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January 4, 2019


Mississippi State Senate

District 12 (Bolivar , Coahoma, Washington Counties)

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Since 2012, the Republican-led and Republican-controlled Mississippi Legislature has given away $700-$800 million in corporate tax cuts neglecting its responsibility to provide safe roads and bridges across the state. 

In 2016, the Republican-led and Republican-controlled Mississippi Legislature passed the largest tax cut in Mississippi's history, totaling $415 million.  During the same legislative session, the Legislature rejected a Mississippi Economic Council proposal to repair our deficit roads and bridges in the amount of $375 million a year.  
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In August 2018, the Republican-led and Republican-controlled Mississippi Legislature responds to a certain $400 million a year problem with an uncertain $200 million a year solution. 

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Mississippi Senate Democratic Caucus 

2019 Legislative Agenda 



Dear Friends, Supporters, and Colleagues:

On Tuesday, January 8, 2019, the Mississippi Legislature convenes the 2019 Regular Legislative Session and I am honored to serve as chairman of the Mississippi Senate Democratic Caucus.  As we begin the legislative session, the Caucus will be pushing for more equal funding in areas where we have long sought equality, like proper funding of education.  In recent years, we have fought to get every dime we could for public education while our Republican counterparts created special programs and scholarships designed to siphon every dollar they can away from public schools.  We want public tax dollars going to public schools.

Legislative Democrats have agreed the following items will complete our policy goals for 2019:  

1. Education - which I addressed briefly above.

2. Healthcare - All Mississippians need greater access to improved more pro-active healthcare that could prevent many from ever needing to visit a hospital emergency room. Rural residents need access to hospital care closer to home. Rural hospitals are closing and vital services are being discontinued because Medicaid expansion was rejected in our state.  Legislative Democrats have supported Medicaid expansion since 2011.

3. Infrastructure - Roads and bridges throughout each district need improvements and dedicated long term maintenance funding.  In 2016, when the Republican-led legislature passed the largest tax cut in the state’s history, Legislative Democrats advocated for our cities’ and counties’ long overdue infrastructure needs. Legislative Democrats have always pushed for comprehensive funding for roads and bridges and will continue to do so this session.

4. Economic Justice – All Mississippians regardless of age, sex, race or religious beliefs should be able to realize their careers in this state on a level playing field where no biases, prejudices or roadblocks exist. All Mississippians deserve a living wage and women deserve equal pay for equal work. All state employees need a pay raise and Legislative Democrats supported these efforts prior to the 2019 election year.

5. Election Reform – The right to vote is a sacred one that many blacks and whites died for us to have.  The fundamental right should not be suppressed and burdened with unnecessary restrictions; instead, this essential American freedom should be protected, encouraged, and restored.

6. Criminal Justice Reform – Our criminal justice system needs more revamping so our jail populations are reduced and taxpayers’ dollars are saved and reinvested.  Nonviolent and low level offenders should be rehabilitated and released back into society with dignity and respect. 

Please stand with us and be our voices in the community on these issues as we fight for what is right and what is fair. We have fought for these issues every year and not just in an election year.

Thank you and I urge you to please call on us.

If I can help you or your need to contact me, please call me at 601-359-3221 at the Capitol or at home at 662-378-8764.

You are invited to follow the action of your legislature by visiting the website where you can watch live floor debate, research bills, and see information on your elected officials. 


Senator Derrick T. Simmons

Chairman, Mississippi Senate Democratic Caucus

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