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September 18, 2013
      COMING UP:
      2nd Grade Parent Evening 9/19 7 pm
      Board Meeting 9/21 8:30 am

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From the Board...

09.18Board_Bill_SanfordBy the time you read this, the Board of Directors will have met four times already in this new school year! We are working diligently to set our goals and priorities for the year, to review and approve the budget and annual financial audit of the school, and – as Steve Bennett has mentioned in this space – to join with the College and Administration to put together a series of projects to improve the accessibility and appearance of our campus. Stay tuned for more information about these efforts.

It is a great time to be at Emerson Waldorf School.

Yours in service,
Bill Sanford, Board President

News from the Parent Organization

09.18POThe PO is off to a roaring start! Our second meeting of the year was yet another lively and productive gathering of parents representing every level of EWS, from Nursery to the 12th Grade. The atmosphere was upbeat with a real sense of community connection.

As one new parent said afterward, "Thank you for this meeting. This is the first time I've felt truly connected to the community."

A few key items addressed were:
  • The upcoming PO Work Weekend to beautify the campus (Oct 5th and 6th), organized by Heads committee chair, Keith Bartholomew
  • The decision was made for the PO to buy a one-year subscription to Renewal magazine for all new families as well as purchasing copies to be available for loan in each resource room on campus and the faculty room
    • Related to the Renewal magazines, the parents expressed an interest in making sure these beautiful and timeless publications are put to good use; and in that regard, Beverly Stevenson volunteered to organize a "Recycling of the Renewals" program where parents can pass on their old Renewals for other parents to enjoy
  • An initial conversation took place around the possibility of building a parent arm of the Social Inclusion Coordinating Group with the help of Kim John Payne, our Social Inclusion consultant
  • Finally, parents were encouraged to consider participating in one or more of the PO committees: Heads, Hearts or Hands  
  • The chairs of each committee will be calling a meeting soon for any interested parents. If you think you might like to share an idea, help out, or just hear what might be happening this year, send an email to one of the following chairs to let them know you'd like to attend:
Please note that our next PO meeting will be Wednesday, October 9, and will be an off-campus meeting/social held at the home of Merideth Tomlinson and Mark Hulbert at 1012 Starfield Circle, Hillsborough. Arrive at 6:45 for a bit of pre-meeting socializing before the meeting begins at 7pm sharp and concludes at 9pm.

Questions about the PO? Contact any PO officer: Merideth Tomlinson, President; Leigh Sparacino, Vice President; LisaMarie Smith, Treasurer & Hearts Co-Chair; Shauna Hay, Secretary; Katja Moos, Secretary; Tina Stevens, Heads Chair; Rhonda Lanning, Hearts Co-Chair; and Keith Bartholomew, Hands Chair. 
We look forward to seeing you on October 9th!
Merideth & Leigh

Administrative Reminders

Happy Birthday!

Thursday, September 19 - Mr. Rich
(High School Math)

Friday, September 20 - Senora D'Angelo
(Lower School Spanish)

Monday, September 23 - Mr. Child
(Music Director)

Calendars & License Plates For You!

09.04.13AnotherGiftLicenseWe hope that by now each family has received the beautiful 2013-14 EWS calendar and the EWS window cling for the back window of your car.  If not, please stop by the Main Office and pick up your  back-to-school gifts! 

In addition to these gifts, we are giving out EWS license plates and will even install them for you if you like! During the next couple of Thursdays, make sure to flag down Rich Holloway or Charlie Viles (Raelee Peirce will point them out to you), and they'll set you up while you drop off your children and have coffee. 

Thursday, Sept 19 –    Kindergarten Parking Lot

Thursday, Sept 26 –      Lower School Parking Lot

If these times are inconvenient for you, you may pick up license plates and additional window clings in the Main Office.  

It's fun to see so many EWS families driving about in the wider community.  Let's spread the word about our incredible school!



Campus Work Days – October 5 & 6

09.18CampusWorkday1Mark your calendar now for our upcoming PO Campus Work Weekend, October 5-6 from 8am - 5pm both days.

The morning shift will be from 8am -1pm, and the afternoon shift will be from 12-5 pm.
We will share a healthy and tasty meal together from noon-1:00pm both days. 

Areas of focus will be:
  • Hinoki Theater
  • Kindergarten Playground
  • Area in front of the Woodland Cottage and the Gazebo
  • Lower School paths and beds
An online sign up link will be coming soon! Come on out, enjoy the beautiful weather, friendship, fun, and the satisfaction of improving our campus for all to enjoy.

Childcare available – please contact Tina Stevens at if you need childcare.

Questions about tools to bring and other work-related issues please contact Keith Bartholomew at

See you there!09.18CampusWorkday2

Holiday Faire Reminders

  • DSC_0831We need 2 bar stools for use by the peppy lemon staff. If you have some to lend, please contact
  • Large quantities of hay are needed for the archery target wall. If you have some old hay to donate, contact
  • 100% acrylic yarn is needed for the jump rope activity – please place in pink donation bin behind 4th grade classroom.
  • If you’d like to craft small items for the Enchantment Shoppe, join us Thursday mornings after drop-off in the Handwork Room. Very easy options are available, even some non-sewing ones! This event is held by the Early Childhood classes, but folks from any grade are welcome to participate.
  • De-clutter your craft closet and donate “raw materials” for use by the Enchantment Shoppe crafters! Felt, wool roving, yarn, glue sticks, fabric, beads, etc. – anything you think might be useful, bring it on! There will soon be collection bins for these raw materials at Nursery, Kindergarten, and 2nd Grade. Contact Marta Matsumoto with questions,

Burrito Mondays!

09.18BurritoLarge bean, rice, and cheese or chicken, rice, bean, and cheese burritos with chips and salsa, delivered to the students each Monday.  Corn tortillas are available for those who would prefer.  The corn option will come like a soft taco.  We can also accommodate dairy-free folks. Print out the attached order form here, or stop by the lower school office for one.

Starts September 30 - December 16 (11 weeks).  Order forms are due by Friday, September 27th.  Burrito Monday is brought to you by the Class of 2014.  Please support the Senior Class as we fundraise for our senior trip this spring!

Rhonda Lanning
Burrito Coordinator

Annual Eighth Grade Pizza Fundraiser

pizzaForms are due TODAY! Download and print out a copy here of the Pizza Form if you have not turned it in to the Main Office. If you would like pizza delivery on the first available day (September 20), you must turn in your form to the Main Office by September 18.

Mary Beth Mueller
Pizza Coordinator


Sports Update and Schedule

09.18MSXC1Our Middle School Cross Country Team had their first meet on Friday. Our team was outstanding: every runner I spoke to improved their personal times, and we finished second with Trinity taking first and Friends school third. We have a young and enthusiastic team with only 6th and 7th graders.

Finishing first for our school was Sam Marchman followed by Cooper Lamb, Agostino Luisetti, Eric Awai, Eli Hicks, and Alex Bodkin. Coming in first for our girls was Aly McKinnis, follwed by Annika Emerson, Luci Martinez, Dharvi Gopal, Alaina Chandler, and Mia Vinas.

Congratulations Gnomes on an excellent first meet!

09.18MSXC4 2


Here is the Cross Country & Soccer schedule for the next two weeks!
(MS = Middle School; HS = High School; XC = Cross Country)

Wednesday Sept 18
MS XC @ Duke 3:30pm walk; 4:00pm start
HS Soccer @ Fletcher Academy vs. Fletcher 4:30pm

Friday Sept 20
MS/HS XC Practice after school until 5:00pm
HS Soccer @ HOME vs. Clover Garden 4:00pm

Monday Sept 23
MS/HS XC Practice after school until 5pm (pick up at soccer field 5-530)
HS Soccer @ HOME vs. Southern Wake 4:00pm

Tuesday Sept 24
MS XC @ Friends 4:00pm walk; 4:30pm start for boys & girls
HS XC Practice after school until 5:00pm

Wednesday Sept 25
MS XC Practice after school until 5:00pm
HS XC @ Woods Charter 5:00pm start
HS Soccer @ Camelot Academy 4:00pm

Friday Sept 27
MS/HS XC Practice after school until 5:00pm
HS Soccer Practice after school until 5:00pm

Monday Sept 30
MS/HS XC Practice after school until 5:00pm
HS Soccer Practice after school until 5:00pm

Tuesday Oct 1
MX XC @ Trinity 3:30pm walk 4:00pm start
HS Soccer @ HOME vs. Fletcher Academy 4:00pm

Important announcement:
Please remember to check the online calendar and use the drop down to EWS
Extracurricular Activities.  If you click on a game, you can get the address.

Go Gnomes!


Michaelmas Community Celebration


Annual EWS Michaelmas Community Celebration
Friday, September 27, 2013
Grades 1-12 and parents
Starts at Hinoki Theater 1:20pm, Soccer Field 2pm

On Friday, September 27, at 1:20pm the classes will gather for a short assembly in the Hinoki Theater.  Seating is very limited, but there is standing room for parents/families who wish to attend.

After the assembly we will all proceed to the athletic field for our community celebration (~2:00 pm).  The children will be dismissed from their classrooms by their teachers.

Please make sure your child is wearing a red, orange, or yellow shirt (and feel free to join in the festive spirit and wear your fall colors too!)

For The Christian Community Michaelmas Celebration October 11-13, please check their website for details at:

Third Grade - Discovering "Shelters"

09.18Sustain0In Third Grade, our curriculum includes Farming as well as Shelter and House Building. We spend each Wednesday afternoon working in the bountiful garden at our beautiful EWS Farm with Mary Beth Mueller.
On Monday we had a special treat in relation to our shelter curriculum. We went on our first field trip ever to the construction site of the Integrative Healing and Learning Center (IHALC). The third graders sifted clay mixed with water from the land and then coated straw with the clay, like a giant tossed salad, to create straw clay slip. This was then packed  into a framed form and stamped down to create a large  form of light straw clay slip. This will form the base for the residential part of the Center. The wall will requires six weeks of drying time before finally being plastered. The result is a  highly insulated, healthy, breathable wall with comforting acoustics. All of this has been accomplished sustainably with low specialized skills and with a low carbon footprint.
We then toured the inside of the residential part of IHALC, a structure of marvelous design.  The inside of the structure immediately provided us with cool, refreshing relief from all the hard work we had done in the heat of the sun!

We thank Dani and Rula Mouawad for sharing their home and Healing Center with us and for allowing us to contribute to its creation.

If you wish, you may visit the sample wall; it is outside the the 3rd grade classroom.







9th Graders Serve the Homeless


9th Graders Rowan Bedick, Emma Hulbert, and Chloe Nash showed their commitment to serving others by spending last Saturday evening working at the Urban Ministries shelter.  The girls, along with Ms Jackson, joined a service crew from ERUUF at the downtown Durham facility.  They worked hard for three hours: slicing bread, chopping fruits and vegetables, mixing up toppings for casseroles, and making lemonade.  After the meal was cooked, Chloe, Emma, and Rowan took their places in the serving line to fill and distribute plates to some 200 people who came for the meal.  After their work was done, the girls filled their own plates and joined a family with six children who were having their supper.  It was an eye-opening experience to see that those who need our help come from all walks of life and all generations.  Our 9th grade volunteers let the crew leader know that they are eager to serve again – as often as once a week!


Ways That Screens are Ruining Family Life

For her new book, The Big Disconnect: Protecting Childhood and Family Relationships in the Digital Age, Catherine Steiner-Adair EdD -- a clinical instructor in the department of psychiatry at Harvard, a school consultant, and a therapist in private practice -- interviewed more than one thousand children between the ages of 4 and 18 to find out how technology was impacting their relationships and their social and emotional lives. What Steiner-Adair discovered was neither surprising, nor comforting: Technology is becoming a kind of “co-parent;” too much screen time is impeding childhood development; and parents’ obsession with their devices is harming communication with their children and even fracturing families.

A Moment of Pause

Priceless Gifts


An empty day without events.
And that is why
it grew immense
as space. And suddenly
happiness of being
entered me.

I heard
in my heartbeat
the birth of time
and each instant of life
one after the other
came rushing in
like priceless gifts.

by Anna Swir

Classifieds 2

The Piedmont Youth Orchestra meets every Sunday at the Emerson Waldorf School. They are so appreciative of our space that they offer a special discount for participants from our school. This makes for a win-win situation for you: a great ensemble opportunity for your child (at a convenient location) at what is practically a giveaway tuition for the semester, $50 as compared to the usual fee of $150-$200.
Sessions begin this Sunday. Please consider enrolling your student musician. PYO's website details the ensembles and schedules available.   The registration form is attached and the forwarded email (below) also has some information. Go to this link for more information: 

Grow Your World, After School is an afterschool program for middle schoolers based in Chapel Hill that focuses on community-building and youth development. The program’s three main components aim to increase community connections across difference (age, culture, race, language, among others), capitalize on the abundant resources in the community, and increase our youths’ ability to achieve their full potential.

Youth March for the Planet:  On Saturday, Sept. 28, 2013, young people around the world will lead marches, rallies, and demonstrations to call attention to climate change.  North Carolina students are planning a march and rally in downtown Raleigh with inspiring calls to action from youth leaders and climate advocates.  Marchers will meet at Halifax Mall at 3:30 pm for a welcome and activities.  The march will begin at 4:00 pm, circling the Capitol and the General Assembly building before returning to Halifax Mall for speakers, music, and more.  Will you join us?  Sign up to march, post flyers, and help us spread the word.  Details:


This End Up solid end pine bunk set; 3 beds – upper/lower bunk beds with 3rd day bed; 4 pine under-the-bed storage units that are on heels.  Very good condition, of course, after use by my boys! $550.00 or best offer - Jon Mandeville (919) 880-6973.

Why not have an artist do your hair?  Nancy Moore has been an artist/hairdresser for over 20 years, and an EWS mom for 16. Now located at the beautiful FLOW Salon, 587 Old Farrington Road, Chapel Hill NC  27517  For appointment call or text (919)260-2495 ...or book yourself online at  Let the good hair days begin!

Be ahead of your time.  Look 10 years behind it.  Guaranteed.  It turns out that the same nutrients that help keep you healthy on the inside also play a huge role in how you look on the outside.  So it should come as no surprise that the answer to amazing skin comes not from a cosmetics company, but from the foremost natural nutrition company, Shaklee.  Here is a link to the most advanced therapeutic skin care system around.   And I give 10% off to any Waldorf customer.  Joanne Estes (919) 929-4534

PIANO LESSONS: Spaces open for children, teens, & adults in the home piano studio of Beth Shirey, EWS choral and eurythmy accompanist.  Please call 919-969-9545 or email for more information.

Dr. Hauschka Facials/Retailer:
CORI ROTH/Licensed, Certified, Holistic Esthetician.  Revive your body, mind, and senses with a nourishing and soothing Divinerose Facial.  Offered in an unhurried and retreat-like setting.  15% off first-time client.  Visit for more info.

PRANA KOMBUCHA: Enjoy Fresh Kombucha!  We are a Waldorf family brewing raw organic Kombucha delivered straight to you!

Kombucha is more than just an ancient healthy drink.  It has a wide range of organic acids, vitamins enzymes and probiotics that give it its extraordinary value. It contains a range of B vitamins, particularly B1, B2, B6 and B12, that provide the body with energy, help to process fats and proteins, and which are vital for the normal functioning of the nervous system. There is also vitamin C which is a potent detoxifier, immune booster, and enhancer of vitality.  AND it’s DELICIOUS!

We sell our KOMBUCHA in 34 oz. reusable glass bottles at $7/bottle. For a free tasting and to order your Kombucha contact Gaura Humek at

KatieBeth's Learning Garden! We are a retail store and community class space located at 400 S. Elliott Road in the Galleria Shopping Center. Here, you can find the supplies you need for a Waldorf-friendly home, including imaginative natural toys from Camden Rose, Ralph Evans and Sarah's Silk, fiber arts kits and supplies from Harrisville, beeswax candles, stones, and supplies from Mercurius. We sell new and consigned educational materials and games for your whole family.

Cozy Rental Cottage on wooded lot .5 mile from I-40 and 9 minutes from EWS (4 miles).  3-BR 1 bath, hardwood floors, new fridge, dishwasher, AC, natural gas stove, deck, storage shed, pets negotiable.  3 miles on country roads to Mapleview Ice Cream sunsets!   911 New Hope Ch. Rd.  $1,000. 919-413-5767, 919-382-9846 evenings.

Buying a home? 
Selling a home?  Investing in real estate?  HEAD, HEART and 20+ years of HANDS-ON EXPERIENCE giving caring advice and guidance to hundreds of happy home buyers and sellers – let me help you with all of your Real Estate needs!   Judy Weinstock, REALTOR, EWS Alumni parent.  Joyfully donating to EWS with every sale.  Phone 919.951.1800.

Advertising Changes for the Emersonian
We accept small classified-type advertisements. Each submission to the Classifieds should be no more than 6 lines of text, which is approximately 60 words. The costs are as follows: $5.00/week; $10.00/month or $100.00/school year (10 months). Payment for Community Bulletin Board Submissions should be made by the Friday before the publication week (we publish every Wednesday school is in session.) No charge for advertisements of free events or non-profit organizations. Submit ads to:

General Policy for the Bulletin  

No political or religious advertisements.  No competitive program advertisements.  No outside fundraisers.  The editors will decide the placement of advertisements.  Submissions may be edited for content and length.  The Emerson Waldorf School retains the right to choose not to print an advertisement.
Public announcements and services offered in the Emersonian or other circulars produced by Emerson Waldorf School are paid advertisements and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Emerson Waldorf School or its employees.

E-Newsletter Design and Graphics

Emersonian Publishing Team:

Kelley Wiley - Content, layout, correspondence, advertising
Raelee Peirce - Header design, layout
Barbara Holloway - Photo & creative content, editing
Kathleen Jackson - Editing

Spirit Wear Button 2


Wed 9/18
Eurythmy for Parents and Friends 
8:30 am - 10:00 am

MS X-Country at Duke 
3:30 pm Walk; 4:00 Start 

HS Soccer vs. Fletcher @ Fletcher Academy 4:30 pm

Thurs 9/19
Craft Making for the Holiday Faire in the Handwork Room 8:30 am
EWS Jazz Band rehearsal 3:30 - 4:30 pm
2nd Grade Parent Evening 7:00 - 8:30 pm

Fri 9/20
HS Soccer vs. Clover Garden @ HOME 4:00 pm

Sat 9/21
Board Meeting
8:30 - 11:30 am

Mon 9/23
HS Soccer vs. Southern Wake @ HOME 4:00 pm

Tues 9/24
MS X-Country at Friends 3:30 pm Walk; 4:00 Start 


School Staff


Steve Bennett x11
Director of Administration

Mary Deutsch x12
Finance Director

Lynda Hollar x10
Administrative Support

Barbara Holloway
Marketing Director

Ian Ostrowski x29
Facilities Manager

Raelee Peirce x14
Admissions Director

Therisa Pienaar x20
High School Coordinator

Kelley Wiley x13
Communications Director

School Hours

N/K       8:30 am - 12:30 pm
1st-5th  8:30 am - 3:15 pm
6th-8th  8:15 am - 3:15 pm
HS        8:10 am - 3:15 pm

Aftercare N/K    until 3 pm
Aftercare 1st +  until 6 pm
Office Hours     8 am - 4 pm

Emerson Waldorf School • 6211 New Jericho Road, Chapel Hill NC 27516 • Find us on facebook

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