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Basil, Anyone?

May 3, 2012


Last week we reminded you to plant your tomatoes. What's a juicy tomato without fresh basil to go along with it?

Shelton Herb Farm has many different basil varieties. Try something new in your herb garden this year and plant more than just the same old same old basil plant. Many of the unusual varieties make interesting teas and lemonades, too!

We're busy busy now, as most of the markets have started up for the year. Come see us--the schedule is below.

Make some time this weekend, too, to go on the Cape Fear Rose Society Tour. Addresses and detail are also below.

Don't forget to water! This hot and dry weather is tough on plants. If you can add a soaker hose to the garden, you'll save time and give your plants consistent moisture.

See you in the Garden,

Margaret & the Farm Crew

In the Garden with Meg: Start with the Soil

"Feed the soil, not the plants," is an adage you'll hear often if you're around gardeners. We think that Tony Avent, owner of Plant Delights Nursery, said it best in his February microbesnewsletter:

"Just as chemical fertilizers make plants get larger, so do candy bars make people get larger...just not healthier."

Take a cue from Tony and from us, and use organic and natural fertilizers. Compost, soil conditioner, fish emulsion, plant tone--all of these natural fertilizers feed the microbes in the soil, which break down the materials into nutrient forms the plants can use. By feeding the soil, you enhance the entire garden ecosystem.

Learn More
  • Avent recommends Jeff Lowenfels' book Teaming with Microbes for more information about soil microbiology. This book is wonderfully accessible for even everyday gardeners.
  • Sign up for the Plant Delights email newsletter and read his online articles. Tony always has great information to share. He's also just 2 hours up the road--this side of Raleigh--so he's somewhat "local."
  • Visit Progressive Gardens for organic soil amendments to feed your microbes. You can also check out their website here.
  • Seaside Mulch has an organic leaf compost product called Nuleaf. They deliver and you can pick up. Visit their website here.
  • Stone Garden also has soils and mulches available in bulk. Visit their website (and see pictures of their dogs "modeling" the soil).
  • Read Charlotte Glen's article about composting from the March 2012 Pender County Cooperative Extension newsletter.

Visit Shelton Herb Farm to buy bagged compost and Plant Tone (another organic fertilizer) as well.

Cut Flower Bouquets are Back

Cut FlowersWhy buy grocery store flowers when you can have a fresh cut bouquet from Shelton Herb Farm? Starting this week, we'll have fresh cut flower bouquets with spring bloomers of all colors. Make room on your dining room table, and stop at the market early--they'll go fast! 

See Susie at the Markets

Susie is our friendly face greeting folks at the area Farmers' Markets. She's a talented artist (she teaches pottery classes), and gets you in, out, and on your way with armloads of plants.


Remember: we bring perennials to the market, too!
See us for your unique salvia varieties.

Upcoming Events

At the Markets
Riverfront Farmers' Market -- Saturdays in Downtown Wilmington along the riverfront between Market and Princess. 8am-1pm.

Poplar Grove Farmers' Market -- Wednesdays at Poplar Grove. 8am-1pm. 

Shallotte Farmers' Market -- Saturdays from 8am-12pm Riverside Park

Waterfront Market, Southport -- Wednesdays, 8am-1pm. Fort Johnston Garrison Lawn.

Wilmington Cape Fear Rose Society Annual Rose Garden Tour -- May 5. 10am-4pm. Start at Mike and Debbie Caulder's Garden and pick up an address list. 2214 Plaza Drive, Wilmington, NC 28405.

Wrightsville Beach Farmers' Market -- Old Causeway Drive across from the Post Office. Opens May 7. Mondays 8am-1pm.

Leland Farmers' Market -- Opens May 12. Second Saturday of the month 10am-2pm at the Leland Town Hall.

Cape Fear Rose Society Tour

Take time this weekend to stop and smell the roses! The Wilmington Cape Fear Rose Society's annual Rose Garden Tour is Saturday, May 5 from 10am-4pm. This year's tour will be held in honor of Susan Hart.

Rose Garden

You can get a list of tour addresses from any of the participating gardens, or print our email to take with you.

Tour Addresses

Garden 1                                        Garden 2
Chris/Maria Wilkinson                         Bill and Karen Arnau
4910 Coronado Drive                         101 Royal Oak Dr.
Wilmington, NC 28409                        Wilmington, NC 28409

Garden 3                                         Garden 4
Rick and Marilyn Davis                        Mikeand Debbie Caulder
4304 Winforde Road                           2214 Plaza Drive
Wilmington, NC 28412                         Wilmington, NC 28405

Garden 5                                          Garden 6
Bob and Linda Knerr                            Bill Hartzell
1005 Beaumont Court                          217 Salt Brick Court
Leland, NC 28451                               Wilmington, NC 28411

Garden 7                                          Garden 8
Denise Miller                                      Carol Whitehill    
1148 Edgewater Club Drive                   919 Royal Bonnet Dr.
Wilmington, NC 28411                          Wilmington, NC 28405

Garden 9                                           Garden10                                        
David Lawerence                                 NHC Arboretum Rose Garden
1105 Millheim Ct.                                 6206 Oleander Dr.
Wilmington, NC 28411                           Wilmington, NC 28403
From their press release:

All gardens may be visited in any order between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm.
However a more organized tour of the Gardens 1-5 may be visiting in the
order indicated. For further information call (910)392-1748 or

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