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Statement of Support for Immigrant Community
For over four decades, MEDA has been a nonprofit at the vanguard of providing free services to strengthen our families, thereby investing in people’s lives. We now serve ~ 7,000 clients annually, with two-thirds immigrants.

Immigrants have made our nation strong from the start, creating a dynamic country that is the envy of the world. These newcomers start small businesses, are consumers and are taxpayers.

Waves of Latino immigration from Mexico, Central America and South America have long contributed to the growth of this nation’s economy and created a vibrant culture. Most came north to escape political strife or to free themselves from abject poverty in their homelands. That is never an easy decision, but it is a decision that is easier to make when you know there is a safe, welcoming place for you on the other side. MEDA is that place.

MEDA’s mission applies to all — no matter the background story of how a client happens to wind up walking through the welcoming doors of Plaza Adelante in San Francisco’s Mission District. That mission remains “to strengthen low- and moderate-income Latino families by promoting economic equity and social justice through asset building and community development.”

Due to recent attempts to ostracize and vilify the Latino community across the land, MEDA’s commitment to this mission must be stronger than ever. And it will be.

MEDA vows to:
  • Work diligently to ensure that San Francisco honors its commitment to remain a strong sanctuary city.
  • Implement San Francisco’s recently passed Proposition N, which gives noncitizen residents the ability to vote in school board elections. (see story below)
  • Support our allies fighting for fair and just immigration policies.
  • Always stand up against entrenched xenophobia, racism, homophobia, misogyny and any other form of discrimination.
  • Uncompromisingly protect and stand up for our immigrant families.
You have our word.
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VIVA-MEDA-2016-Mariachis 2
¡VIVA MEDA! a Success
Mariachis. Deserving honorees. Great food. A community of support.

Those were just four of the elements that combined to make ¡VIVA MEDA! a success on Wednesday. This year’s venue was the San Francisco Design Center.

Celebrating 43 years of investing in people in the Mission — and now the Bay Area — it was a night for Board members, staff, funders, clients and friends to take a moment to reflect on the many successes of the past year.
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MEDA Leads Prop N to Victory
Imagine having no say in your child’s education. Well, that was the unfortunate case for the one-third of San Francisco parents who are non-citizens.

"There's been so much anti-immigrant rhetoric, this would be a really easy, positive win," stated MEDA Policy Manager Gabriel Medina in a Mission Local article in October. He served as campaign manager for Prop N.

Medina was right: 
Prop N, passed on Nov. 8, with 54 percent of votes cast. Successful policy and advocacy work ... and a win for the community.
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In the News, So You're in the Know
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KALW: Election Briefs: SF Prop N - Non-Citizen Voting in School Board Elections >>
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Client Success Story: El Gran Taco Loco
BDP_El-Gran-Taco-Loco 2
Saul Chavez was depressed when his eatery was destroyed in the devastating Mission and 29th streets fire in June 2016. Then he got even more bad news: the landlord used a loophole and broke his lease, telling Saul that the rent would be dramatically increased once the space was rehabbed. 

Saul tried for a loan from a traditional lender, but he was denied. That’s when Adelante Fund — MEDA’s small-business lender that started in October 2015 — came to the rescue with a $70K loan to refurbish Saul’s new restaurant. Saul will soon cut the ribbon and open his new restaurant, just months after his business life seemed over.  Full story. >>

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