacked; Hate Crime Suspected

The Jewish community in Kiev, Ukraine, reported that a one of its members was brutally attacked on Saturday night and is in critical condition. The community and believes the assault was an anti-Semitic hate crime. Yaakov Zilberman, director of the Jewish community in Kiev, told Ynet that Aharon Alexander, 25, who is a student in a local yeshiva, was last spotted by CCTVs as leaving the synagogue on Saturday night. He was found on Sunday night, suffering from serious head injuries, believed to have been caused by glass bottles. He was rushed to a nearby hospital and is in critical condition."
(Source: http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4214316,00.html)
April 8, 2012
Swastika Scratched Into Boston-Area Car

A Jewish-owned car in the Boston area was keyed with a swastika and an anti-Semitic epithet.  The car was vandalized on the eve of Passover. It was parked near a synagogue in the upscale Brighton neighborhood. A swastika was also scratched into a delivery truck parked nearby, according to a statement from the Anti-Defamation League.
(Source: http://www.jta.org/news/article/2012/04/08/3092594/swastika-scratched-into-boston-area-car)
April 7, 2012
On the First Night of Passover, Someone Decorated a Northwest Dallas Street with a Pink Swastika

This morning a swastika was found spray painted on the street in the 9500 block of Manchester Drive. Officers spoke with residents in the area in an effort to identify a suspect or suspects. A resident did report seeing a group of middle school age kids running from the area before the swastika was found. However, it is unknown if they were involved in the incident. The Intelligence Unit will be investigating this offense as a possible hate crime.
(Source: http://crimeblog.dallasnews.com/archives/2012/04/on-the-first-night-of-passover.html)
Travel and Personal Security
April 11, 2012
[Thailand] Police Issue Car Bomb Alert

Police have urged the public to keep an eye out for five stolen pickup trucks in the deep South that could contain car bombs.  National deputy police chief Worapong Chiewpreecha said cooperation from residents in Songkhla's Hat Yai district and in Yala province was needed to help monitor vehicles entering the so-called safety zones and designated Songkran celebration venues.
(Source: http://www.bangkokpost.com/news/security/288328/police-issue-car-bomb-alert)
April 8, 2012
Peace Corps Leaves Mali, New U.S. Travel Warning Issued

Peace Corps volunteers have been evacuated from Mali and non-essential U.S. diplomatic personnel have been offered flights out due to ongoing political instability following a military coup in March, the State Department said on Sunday. The agency again warned Americans against travel to the West African nation due to a rebellion in the north and continuing threats of attacks and kidnappings of Westerners. It strongly urged U.S. citizens there to consider leaving temporarily.
April 10, 2012
Cybersecurity: Protecting Against Internet Attacks Threatens Civil Liberties

Congress is set to act on cybersecurity legislation that has been making its way through committees in both Chambers for several years. The House is set to vote on these bills during the week of April 23, dubbed "Cybersecurity Week." The Senate will take action soon after.  A lot of important work has gone into these bills that are intended to strengthen both the government and civilian response to cyber threats. Yet parts of these bills are alarming because, if passed, any information we put online—work, play, personal and sensitive—could be put at risk.
(Source: http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/cyber-security-civil-liberties-threatened-effort-protect-internet/story?id=16104680#.T4RBZpk3vDc)
April 7, 2012
The FBI Tells Us How They're Handling America's Newest Threat — Cyber Terrorism

Terrorism, especially cyber terrorism, is not going to disappear anytime soon.  That was made clear fairly early during the opening remarks by two FBI officials at the Government Security Conference earlier this week.  The internet and social media have made terrorism easier as they have dispensed with the limitations of geography and provided terrorists with tools to reach a much bigger audience. "Terrorists are not only sharing ideas, they are soliciting information, they are inviting communication and  improving communication methods. They are becoming more secure," said Ralph Boelter, Assistant Director of the Counterterrorism Division. What’s more, he says, they are radicalizing Americans and are creating homegrown extremists.
Security Tip of the Week

April 13, 2012
8 Signs of Terrorism

We have a duty to help protect our communities. We can help provide safety and security by remaining vigilant and reporting unusual behavior or events immediately.  Here is a list of signs of terrorism that may help detect potential terrorist acts.

1.  Surveillance: The first sign is someone trying to monitor or record activities. If terrorists are targeting a specific area they will most likely be observed in that area during the planning phase of the operation. 
2.  Elicitation/Seeking Information: The second sign is the attempt to gain information through inquiries. This includes anyone attempting to gain information about a place, person or operation. Elicitation attempts can be made by mail, fax, telephone, or in person.
3.  Tests of Security: Tests of security or probing are techniques terrorists would use to attempt to gather data.  These are usually moving into sensitive areas, and observing security or law enforcement response.
4.  Acquiring Supplies: This may be a case where someone is purchasing or stealing explosives, weapons or ammunition. It could be the unusual purchasing or storing of fertilizer or harmful chemicals.
5.  Suspicious People Who Do Not Belong: Another pre-incident indicator is observing suspicious people who just "don't belong." This does not mean we should profile individuals; rather, it means we should profile behaviors.  It may mean having someone in a workplace, building, neighborhood or business establishment that does not fit in because of their demeanor, their language usage or unusual questions they are asking.
6.  Dry Run/Trial Run: Another sign to watch is for "dry runs." Before the execution of the final operation or plan, a practice session will be run to work out the flaws and unanticipated problems.
7.  Deploying Assets/Getting Into Position: The seventh to look for is someone deploying assets or getting into position. This is your last chance to alert authorities before the terrorist act occurs.
8.  Terrorism Funding: Terrorists use a variety of methods to raise, launder, and transport funds, including charities, credit card fraud, narcotics, human smuggling, counterfeit goods, smuggling cigarettes with missing or counterfeit tax stamps, and bulk cash smuggling. 

Link of the Week
For more information on the '8 Signs of Terrorism' please visit http://www.scnus.org/page.aspx?id=101218
"If you See Something, Say Something"
Report Suspicious Activity.

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