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Let's Create Theatre!

CB Chatter Summer 2017
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Summer Performance 

Audition Day - Friday July 14 1:30-4:00
Rehearsals July 17 - 20 12:30 - 4:30
Rehearsal and Performance July 21 9:00 - 4:30 

Get ready to EXCEL in the theatre arts! Our Bootcamp is uniquely designed to take any young artist to the next level. Join us as we tackle the ultimate endeavor -- create an entire play in only 1 week!! Everyday students will get the chance to try new things, make bold choices and build life skills.  All while creating a performance for a live audience. The show is performed on Friday July 21, 2017.

Location: Rehearsal and performance at Grace Lutheran Church, Roseville
Students must be 13 by July 1, 2017
$250 per Student 

Spots are limited -- register today!


Directors Corner 
From Joy Carlson 

My favorite part about working with CB Productions EXCEL Summer Bootcamp is working with new and returning students and seeing how they transform in just one short week. Putting a play on in only one week is a daunting task -- but every year I am impressed with the dedication and talent of our students. 

Every year around this time people have one question for me when it comes to Bootcamp and that is -- what is the play going to be?!  And it's true we DO wait to pick the play until all the registrations are in, but that doesn't mean I wait to start looking! 

How do I pick a play for Bootcamp?  First I look for something that is doable -- if it has 5 Acts, I probably can't put that into only a weeks worth of rehearsals.  I also look for content, silly scripts for kids are a dime a dozen these days.  I want our students to be challenged, pushed, and come out learning something not only about themselves but about the world around them.  The past plays we've performed have all revolved around historic events and culture traditions.  Students are required to do research and character development.  I also look for something to challenge me.  As an artist I am constantly working on my teaching and directing skills. 

After we have the registrations in I begin to narrow down the search with the number of the group and who is in the class.  Then I begin doing my back work to prepare for auditions and rehearsals! 

If someone asked my why they should do EXCEL Summer Performance Bootcamp -- I would tell them that Summer is a perfect time to either try something new or delve deeper into theatre.  Summer Bootcamp offers a challenging and unique opportunity for each artist to build on the skills they have! And best of all it is a full, fast-paced fun week! A great way to spend your summer! 
Who Should Take Summer Bootcamp? 

Anyone 13-18 years old!! This Bootcamp is designed for experienced and non-experienced actors alike! One of our top priorities is to challenge students and give them the right opportunities to help them grow. So whether you are new to the stage or looking for the next level - Bootcamp is for you.

Why is it called Bootcamp?

This week is a jam-packed with intense theatrical training. Intense you say? Yes, but don't worry we don't mean intense in the army sense of the word. It just means that everyday you'll learn a new skill, work together and build a believable story for the audience.

If I've taken EXCEL before can I take it again? 
Yes! Every year we tackle a new play with new characters and challenges. 

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