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January 9, 2013
January 2013
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From the Desk of Mr. Bennett

Welcome Back to School in 2013!

Steve Bennett Administrator BestDear Parents,

There is a wonderful mood of "relaxed busy" pervading the campus at present. 

I want to remind and invite you all to our now regular Friday 'Tea with Steve' in the Woodland Cottage where we talk about a range of subjects, from our Anthroposophy, to world events, to the occasional song. It is an opportunity to pick up on some of the impulses in the school, to share and dialogue.

If you can't make our Friday 'event', I am also available at the coffee table most mornings. Please feel free to stop by with questions or comments.

Enjoy the journey to Spring.


Steve Bennett
Director of Administration

Happy Birthday Staff & Faculty!

30 Steve Bennett
31 Strouse Campbell

3 Maria Fitzgerald
13 Joelle Miller
14 Laura Guinan & Raelee Peirce
31 Jane Salemson

Your Personal Invitation

DSC_0135Further explore and deepen your knowledge of the Waldorf philosophy.

Attend Emerson's Waldorf Education Day.

This inspiring event provides the "why" and the "how" behind our curriculum.

Essential for parents who are wondering or who want to experience...
  • why our Early Childhood is play-based rather than skill-based
  • why we use chalkboards rather than smart boards
  • why we encourage team sports no earlier than Middle School
  • why art is so integrated into the curriculum
  • how we teach reading
  • how we teach math
  • how our High School is honors-level and rigorous for our students without the "AP" label

Whether you're new to EWS or are a long-standing member of the community, there's always something to learn at Waldorf Education Day.  Waldorf Education Day is our yearly community gathering to remind ourselves of and to introduce our friends to the beauty and the logic behind our incredible educational philosophy.

Don't miss it!  Child care is provided, so your children can play  in a safe, nurturing environment while you join fellow EWS parents at the Waldorf Education Day program.

Send the invitation to your friends and let them know our application deadline for the 2013-2014 school year is February 8, 2013!

Click Here to Register for

Waldorf Education Day

Time to Re-Enroll!


It is hard to believe that we are already planning for the 2013-2014 school year, but it is that time once again! 

The staff and faculty are looking forward to another dynamic year at Emerson Waldorf School for all of you who believe this is the right educational match for your child.

By Monday, January 14, 2013
current EWS parents will receive an invitation via e-mail from TADS to re-enroll online for 2013-2014.

Re-enrollment and Tuition Adjustment applications are
Due Friday, February 8, 2013

FAQ for Re-Enrollment, 
and Tuition Adjustment

How do I re-enroll?  By Friday, January 11, 2013, you should receive an email from TADS about re-enrolling.  Click on the links in your email invitation from TADS and follow the prompts.  Our applications, re-enrollment, and financial aid applications are all online.  The online procedures are fairly straightforward and should take you a short amount of time to complete.   If you are unsure about how to re-enroll using your computer, please schedule an appointment with Raelee Peirce, Director of Admissions, immediately for assistance at 919 -967-1858 ext 14 or  Paper copies are not available but support and help are here!

I have questions about the tuition, tuition deposit, arrears, tuition adjustment (TA), or fees - who do I talk to?  Feel free to email or call Mary Deutsch, our Finance Director at 919-967-1858 ext 12 to discuss any of your financial questions.

Why should I submit my re-enrollment and/or TA request by the deadline of February 8, 2013?  Your timeliness is a great help to our hard-working board and faculty as they begin to set the budget for the next school year based on these re-enrollment numbers.  Each student's tuition builds the school budget for maintenance repairs, new programs, supplies, and new hires for next year.  When parents are late, it delays this important decision-making for our board.

What happens if I am late?  Submitting by the deadline allows all of your deposit to be applied to next year’s tuition. Please ensure that your accounts are paid up-to-date before submitting your re-enrollment confirmation. If you submit after the deadline, only half of your deposit can be applied to next year’s tuition.

How do I apply for Financial Aid?  There is an option to apply for Financial Aid through EWS’ Tuition Adjustment (TA) program. You must submit all of these materials by February 8, 2013 for your application to be considered. Re-enrolling families missing this deadline may receive reduced or no TA, as the Board of Directors has allocated the bulk of TA for our returning families who complete their applications by the deadline. To make this process as helpful as possible, you will find the link to the TA Process Overview and Checklist in the e-mail letter from TADS. The TA Application link will appear after you've submitted your confirmation of re-enrollment.

We look forward to seeing everyone back in 2013-2014!



Ultimate Gnomes Knock'em Over

Middle School Ultimate

IMG_2275EWS Middle School Ultimate Gnomes took to the field on a balmy Tuesday afternoon in December in their first game of the season, against the Triangle Day Tornadoes.  After a slow start, the Gnomes were behind 4-6 at the first quarter, and huddled with their coach, Alan Best, to reconsider their strategy. 

“Coach told us to huck it as far as we could, and we did,” said Captain Denis Armstrong-Carter.  Good strategy!  The Gnomes then came from behind to trounce the Tornadoes with a resounding 10-6 victory!  It was a remarkable display of teamwork, as every single EWS player either threw or caught a goal in this exciting beginning to Emerson’s first ever Winter Ultimate season. 
The following week, there was a re-match on the Emerson field.  Again, the Gnomes were behind at the first quarter, and the Tornadoes were outplaying us.  But after a short time-out, with substitute players and parents on the sidelines calling out encouragement and advice, the Gnomes shot ahead.  Again, the team worked together, moving the Frisbee up the field with short passes, for a final score of 8-4. 
There’s more excitement to come:  the Gnomes have 5 more games scheduled in the New Year.  Check out the on-line Athletic Calendar, and join us to cheer on our team!

Burrito Mondays Are Back!

In Case You Missed the Newsflash...

restaurant_cosmic... in December, the Class of 2014 wanted to let you know that:

You can order Cosmic Cantina burritos for your 1st-12th grade student.  Staff and faculty are welcome to order too!

Large bean, rice and cheese or chicken, rice, bean and cheese burritos with chips and salsa, are delivered to the students each Monday.  Made fresh from scratch for EWS by Cosmic Cantina and delivered to the school piping hot.

Choices are:
•    A soft flour tortilla with black beans, cheese, and rice.
•    A soft flour tortilla with chicken, beans, rice and cheese. 
•    Chips and fresh salsa on the side. 

18 weeks of burritos (until the end of the year) costs $108 dollars for a chicken burrito or $72 for a veggie burrito each Monday.

Burrito Monday is brought to you by the Class of 2014. Please support us as we fund raise for our senior trips.  Print and complete the order form and return to the Main Office.

Questions or help, please contact Rhonda Lanning at

Pizza Wednesdays Continue...

Need to Get in Your Pizza Order?

pizzaPrint and complete the order form and return to the Main Office.

Lunch and Book Reading

Reading by Eve Olive from Cosmic Child

Eve Cosmic Child (426x640)Faculty and parents of the Emerson Waldorf School Community are cordially invited to attend a buffet lunch and book reading by Eve Olive at the passive solar home of George and Deb Christie, located near the Emerson Waldorf School.

When: Saturday, January 19, 12-2 pm

Where: Home of Deb & George Christie, 5212 Twin Pines Lane, Durham, in the Piney Mountain subdivision off Mt. Sinai Road

What: Reading by Eve Olive from Cosmic Child

RSVP: Deb Christie,, 919.-89-6171

Cosmic Child, Inspired Writings from the Threshold of Birth

"Eurythmist, poet, and teacher Eve Olive offers us this remarkable treasury of verse and story that gives a view of life reaching beyond the usual boundaries. Collected over 33 years, starting with poems written when her first grandchild was on the way, the collection moves and sings under her guiding hand. The writings stretch across the centuries, from Rumi and Wordsworth to contemporary poets both well known and less known, each with a unique view of this mysterious event that brings us into being. Here are voices - the voice of the mother, the voice of the father, the voice of the child herself - originally spoken in English and nine other languages, all translated and woven into a fascinating tapestry."
Eve is donating the royalties from Cosmic Child to the Emerson Waldorf School, which Eve helped found and design.

We Love Our Volunteers

Appreciating Each Other

2012-12-01_12.23.10Our Class Parents Rock...

Paige Chandler - Patricia's Nursery 

Natalie Howard - Kathleen's Nursery

Rhonda Lanning - Ameli's Kindergarten

Maren Anderson - Robin's Kindergarten

Shelley Riselvato & Mary Latham - 1st Grade

Dana Nicholson & Danielle Tanzer - 2nd Grade

Melanie Sullivan - 3rd Grade

Charlotte Schnetler & Virginia Callaghan - 4th Grade

Paige Chandler - 5th Grade 

Stacey Qandil - 6th Grade

Kelly Jones & Joelle Miller - 7th Grade

Anne Marie Masset - 8th Grade

Laurie Carson - 9th Grade

Catherine Belitsky - 10th Grade

Cindy Day - 11th Grade

Mary Deutsch - 12th Grade
Nominate EWS faculty, staff, or parents to be acknowledged for efforts toward our community and school!

Send your nominations to

Hyland's Cold'n Cough Samples

Free 4 oz Bottle in the Main Office!

hy-174_1z 2

This product meets criteria for natural because it is made primarily of natural ingredients with minimal processing. Natural ingredients are extracted directly from plants or animals as opposed to being made synthetically.

  • Temporarily relieve the symptoms of the common cold including nasal congestion, cough, sore throat, runny nose, and sneezing.

Click Here for the Website

Classifieds 2

Events & Classes

Drop-in Playgroup:   Families who are exploring the tenets of Waldorf education and parenting are encouraged to bring their babies and toddlers any Wednesday, 9:30am-11am starting January 9, 2013. Playgroup facilitator Lisa Stauffer lives in Carrboro and has over 10 years of experience guiding young children through rhythm, baking, nature, and seasonal crafting.  She looks forward to sharing these nurturing ways with children and their parents.  $10 per family, per playgroup gathering.  Refreshments served.  Contact Lisa for more information and directions at or 919 929 9827.

Unity Center of Peace presents Cosmic Oneness Weekend featuring: "Rev. Yolanda's Old Time Gospel Hour" on Friday, January 11, at 7:00pm - cost $30.  Unity Center of Peace, 8800 Sewell School Rd., Chapel Hill, NC

Parents of teens and teens-to-be!
Please join us for an informal learning and discussion group as we guide our children (and ourselves!) through these challenging and exciting years. Our next meeting will be Monday, January 14, at 7 pm in the Woodland Cottage.  Everyone is welcome to attend any meeting as we ask questions, learn from each other, and keep our sense of humor intact! Consider the following before our next meeting: What was something your parent(s) did during your own adolescence that you think was positive and effective, and what was something that you wish had been done differently? We also took home (optional) reading on the teen brain.  If you would like copies of the articles, please let us know.
Lauren Nyland -
Leigh Sparacino -

The Carrboro Recreation and Parks Department
publishes a program guide and information three times per year (September, December, April).  These guides have all the programs and activities that the Town of Carrboro offers for kids, families, and seniors. View the information on-line here:


SHAKLEE 180 ~  Clinically tested products and a program to help you lose the weight and learn how to keep it off.  Being healthy begins with a healthy weight.  If you are overweight, the most critical action you can take to reduce your risk of developing future health problems is to lose weight.  Start with our Shaklee 180 Weight-Loss Program ~ validated by thousands of satisfied customers.  For more information click here  or email Joanne Estes at  Joanne is the proud grandmother of 4 Waldorf children and is enjoying her new turnaround with this program.

Are you looking for a New or Slightly Used Car?
Great Deals for EWS Parents, Friends & Faculty. Call David Rabius, Proud EWS Parent at 919-408-9633  Johnson Lexus @ SouthPoint- 2013 New Lexus Line Up..Certified Pre-Owned Lexus and a wide range of slightly used cars to meet your budget.
(David Rabius)

Create a space that aligns with your dreams! 
EWS First Grade teacher, Shannon Dawn O'Connor happily uses her "super-power" to organize, lazure, simplify or re-create your home or office so that your environment supports what really matters to you.  Shannon received a BFA from Parsons School of Design and studied the Environment and Its Effects on Psychology through Lesley College and has been happily beautifying the world ever since. For free estimates, work samples, or references contact Shannon Dawn @ 919.259.5252 and watch your world transform as it grows brighter and clearer around you! 
"She's got the midas-touch" - Tyler G.
"Everything she lays her hands on turns golden"- Charlotte S.
"Shannon purely sparkles, and your home will too" - Megan W.

Offering illuminating and renewing Dr. Hauschka facial treatments.  Cori Roth, NC Licensed/Holistic Esthetician and Dr. Hauschka retailer.  Please visit for more info.

New Medical Practice 
We are pleased to announce our practice "Integrative Medical" at Haven Medical Clinic on 121 S Estes Dr, Suite 205 D, Chapel Hill 27514. For appointments, you may contact us directly: 
Rula Freiji
919-525-5626 General Pediatrics & Pediatric Infectious Disease Consults
Dani Mouawad
919-525-5625 General Pediatrics & Integrative Medicine.
– Rula and Dani Freiji-Mouawad


Our house is for sale and we want to spread the word around as much as possible so that people will come take a look.
We live in an older established neighborhood (started in the 70s) just minutes from three of the Eno River parks and just over the line from Orange County. It has a great fenced back yard and over 13 different kinds of hardwood trees  It sits on a corner lot, and best of all has not only a double garage that connects to the house but also a finished wired separate garage that is great for storage, a workshop and other wonderful possibilities.
Click Here for the Link

Buying a home?  Selling a home?  Investing in real estate?  HEAD, HEART and 20+ years of HANDS-ON EXPERIENCE giving caring advice and guidance to hundreds of happy home buyers and sellers – let me help you with all of your Real Estate needs! 
Judy Weinstock, REALTOR, EWS Alumni parent.  Joyfully donating to EWS with every sale.  Phone 919-951-1800.

Waldorf families are unique and special. 
You need a realtor who is unique and special too.  Lynn Hayes has been helping Waldorf families for over 25 years, offering caring and sensitive service while supporting Waldorf education in our community.  For MLS searches, community information and lots more visit or call Lynn at 919-968-9989.

Advertising Changes for the Emersonian
We accept small classified-type advertisements. Each submission to the Classifieds should be no more than 6 lines of text, which is approximately 60 words. Each submission costs $5.00. Payment for Community Bulletin Board Submissions should be made by Friday of the publication week. No charge for advertisements of free events or non-profit organizations. Submit ads to:

General Policy for the Bulletin  
No political or religious advertisements.  No competitive program advertisements.  No fundraisers.  The editors will decide the placement of advertisements.  Submissions may be edited for content and length.  The Emerson Waldorf School retains the right to choose not to print an advertisement.


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E-Newsletter Design and Graphics
E-Newsletter Content and Layout - Raelee Peirce & Barbara Holloway

This Week

Wed, Jan 9
Campus Tour - Visit Grades 1, 5, 8, & HS 8:30 am - 10:30 am

Boys HS Basketball @ East Wake 6:00 pm

PO Meeting 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Thu, Jan 10  
5th Grade Parent Evening 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Fri, Jan 11
Tea With Steve 8:30 am - 9:30 am - CANCELED

Girls MS Basketball @ Duke 4:00 pm
Boys MS Basketball @ Duke 5:15 pm

Mon, Jan 14  
HS Basketball @ St. Thomas More - Fletcher Academy gym 5:00 pm
Teen Discussion Group in the Woodland Cottage 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Tue, Jan 15
10th Grade Parent Evening 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Nursery & Kindergarten Parent Evening 7:00 pm - 8:30 


School Staff


Steve Bennett x 11
Director of Administration

Mary Deutsch x 12
Finance Director

Barbara Holloway
Marketing Director

Ian Ostrowski x29
Facilities Manager

Raelee Peirce x14
Admissions Director

Therisa Pienaar x20
High School Coordinator

Kelley Wiley x13
Communications Director

School Hours

N/K       8:30am-12:30pm
1st-5th  8:30am-3:15pm
6th-8th  8:15am-3:15pm
HS         8:10am-3:15pm

Aftercare N/K    until 3pm
Aftercare 1st +  until 6pm
Office Hours     8am-4pm

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