LVC - The Connection - September 2014
 Louduon Volunteer Caregivers Quarterly Newsletter  - Fall 2014
The Connection

During the months of July, August, and September, Loudoun Volunteer Caregivers Volunteers logged 1,004 hours providing 827 services to our LVC Care Receivers and drove 11,013 miles. Thank you LVC Volunteers!  In addition LVC:

  • Hosted the LVC Quality of Life Care Receiver Picnic
  • Conducted a Service Day event for a Purcellville Care Receiver
  • Prevented Homelessness through Rep Payee Program
  • Helped Care Receiver with a new smile!
For updated information regarding LVC, go to our website and to our Facebook pages.

LVC Quality of Life Care Receiver Picnic

IMG_2750 4Loudoun Volunteer Caregivers hosted a Care Receivers Quality of Life Picnic on Saturday, Sept. 20 at Algonkian Park. More than 32 Care Receivers attended and enjoyed the picnic style food, bingo and raffles.

“I am so grateful for what all you do in helping me with my transportation needs,” said one Care Receiver named Theresa. “I don’t know what I would have done if LVC wasn’t around to help me.” Robert 3

LVC is a private, nonprofit organization that mobilizes volunteers to help the frail elderly and disabled adults in Loudoun County to maintain independence and quality of life.

LVC thanks all of our Volunteers and the Loudoun County Sponsors for making this event possible: Echo Transportation, Costco, Wegmans, Giant (Purcellville & Leesburg), Red, Hot & Blue, Chantel's Bakery, Deli South, and Sheetz!  To see more pictures of the event, go to our Facebook site.

LVC Conducts Service Day for Purcellville Care Receiver

IMG_0465On Saturday, Sept. 20, volunteers from the Ashburn Rotary Club held a day of service for one of our Care Receiver's home in Purcellville. The volunteers mowed the grass, cleaned out gutters of debris, weed wacked/trimmed grass around house, bushes, etc., removed and stored the window AC units, and stained/painted the back wood stairwell and railing to match the house/deck! This is the third service day event held this summer! Thank you to all the volunteers for your hard work!!

LVC Rep Payees Help Prevent Homelessness

It's often said that homelessness strikes people from all walks of life. In the Money Management Program, homelessness is a prob­ lem for those with a challenging mental illness such as schizophre­nia. Twenty percent of our Care Receivers have been homeless - and a half dozen came to our program straight from the streets.

When a severe mental illness has been diagnosed, case workers work with the Care Receiver's psychiatrist to fill out the neces­ sary paperwork with Social Secu­ rity that will require a Represen­ tative Payee in order for that Care Receiver to receive disabil­ ity benefits. Once that is com­ plete, LVC's Money Management staff and volunteers get to work. Several things begin to happen
with a focus on ending this Care Receiver's revolving door of homelessness.

First, a budget is established.This gives everyone a roadmap to follow for meeting the Care Re­ ceiver's immediate needs such as finding and maintaining housing.
Second, a plan for savings is developed. Sometimes it starts with just a few dollars a month - whatever the Care Receiver can afford.
Third, a list of needs is put to­ gether with the case manager such as regular food, clothes, medical or dental help. socializa­tion skills or employment. Budgetary goals are set to help meet these needs and re-evaluations are done quarterly at team meetings with county workers.
What our volunteers do is extremely im­portant. Paying bills on time and saving money where you can establishes a foundation that the Care Receiver and  case workers can count on.
Overcoming homelessness is a difficult challenge for those with mental illness - one that requires teamwork and an ongoing support system.
Thank you for being part of that team - what you do DOES make a difference!

Before and After: Meet Robert

Robert with new teethRobert and Denise 2012-small picRobert's easy smile and quick laugh don't hint at his challenges - he is a warrior of the first de­gree!  

In the last two years, he has beaten back decades of addictions, homelessness, and hope­lessness.
With the help of the MMP and his Loudoun County case management team, he has a place to live, is current on all his bills, has paid back all of his debts, saved money for new clothes, and is sporting a brand new set of teeth.   

Robert is healthier, happier, and more secure in his future. He is setting and exceeding goals and learning what life is like off the streets.



LVC Logo 6

 LVC Welcomes Our New Volunteers:
  Kiran Bhathal
  Tracy Caimi
  Robert Enright
  Christine Jacobsen
  Margaret Kopp
  Joshua Lahay
  Pamela Lindo
  Rupa Majo

  Kelly Randall
  Theresa SeGuine
  Rupanjali Singh

  Roxie Sullivan
  Colette Wachtel

 In remembrance, LVC will miss our
 Care Receivers:

 Diane Baldwin
Betty Jarrard
  And in remembrance of a very special 
John Davis

  John has been helping people and 
  touching the lives of LVC's care receivers for 6  
  years. Even to his last days, John was taking
  people to and from dialysis treatments and doctor
  appointments. John was our 2012 Volunteer of the
  Year for all that he did and gave to the LVC and
  Loudoun County community. He will always be
  remembered by the people whose lives he

 Huge Thanks - Grants & Gifts Received 
 - Van Metre Homes
 - Leesburg Presbyterian Church
 - Exxon Mobile 
 - The Best SAT Course Ever
 - United Way
 - Hospital Corporation of America/Reston Hospital
  In addition, LVC raised more than $2,000 during
  the Endowment Appeal.

 Upcoming Events:
Oct. 4:      LVC Volunteer Orientation 
 Oct. 22:    LVC Board Meeting
 Oct. 16:    LVC Volunteer Orientation 
 Nov. 6:     LVC Volunteer Orientation
 Nov. 10:   LVC Volunteer Orientation

 Dec. 8:     LVC Volunteer Orientation
 Dec. 11:   Save the Date - LVC Volunteer
                  Holiday Appreciation Event
 Dec. 15:   LVC Volunteer Orientation

 LVC Staff:
 Susan Mandel Giblin
 Executive Director

 Felicia Barber
 Transportation Coordinator

 Davana Black
 Program Assistant & 
 Student Volunteer Coordinator

 Denise Forgione
 Money Management Program Coordinator

 Barbara Mendoza
 Volunteer Coordinator

 LVC Board Members

 Executive Committee
 Hugh Forsythe
 Lisa Kimball
 Jan Weiner
 Kathy Fetzer

 Members at Large
 Sandy Shihadeh
 Mitchell Jacobson
 Keith Wauchope
 Patty White


 Who We Are:

 Loudoun Volunteer Caregivers is a private, nonprofit
 organization that mobilizes volunteers to help the frail
 elderly and disabled adults in Loudoun County to
 maintain independence and quality of life.


 Organization Overview
 All services are provided for free, regardless of the
 care receivers’ income. LVC volunteers provide
 assisted transportation to medical appointments,
 personal money management, and supportive services
  – including grocery delivery and trips to the bank.

Loudoun Volunteer Caregivers

704 South King Street
Suite 2
Leesburg, VA  20175
Tel: (703) 779.8617
Fax: (703) 779.8616

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