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15 January 2016
Jack Eidt - Glacier Going to the Sun Road
Christopher Ketcham writes on our continuing anthropogenic (human-caused) extinction, and the ineffectual and often misguided attempts at appeasement for the destroyers of wilderness and consumers of the Earth’s bounty. E.O. Wilson’s push for parks and wilderness connected by corridors, half for us, half for them, might just be the answer.

Stop the Phillips 66 Oil Train Expansion in San Luis Obispo -- Hearing Feb 4-5!

Don’t let your community be the site of the next oil train disaster.

Right now, oil giant Phillips 66 is fighting to build a rail terminal at its refinery in San Luis Obispo County to receive trains carrying highly toxic and explosive crude oil. If approved, mile-long oil BOMB trains will roll through hundreds of California communities nearly every day. 

Tens of thousands of citizens – including nurses, teachers, first responders, elected officials, and students – have voiced their opposition to the project. Now we need to make sure the decision-makers in San Luis Obispo truly hear us.

The San Luis Obispo Planning Commission will hold public hearings on February 4 and 5 to inform their decision on the project. That’s why we must show SLO County decision-makers that SLO County residents and allies across the state are watching. Together, we'll demand they stop Phillips 66 from putting Californian’s health and safety at risk, by speaking out during the hearings and holding a mass rally at Noon on February 4 outside the hearings.

What: San Luis Obispo Planning Commission Public Hearing on Phillips 66 Oil Train Project
Where: San Luis Obispo County Building  1055 Monterey St, San Luis Obispo, CA 93408
When: Feb. 4, doors open at 8 A.M., rally at 12 P.M. (Noon) Feb. 5, doors open at 8 A.M.

Los Angeles Bus Tix: CLICK HERE

Stop Oil Trains Site: CLICK HERE

BOOM: Crude Oil Bomb Trains Exploding in North America

Crude By Rail - Price of OilA documentary investigates the threat from volatile and toxic crude oil bomb trains now rolling through neighborhoods across North America. After five fiery accidents in the first five months of 2015, one can only ask: “Whose community will explode next?”

L.A. River Must Transform as Watershed, Transportation Corridor

LA River - Jack EidtTakeaways from a Green Festival Expo discussion on the Los Angeles River Revitalization include that the job of planning for water resiliency belongs to all of us, not Frank Gehry regardless of his recent charge, and we must also consider how public access, parkland, ecosystem restoration, cargo and passenger rail, bicycle greenways, and anti-gentrification environmental justice will fit into the mix. Collaboration is the key.

Kuuchamaa: The Exalted High Place of the Kumeyaay

Kumiai Mural - Tecate - Sergio Toledo Erendira Cisneros (800x600)The Kumeyaay of southern and Baja California have a rich history of coexistence on the mountainous Mexican border region of San Diego County.  Here we republish Florence Shipek’s treatise on the preservation of their sacred mountain called Kuuchamaa, also known as Cuchumá, as well as several videos on their culture, history and stories.

Colombia: Stunning Indigenous Rock Art from Amazonia

Prehistoric paintings on vertical rock faces in an Amazonian wilderness in Colombia were recently photographed and filmed for western eyes. The pretense of this British filmmaker as the "discoverer" of the paintings is of course ludicrous. The once populous Karijona Tribe most likely painted these masterpieces, and continue to live uncontacted in the vast rainforest, and anthropologists and explorers have studied the region for hundreds of years.

Brian Eno - Robert Fripp - David Bowie
The principal innovator of Ambient and Generative Music, multi-media composer and producer/collaborator with David Bowie, Talking Heads, and U2, Brian Eno is most fascinated by chance music by performers who ‘don’t completely understand their territory’

Geo-Fauvism: Waking to the Wild Earth Through Visual Art

Untitled - Lauren Monroe JrTaking off from the early 20th Century French art “Fauvists” or “Wild Beasts,” cross-disciplinary creations of art, lifestyle, literature, and design respond to and react against the collapse of global environmental systems, the destruction of indigenous earth-based societies, and a narrowing of cultural opportunities in the mainstream corporatized media.

Discover the African Orthodox Church of St. John Coltrane, Founded on the Divine Music of A Love Supreme

Death By Misadventure: Malcolm Lowry’s Gin-Sopped Volcano

Popocatepetl Mexico - Cristobal Garciaferro Rubio PhotographyMalcolm Lowry’s 1947 masterpiece "Under the Volcano," about the fervid last hours of an alcoholic ex-diplomat in Mexico, is set to the drumbeat of coming internal and external conflict. Autobiographical and reflective of the expatriated trust-funder in a futile search for an artistic home, the perpetually inebriated master got lost along the road toward his own abyss, and died under suspicious circumstances, out-of-print.

The Big Short - film
Guy Zimmerman, in reviewing the new Wall Street film The Big Short, muses on the desperate conformity required in today’s entertainment in this new Gilded Age of oligarchy and disempowerment that has overtaken culture in the U.S.

Drug Trafficking in Honduras: Corruption a Multinational Affair

In the nightmare of corruption, murder and impunity that is post coup d’état Honduras, many political and economic sectors of the “international community,” foremost the U.S. and Canada, maintain beneficial relations with drug trafficking enterprises. We share Karen Spring’s dissection of a recent U.S. money laundering bust in Miami of the Rosenthals, one of Honduras’ elite families.

Wild Cuba: Accidental Eden, Endangered

Mogotes - Cuba Accidental Eden - PBS natureCuba may have been restricted politically and economically for the past 50 years, but its borders have remained open to wildlife for which Cuba’s undeveloped islands are an irresistible draw.

Mono Lake - David-WrightAlexis Slutzky tells the story of a September 2015 pilgrimage through California's Owens Valley, called Walking Water. This first phase of a much longer journey began at Mono Lake and ended 180 miles south at Owens Dry Lake. For 100 years, Los Angeles has piped water from there over 300 miles further south to sustain the city, draining ancient lakes and groundwater, destroying natural water systems. In the fourth year of an historic drought, Walking Water seeks to create a new narrative regarding this life-giving resource, investigating our common and often conflicting needs, and learning how to live within our means.

Protecting the Sage-Grouse in a Sea of Natural Gas

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service decided not to grant endangered species protections to the Greater Sage-Grouse, but instead will implement land use plans in the expanse of northwestern U.S. desert called the Sagebrush Sea, depicted in a recent documentary. We also feature an essay on Wyoming’s core plan attempts to salvage the state’s last populations in a landscape dominated by energy development. 

Fluoride Dangers in Drinking Water: Our Daily Dose

Is drinking water fluoridation safe and effective? New science reveals that fluoride is a developmental neurotoxin and an endocrine disruptor. The CDC tells us that drinking fluoride decreases tooth decay, at best, by 25%. Is one less cavity worth risking a child's long-term brain and thyroid health? Watch the film "Our Daily Dose" and read the critique by Paul Connett.

WildNotes Newsletter: 
Welcome to 2016!

Much is happening out in the wilds, but if you can get to San Luis Obispo on Feb 4-5, you are needed to speak out against a proposal to bring volatile and toxic oil trains throughout communities in California.

Also read about the environmental-art movement Geo-Fauvism, the pilgrimage to heal the drought in the Eastern Sierra and David Bowie collaborator Brian Eno's Ambient Visual Music -- and much more.

Thanks for checking in!

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