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FAIR TRADE NOW! September 2012 Newsletter
Washington Fair Trade Coalition
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Walmart, Cargill, PhRMA….& YOU??!! Project Your Voice at the TPP negotiations this Weekend!

Cargill, GlaxoSmithKline, News Corp, Nike and Wal-Mart are just a few of the huge corporations whose voices will be heard by Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiators during the 14th round of negotiations that just opened in Leesburg, Virginia. 

Project your voice this weekend, too! Click here to find out how.

Email/tweet your comments & Citizen’s Trade Campaign will project them on a large screen inside the resort where negotiators are meeting this Sunday, September 9th.  And in the spirit of open dialogue, they are inviting negotiators to post their responses in real time!
What do you want negotiators to hear?

Release the Texts! No More NAFTAs! Don’t Offshore good-paying jobs!  Stop attacking environmental and consumer safety policies! More not less regulations on Wall Street! Stop, displacing family farmers! Extend access to generic medicines!  Internet Neutrality!! Food Sovereignty! Democracy in US Trade Policy! Don’t undermine US labor laws & environmental regulations! No special tribunals for foreign investors!

Take Action Now!
Tweet at:   #opentpp

Are you in the mid-Atlantic region this weekend? Be a part of the  TPP: Out of the Shadows! Rally for Good Jobs, Affordable Medicine and a Healthy Environment taking place in Leesburg, Virginia on Sunday, September 9th.  

What are people saying about this next round?

Amnesty International

Certain Members of Congress

Rep. McDermott Calls for more TPP Transparency!!

Responding to an IBEW Local 46 resolution demanding that he write a letter calling for greater transparency in the TransPacific Partnership negotiations or face losing his endorsement by the WSLC, Rep. McDermott sided with Labor and did the right thing!

Rep. McDermott sent a letter advocating for USTR to release summaries of what is being negotiated to civil society, more significant  involvement of labor, social justice and environmental groups in advising USTR throughout the negotiations, and more access to the draft texts by members of Congress!

IBEW took this strong action because Rep. McDermott has consistently voted for bad trade agreements which have cost IBEW nationally over 300,000 jobs in off-shored manufacturing.
“Getting Rep. Mcdermott to take action was a victory for Labor. IBEW thanks the Congressman for being responsive, Lynne Dodson (WSLC/WFTC) for helping broker the deal and the WFTC for raising our member’s consciousness on trade issues so that we had the wherewithall to make the Resolution. I stress we have a long way to got to stop the TPP.” Nicole Grant, WSAEW Statewide Political Coordinator

Shannon Hagen, Business Rep & Organizer for IBEW Local 46 and WFTC Boardmember, also spoke to the resolution: “Brothers and Sisters, make no mistake, our intention is to STOP the TPP!  The intention (of this resolution) was to create a conversation, to start actually demanding the accountability we all talk about but never get from our politicians.  To get REAL measurable actions from our elected officials.  For us as a body to elect Leaders that Lead, not just follow.”

The WFTC as a whole shares in this game-changing victory! Well done everyone!


Short Updates

Colombian Workers Re-Start Hunger Strike in Protest of GM firing workers who were injured on the job. For more information see:

Vote for WFTC member Community to Community to receive Latino Community Fund support Here:

Boeing forgets 'No Nerds, No Birds' attempting to drive down SPEEA's contract in latest round of negotiations.

Fair Trade Calendar

CAGJ’s AGRA Watch welcomes Lawrence Mkhaliphi South African Food Sovereignty Activist
Thursday Sept 13, 7 - 9pm
Location TBD - call Heather Day for more info: 206-724-2243

CAGJ's AGRA Watch project is excited to be working with IDEX to bring Lawrence Mkhaliphi to the Northwest on Thursday & Friday September 13 & 14! Mkhaliphi works with CAGJ Partner, AFSA, and is a tremendous community trainer, agroecologist, farmer, researcher and leader in South Africa in the food and climate justice movements. He has been with Biowatch since 1999, and is co-author of their June 2012 Policy Report: Securing Farmers’ Rights and Seed Sovereignty in South Africa (download from Biowatch). 

Farm Bill Workshop
WED Sept 19, 6:30-8:30pm
Location: CAGJ Office, 606 Maynard Ave S #102 in the Int'l District

The 2012 Farm Bill is being written right now! Learn about how this crucial legislation affects our health, our economy, and our environment, and connect it to the global food system and food sovereignty. Discuss how we can work toward establishing an equitable, sustainable and healthy food system, and take action on site! Workshop will be given by the Northwest Farm Bill Action Group. For more info contact CAGJ: 206-405-4600 or email CAGJ's Food Justice Project:

November 30th-AFL-CIO's Celeste Drake comes to WA to celebrate the 13th Anniversary of the WTO, on the eve of Canada and Mexico joining the TPP! Stay tuned for events & actions.

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