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August 29, 2012
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Governance 2

Be Our Guest Thursday Night...

We are expecting an incredible turnout for this week's Back-to-School Parent Evening.  This is an evening to connect with staff, faculty, and other parents – both new and returning – an evening created for our parents by the School Governance as our gift to thank you for your ongoing support of our school.

Thursday, August 30, 2012 7-9pm

For Whom?  All EWS Parents – from Nursery to High School – are highly encouraged to attend this Welcome Back Event!

Evening Highlights...
6:45-7:00 Lemonade Social in the HS courtyard
(Schmooze with staff, faculty, and parents...psst...pick up your child's new field trip t-shirt too!)

7:00-7:45 Staff and Faculty Welcome Program
(From the Brown Wing steps)

7:45-8:10 Refreshments and Interest Tables in the Brown Wing

8:10-9:00 Classroom Open House
(Visit all of your children's classrooms and don't forget to pick up your free gift bag in your youngest child's classroom – you won't want to miss this!!)

Parking Suggestion:
It might be easiest to park in the parking lot closest to your youngest child's class and visit that classroom last.

New Front Sign!

school sign


After School Information

Welcome Our New After School Teacher!

Alicia Best After School TeacherWe have a new After School Teacher this year, Ms. Alicia Best. Shannon Dawn O'Connor has known Alicia since she was four years old. Ms. Best grew up under the home-school guidance of Randy Best and Sarah Howe (local cottage industry potter at Durham Farmers Market). She has worked extensively with community outreach projects such as Haw River Festival's Learning Celebration and Paper Hand Puppet Intervention and currently plays in the newly acclaimed Chapel Hill band, Bevel Summers.  Alicia studied at Bennington College and worked through the AmeriCorps program with at-risk children. She brings her love of theater, crafts, music, nature, and co-operative games to EWS After School. Please warmly welcome Ms. Best when you see her. 

After School Update From Alicia Best

Alicia BestDear EWS community,

My name is Alicia Best, and I am so happy to be the new After School Teacher!  I look forward to working with, and getting to know, the children who stay in After School – as well as the greater EWS community!

A few reminders;

  • After School starts at 3:25.  All children who are not picked up by 3:25  will be signed in and signed out whenever their parent/caregiver picks them up.
  • When signing out, the child or parent must tell me that they are leaving/being picked up.  If you do not come in to get your child, double check with them that they have signed out with me.  
  • If a child is still waiting to be picked up from the track meet by the time 5:15 rolls around, they too will be signed in to After School and billed $15.
  • If you are a parent or teacher hanging out during After School on school grounds, you must be with your child (off of the playground), or sign them in to After School.  
  • As I will be providing snack to the kids, I would love to know who has allergies that I should be sensitive to/aware of.  I would like to be able to feed every child every day.  An e-mail to or a piece of paper with dietary needs on it would be greatly appreciated!

Alicia Best
After School Teacher

After School Reminders:
School Dismissal is at 3:15 from your child's classroom. Middle School children may wait supervised by the appointed teacher on duty at the bench area by the Lower School Parking lot until 3:25.
Children not picked up by 3:25 will be escorted to After School and billed $15 per day through TADS.
The $15 per day charge stands once your child has been signed in, regardless of the length of their stay.
While phone calls to report delays are appreciated, they do not waive the fee. This is standard procedure at many After School programs and is something we need to strengthen at EWS. Please be respectful of this agreement.
On days when parents are actively volunteering at school (i.e., Parent/Teacher conferences, setting up for a festival, conducting a Board meeting...etc.), there is no charge. But please do make sure to sign your child in with Ms. Best during those times, as unsupervised children are not allowed on the playground.
Also, the playground is reserved for After School from 3:25 until 6:00.  This is for the safety of all the children. You are welcome to stay on campus and visit the Fairy Meadow, walk to the Biodynamic Farm, or hang out at the newly-renovated gazebo (thanks P.O and Keith Bartholomew!), but please vacate the playground area at 3:25 unless your child is signed in to After School.
After School is a time for children to be together, to unwind, and to play after a LONG day. Following policies and procedures helps it flow smoothly, which is important for the children. A nurturing snack is provided, but if your child has a food allergy/sensitivity, please alert Ms. Best and also, pack extra food for them, so they can enjoy a special treat from home if needed at snack time. 
The afternoon is balanced between active free play and quieter indoor activities, including homework (as appropriate).
Please bring questions or concerns directly to Ms. Best, and while she is acclimating to the new position, Ms. O'Connor will act as liaison and support.
Thank you, and have a great year!

Shannon Dawn O'Connor
Grades Teacher/After Care Liaison

Eurythmy for Parents and Friends

ews1067KPOEurythmy classes will start up again Wednesday, September 12.

We hope we will be joined by many new parents.  No prior experience is necessary. 

Classes are from 8:30 am - 10:00 am Wednesdays.  Come and enjoy!

"Movement in Tune with the
Rhythms of Life"

Sept.  12, 19, 26,
Oct.    10, 24, 31,
Nov.     7, 14, 28,
Dec.     5, 12.

Cost:  $110 (can be paid in installments and benefits the Eurythmy program for students at EWS).

For more information call Eve Olive at 919-489-2564.

Books Needed
We are looking for donations of any children’s books that can be used for our Nap Program up in the Early Childhood. Please bring your donations to the Lower School Office with a note that specifies it is for the Nap Program, and we will get them to Radha McNamara.  If you have any questions about what kind of books are needed, please contact Radha directly at .  Thank you. – Radha McNamara

Foundation Studies Lecture

Exploring the Healing Arts with Dr. Ross Rentea
This weekend intensive is part of the Foundation Studies program but all friends with some prior exposure to anthroposophy are welcome.
Friday, September 7, 7-9pm Advances in Anthroposophical Medicine
Saturday, September 8, 9am-3pm Workshop
Please view the flyer for all of the details and cost.

Winter Faire Volunteer Committee

DSC_0063 2It's that time of year again!  Join the planning committee  to talk about Winter Faire 2012! 

The Faire will be Saturday, December 1, 2012.  If you would like to help with the Faire this year, you can be added to our interest list to be notified of our weekly planning meetings.   Email to be included in the initial planning initiative.

We are looking forward to an amazing Faire once again - but we have big shoes to fill.  The past few years have been outstanding with the facilitation and organization skills of parent volunteers: Leigh Sparacino, Alicia McKinnis, and Susan Hart

New parents encouraged to be part of the planning along with our returning parents.  Thankfully, because of the hard work of the former team, we merely are putting things in place - we have a fabulous foundation to work from - so we hope we will have another great group to take on one of our most beloved EWS events!!

Jazz Band Practice

jazzband Contact: Anyone interested in after-school Jazz Band should contact Erich Lieth (, 919.270.3440).

Practices: The Middle School band (grades 6-8) will rehearse on Thursdays at 3:30 and the High School band (grades 9-12) at 4:30.

Performances: Rehearsals begin September 6. Both bands will perform for a number of events throughout the year, beginning with Carrboro Music Festival on September 30. The band is open to a variety of instruments.

Eric Leith

Jazz Band Director

String Band

Emerson Waldorf string bandAbout: The EWS after school string band had a year's hiatus last year but will begin again in September!  Traditional "Old Time" string band music is a longstanding tradition in North Carolina.  It is an American style with roots in Europe and west Africa.  Our ensemble invites children into that world by giving them the chance to play traditional tunes in an ensemble setting.  We will mainly focus on what are referred to as "fiddle tunes".

Who Can Join: This ensemble is open to all who are confident players.  To participate, melody instrumentalists (violin, mandolin) should be able to read notation and/or play well by ear.  Rhythm instrumentalists (guitar, banjo) should have a good knowledge of chords and be able to change quickly and smoothly.  Cello/bass players should be ready to play a lot of pizzicato.

Our main goal will be to enjoy playing together.  Students should be ready to practice tunes at home so that our after school sessions can be for working on our ensemble sound and simply enjoying the music-making together.  I will give the students resources such as sheet music and access to recordings so that they can come more or less prepared.  Past ensembles have performed for our school community and have made CD recordings.

Practices: The ensemble will meet on Tuesdays from 3:30 - 4:30.  We will have a six week session that begins Tuesday, September 4 and ends the Tuesday before fall break.  The fee for participation is $60 per child for the six weeks.  We can handle a minimum of six and a maximum of ten participants.  If your child is interested, please let me know.

Jason Child

Music Director

EWS Student Creates APP!

Andrew Nyland News 2
EWS 9th grader, Andrew Nyland, had a productive summer.  After attending a week-long iPhone programming course at Shodor, he had the tools to begin creating his own apps, which he hopes to eventually sell. 

Shodor is a non-profit organization based in Durham that is dedicated to exposing students to science- and mathematics-oriented workshops.  Their multiple levels of instructors, including interns, together with their group work, made for an enriching and informative experience.

Andrew felt well-prepared for this experience in large part due to his time at EWS; in particular, his ability to think outside the box and to look at every aspect rather than diving straight into a conclusion, helped him with the problem-solving aspect of the class.  At EWS, Andrew has worked in groups with multiple levels of interaction from Kindergarten - Grade 8.
Perhaps soon, he will build a biodynamic planting app for us!
(Just heard that Ben Mueller, EWS 10th grader, also attended this class!
Read more:


High-Tech Vs. No-Tech

D.C. area schools take opposite approaches to education...

Two Washington-area private schools have taken starkly different approaches to the way we use – or don’t use – new technology as a learning tool.

Read this great article about the Washington Waldorf School in Washington Post!

Steiner on Technology

Linweir and ComputerMike Senkpiel,
EWS Parent

In Education for Adolescents
Rudolf Steiner says, “…we shall awaken in our students an understanding of what must be done in life if it is to go on. Without such an understanding, we continue to live in a foreign environment. This, in fact, is the terrible characteristic of our time—that people are living in an environment that is foreign to them…This has an effect on the whole human constitution—spirit, soul, and body. There is a great difference between having at least an elementary knowledge of the things we use in daily life and not having such knowledge. Traveling in a car, plane, or bus, using an electrical gadget without understanding at least the underlying principles, means blindness of soul and spirit.”

In a lecture called, Technology and Art, he states,  “… it can easily happen that people imagine they must take great care not to expose themselves to these destructive forces; that they must protect themselves from all the influences of modern life; that they must closet themselves in a room containing the right surroundings … to make sure that modern life cannot reach them in any way that would be harmful to their bodily organization”

He goes on to say, “Our task, however, consists in strengthening our soul life … against the onslaughts of modern life” and that it “would be the worst possible mistake to say that we should resist what technology has brought into modern life…”

Again, in Education for Adolescents: “There is something else we have to consider: There is a great difference between learning something before and learning something after the age of nineteen or twenty... What we learn after the nineteenth year impresses itself more outwardly; what we learn and experience at fifteen permeates our whole being, becomes as one with the human spirit… The things we learn must continue to live in us. This is only possible if they are learned at the right age.”

I believe that Waldorf is currently the only pedagogy available that will teach students how to use technology and media responsibly and thus we have an obligation to take this up as wholly as the high school curriculum will allow.

FarmNews 3

Gardening in Grade 3

How fortunate we are to have our beautiful 20-acre farm!  And how delightful to see third graders putting their hands into the earth under the warm sun and making such a positive difference in the garden.  After lining up and greeting the Farm Coordinator, Ms Mueller, one-by-one with a handshake and eye-to-eye contact, the children went into their groups of Earth, Water, Air, and Fire, which had been predetermined by their teacher, Ms Stoychev.  They then joined together in a large circle to sing the Gardening Song, a beautiful prelude to their work.

Gr 3 Gardening Circle

Gardening Song

From root to stem to leaf to flower
In season sunshine storm and shower
This food is ours to share
That seeds of love its fruits may bear

(Sparkling eyes full of anticipation, the vibration of voices singing together, however timid at first, pure connection at last.  Read the verse aloud to feel the vibration in your heart).

After Ms Mueller’s introduction to the garden and the tasks at hand, the children eagerly made their way towards their work with their group leaders.  Their sweet enthusiasm quickly melted under the hot sun, but the children persevered and grew proud of their work, as they saw tomatoes, beans, and okra emerging as they pulled the weeds.  Not only that, a few critters delighted, frightened, and intrigued them!

Gr 3 Gardening Cole  Mantis

While two groups were weeding in the hot sun, another was processing the compost that the class had collected from each classroom at the school.  They pumped water into each compost bucket, scrubbed them with their magic brushes, and added them to the garden compost.
After all of the work was done, the children delighted in their much-anticipated grazing session –  the sorrel, tomatoes, mint, okra, raspberries, black-eyed peas, beans, and celery that had been coveted during the weeding session were now eagerly picked and tasted, but only one item at a time!  The day was complete with the closing circle, as each individual envisioned a tiny seed in their hand that would grow into a miraculous plant one day.  I do wonder what each child chose!  My, but my sunflower was beautiful!

Gardening Poem
For the dark earth that cradles the seed
For the rain that brings forth the green leaves
For the stars that give form to the flowers
For the warm sun that ripens the fruit
For all this goodness and beauty,
Oh heavenly spirit, we thank thee!

Gr 3 Gardening Mantis Flower

Working with the Earth is enlightening for all grades, but in third grade, it is especially helpful for “the nine-year change”. This is a time when a child begins to feel that they are separate from the rest of the world. This is a big change for a child, and gardening is a way in which the third grader can bond again with the Earth, but now as an individual. They have a need to feel valuable and important and enjoy the satisfaction of being productive. Learning about addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division is easy when counting eggs or selling produce!  Look out for our Farmer’s Market, which opens September 11th!

HighSchoolNews 3

High School Gets Face Lift!

If you haven't yet wandered up to the high school this year, you'll want to check out these pictures that highlight the new courtyard in front of the Brown Wing, the fresh coat of paint in the Faculty Library, office, and lobby, as well as the improved lockers.  The Emerson Room received a lovely lazure look!  Excellent work by our Facilities Maintenance crew who coordinated the new updates and made the magic happen!

HS courtyard Alt

HS library

HS Lockers

HS Richards Room

HS richards 2

GradesNews 2

Middle School Clothing Swap Success!

DSC_0455 2



ECNews 2

Simon Says Don't Use Flashcards

flashcardsParents who want to stimulate their children’s brain development often focus on things like early reading, flashcards and language tapes. But a growing body of research suggests that playing certain kinds of childhood games may be the best way to increase a child’s ability to do well in school. Variations on games like Freeze Tag and Simon Says require relatively high levels of executive function, testing a child’s ability to pay attention, remember rules, and exhibit self-control — qualities that also predict academic success.

“Play is one of the most cognitively stimulating things a child can do,” says Megan McClelland, an early-childhood-development researcher at Oregon State University who has led much of the research.

Continue to Read the New York Times Article

Sports 2

Fall 2012 High School Sports Schedule

Please be sure you have signed a consent form
and a physical form turned in this week.

Schedule next two weeks:

Monday Aug 27
XC Practice After School until 5:00 – meet lower school basketball court
Soccer Practice: After school until 5:00 – meet at the field
Tuesday Aug 28
XC Practice after school until 5:00 – meet on the HS front steps
Wednesday Aug 29
XC Practice after School until 5 – meet lower school basketball court
Soccer Practice after school until 5 – meet on the field
Thursday Aug 30
No practices
Friday Aug 31
XC practice after school until 5 – meet lower school basketball court
Soccer practice after school until 5 – meet on the field
Tuesday Sept 4
XC Practice after school until 5 – meet on the HS front steps
Wednesday Sept 5
XC – no practice – Middle School meet at Durham Academy
Soccer Scrimmage  at Home – meet on field after school Scrimmage – pick up about 5:30

Thursday Sept 6
No practices or games
Friday Sept 7
XC practice after school until 5 – meet on the lower school bball court
Soccer practice after school until 5 – meet on the field
 Important announcement:
Congratulations are in order for Coach Fann and his wife Rachel. Rachel gave birth last week to a healthy boy named Sage!

Go Gnomes!

Classifieds 2

Events and Classes

Carrboro Century Center
Free and Open to the Public
Saturday Evening, September 8th, 7 - 9 PM
Concert Pianist: Kara Choi
for more information:

Painting Exhibition!  Tessa Guze, who attended EWS grades K through 5th, has a show, Beginner's Mind: Painting with an Open Heart, on display at the Durham Arts Council through September 7th,  Tessa is currently in South Korea teaching English.  Her parents. Jon and Karen, mounted the show for her.   Hope you can join me in celebrating her success!  (Joanne Dahill) 

“To Boost or not to Boost"
Discussion session over past pertussis epidemics, and weighing factors towards complying vs not with health department recommendations.  This presentation and group discussion is on Tuesday, September 4th from 6:30-7:30 p.m. and will be conducted by Dr Rula Freiji, MD, MPH.  Dr. Freiji was trained at Emory University, Atlanta GA in pediatric infectious diseases & have done consulting work & clinical practice since 1996.

"Rudolf Steiner's Mystery Dramas: The Wildest Dramas Ever Written" Lecture is Friday, 9/28 from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. and again on Saturday, 9/29 from 9:00 a.m to 3:00 p.m.  will be a workshop.   The lecture content will be basically the same. On Sat. we will read a few scenes from the first two plays and discuss- workshop/seminar style- and I will tell a bit of the story in between and perhaps what happens later. We will follow the thread of Johannes and Maria and only briefly mention Strader and Capesius, Felix and Felicia. I will introduce all the major characters in the introductory lecture on Fri. night, where I will leave plenty of space for questions.


A Blissful Back to School Special!
Treat Yourself to a Head, Neck & Facial Massage-just $45. Relieve Tension, Release Stress, Relax & Rejuvenate. Drop off your children and drop into the Stone and Spa Home Studio just down the road off Mt. Sinai.  For Appointments w) Shoshanna book online 703.307.1523 
Sign up for the Stone & Spa newsletter to receive monthly bodywork specials!

Are you deficient in Vitamin D?
"Vitamin D Is possibly the most important thing you can do to improve your health and save yourself from many chronic diseases" -David Servan-Schreiber, M.D.,Ph.D
Take the Vitamin D Quiz at
(Joanne Estes, a grandmother of 4 EWS students and at 69 she is living healthy, strong and prescription-free).

Are you looking for a New or Slightly Used Car?
Great Deals for EWS Parents, Friends & Faculty. Call David Rabius-Proud EWS Parent at 919-408-9633  Johnson Lexus @ SouthPoint- 2013 New Lexus Line Up..Certified Pre-Owned Lexus' and a wide range of slightly used cars to meet your budget. (David Rabius)

Composted Cow Manure For Sale
4 Cuyds, $125, delivery beyond 10 miles of Calvander extra. 968-1123

Create a space that aligns with your dreams! 
EWS First Grade teacher, Shannon Dawn O'Connor happily uses her "super-power" to organize, lazure, simplify or re-create your home or office so that your environment supports what really matters to you.  Shannon received a BFA from Parsons School of Design and studied the Environment and Its Effects on Psychology through Lesley College and has been happily beautifying the world ever since. For free estimates, work samples or references contact Shannon Dawn @ 919.259.5252 and watch your world transform as it grows brighter and clearer around you! 
"She's got the midas-touch" - Tyler G.
"Everything she lays her hands on turns golden"- Charlotte S.
"Shannon purely sparkles, and your home will too" - Megan W.

Offering illuminating and renewing Dr. Hauschka facial treatments.  Cori Roth, NC Licensed/Holistic Esthetician and Dr. Hauschka retailer.  Please visit for more info.

Dragonfly Natural Toy and Craft Store 
We carry toys and crafts inspired by the Waldorf Curriculum and we're just mintues away from the EWS campus.  We offer Handwork Wednesdays and workshops.  Like us on Facebook or visit our website for more information.  Call Charlotte or Danielle with questions at 919.265.9734. (EWS parents Charlotte Schnetler and Danielle Tanzer).

Free Tdap Vaccine for 11 and Older
The Tdap vaccine (diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis) is available at the Health Department free of charge while supplies last during the regular clinic hours of 8:30 a.m. – 11 a.m. and 1-4 p.m.; closed the first Wednesday afternoon of each month.  Appointments are not necessary.  Free parking is available in the Health Department Parking Lot.
Call the Durham County Health Department Immunization Clinic at 919-560-7608 for information about the eligibility to receive the Tdap vaccination and the availability of this vaccine.  

New Medical Practice. 
We are pleased to announce our practice "Integrative Medical" at Haven Medical Clinic on 121 S Estes Dr, Suite 205 D, Chapel Hill 27514. For appointments you may contact us directly:  Rula Freiji (337) 230-6100    General pediatrics & pediatric infectious disease consults Dani Mouawad (337) 230-5100. General Pediatrics & Integrative Medicine. (Rula and Dani Freiji-Mouawad)

NICK'S PLUMBING AND MORE offers residential plumbing, electrical, carpentry, and welding solutions for those jobs you can't do. Large and small jobs accepted.   Nick has been an EWS parent for 12 years and a skilled handyman since 1980. Free estimates and fair fees. Call Nick at 336-684-7407. (Nick Schneider)

PIANO LESSONS EWS choral/eurythmy accompanist and former EWS parent, Beth Shirey, has openings in her piano studio.  Children, teens and adults are all welcome.  Please call 919-969-9545 or email for more information.


Buying a home?  Selling a home?  Investing in real estate?  HEAD, HEART and 20+ years of HANDS-ON EXPERIENCE giving caring advice and guidance to hundreds of happy home buyers and sellers – let me help you with all of your Real Estate needs! 
Judy Weinstock, REALTOR, EWS Alumni parent.  Joyfully donating to EWS with every sale.  Phone 919-951-1800.

Advertising Changes for the Emersonian
We accept small classified-type advertisements. Each submission to the Classifieds should be no more than 6 lines of text, which is approximately 60 words. Each submission costs $5.00. Payment for Community Bulletin Board Submissions should be made by Friday of the publication week. No charge for advertisements for free events or nonprofit organizations. Submit ads to:

General Policy for the Bulletin  
No political or religious advertisements.  No competitive program advertisements.  No fundraisers.  The editors will decide the placement of advertisements.  Submissions may be edited for content and length.  The Emerson Waldorf School retains the right to choose not to print any advertisement.


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