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January 8, 2014

   Jan 8   TONIGHT! PO Meeting
   Jan 9    6th Grade Parent Evening 
   Jan 10  Health Series Workshop
   Jan 18  Waldorf Education Day!

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Administrator's Corner

images-18 2Welcome back to a chilly start!  It's going to be an interesting and exciting time the next few months, with many changes afoot and in the wind, if that’s possible.

Keep an eye on the Emersonian, your best source for information, and enjoy this ride to the end of the 2013-14 school year.

See you at Tea with Steve, which will also be Tea with Therisa for January.

Warm, especially warm regards,


News From Our Pedagogical Chair

01.08.14PedagogicalChairReviewDear Parents and Waldorf Community,

Welcome back to the second lap of the 2013-14 school year. I hope that the festive break has helped us all to gain new strength, hope, and peace.

A significant event such as the change of the year always presents us with the wonderful opportunity to pause, to ponder, to evaluate all the challenging aspects we have experienced, and to feel deep gratitude for all the manifold gifts that have enriched our lives in the course of the preceding 12 months. My thanks go out to the Emerson Waldorf School and community for entrusting me with this new position of Pedagogical Chair. As my many years of teaching children of all ages has vastly enriched my life and brought a lot of happiness to me, this work with adults is equally fulfilling and enthusing.

It has been a wonderful journey for me to discover what this new position can be, should be, and might become; finding out where my services are wanted or needed; which teachers and parents wish to engage in helpful conversations; and which areas of our work together could benefit from new observation, feedback, input, and action. I have observed and met with many teachers, spoken with a host of parents, been regularly part of multiple school meetings (Section meetings, Faculty meetings, Leadership meetings, College meetings and Parent Evenings), and have greatly enjoyed watching hard and beautiful work that is happening in this school.

During the time between the holiday break and the winter break, we will review this position to assess if it has served its intended purpose of supporting our teachers and being a listening ear to our parents. If parents have any suggestions, wishes, or needs, please contact Steve Bennett or me in writing ( or personally. We are all involved in striving to make this the best education possible for our precious children.

I am looking forward to continuing our journey together.


Waldorf Education Day

Registration Open!


Current parents and grandparents, friends, educators, and the greater community are encouraged to participate in the upcoming Annual Waldorf Education Day. 

Join us Saturday, January 18, 2014, 9am-1pm. 
The morning starts in the High School and Brown Wing with registration and refreshments.

Each year the EWS staff and faculty present this dynamic morning to deepen the understanding of Waldorf philosophy for all adults who are interested.

What can you expect to experience? 
  • Warm and welcoming atmosphere
  • Opportunity to meet our staff and faculty
  • Overview of Waldorf philosophy
  • A chance to step into the shoes of a Nursery, Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle School, or High School student by attending a typical Waldorf class based on your grade preference
  • A question-and-answer panel with faculty
  • Lovely refreshments and a sense of community
  • Another event that grounds you in "Why Waldorf Works"

Special Class Offerings This Year!

In addition to a variety of classes to choose from, the following classes are offered to some of our current parents...

  • New to EWS in 2013-2014?  We hope all of our new families will register to attend the "New Parent Mid-Year Check-In and Orientation" (Class 1 offering)
  • Rising 1st Grade families be sure to attend the wonderful preview class with Benjamin Trueblood, who will highlight the transition from Kindergarten to the Grades (Class 2 offering)

How to register...

Visit the official WED Registration Website and select one Class 1 and one Class 2 per adult participant.  Childcare is available from 

8:45 am - 1:00 pm for potty-trained children who are 2 1/2 and older. Fee is only $5 per child.  All children must be registered prior to the event and are required to bring a lunch and water bottle.

EWS Annual Fund

The Route 66 Challenge

Click here to contribute $66 per

month to the EWS Annual Fund! 

Let’s bridge that gap, y’all,

and sing the song.



EWS Family Needs Help

Due to new developments, EWS family Adriana & Travis Smith [parents to Sawyer (4), Solana (8), and Isabel (10)] are seeking a licensed driver mother's helper after school until 6:00pm Monday-Friday until the end of the school year.  The position requires that the individual pick up the children at EWS and one other local school, take the children home, prepare snack, and assist with homework.  If you or someone you know could fulfill this much needed position, please contact Adriana at 919-241-4458 or to discuss financial compensation and position details.

MUST SEE Waldorf Film: Preparing for Life

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 7.53.57 PM 3

The New York Times sparked national media coverage with its front page story on why Silicon Valley parents are turning to Waldorf education. This film picks up where that story left off. "Preparing for Life" takes viewers inside a Waldorf school where the focus is on developing the capacities for creativity, resilience, innovative thinking, and social and emotional intelligence over rote learning. Entrepreneurs, Stanford researchers, investment bankers, and parents who run some of the largest hi-tech companies in the world, weigh in on what children need to navigate the challenges of the 21st century in order to find success, purpose, and joy in their lives.

This dynamic and joyous film summarizes Waldorf education beautifully. Please share it with everyone you know – family, friends, neighbors, colleagues.  Let’s spread the word about the fastest growing education movement in the world.  There are 1,025 Waldorf schools in over 60 countries.  One is here in Chapel Hill.  And while you’re at it, please invite everyone you know to Waldorf Education Day at EWS on Saturday, January 18, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm.  Childcare available.  Pre-register online.

Burrito Mondays are Back!

01.08.14burritosLarge bean, rice, and cheese or chicken, rice, bean, and cheese burritos with chips and salsa are delivered to the students each Monday. Chicken burritos are $6.50 each week and vegetarian burritos are $4.00 each week. Corn tortillas are available for those who would prefer. We can also accommodate dairy free folks.

Made fresh from scratch for EWS by Cosmic Cantina and delivered to the school piping hot.

Choose between:
  • A tortilla with black beans, cheese, and rice.
  • A tortilla with chicken, beans, rice, and cheese.  
  • Chips and fresh salsa will be served on the side.  
15 weeks of burritos (from January 27-June 2) is $60 for a veggie burrito or $97.50 for a chicken burrito each Monday that school is in session.

Burrito Monday is brought to you by the class of 2014. Please support the Senior Class as we fundraise for our senior trip this spring!

Rhonda Lanning (

Flow Forms for Sale

01.08.14FlowFormsSaleThere are currently 3 sets of flow forms for sale at Emerson Farm.  The forms were made by adult volunteers and some of the EWS children during Jennifer Greene's visit several years ago.  If you know of anyone who might be interested in purchasing them, please share this information with them.  Funds will go to Wrightwood Press.  

They are $2000 per set, not including transportation and installation. They are similar to the Malmo Flow Form (click on the link to see example) except that the entry form at the top is larger and more rounded.  The entry flow form that we have is called the Boulder and is an original design by Jennifer Greene.

Wrightwood is willing to take payment in installations if that helps!  Please contact Maurice York at or 919-768-3532 if you are interested in purchasing a set. 

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 9.30.40 PM


January PO Meeting

01.08.14POJanMeetingPlease join us for the first PO Meeting of 2014! We will review the fall's activities and achievements, set goals for the spring, and reconnect after our break.

TONIGHT, 7-8:30 pm.

Location: Leigh's home – 400 Fairoaks Circle, Chapel Hill, NC 27516. Please park in any spot labeled "visitor" or along the street. Bring your ideas, your feedback, and your good cheer. If you'd like directions emailed or texted to you, please contact Leigh at or by text : 919-259-9177. Thank you!

PO Health and Wellness Series

SmileWithin 2Join us for an experiential session
lead by
Dennis DeJianne

High School Brown Wing
Saturday, January 11th,
10:30 am-12:30 pm

Childcare provided upon request. Please contact


“Inner Smile: Internal Alchemy of Self Acknowledgement, Self Acceptance, Self Love”


Grades 1-8 Pizza

01.08.14Grades pizzaWelcome back from Holiday break!  The 8th grade appreciates your support for their pizza fundraiser last semester and looks forward to serving pizza again this winter/spring.  Believe it or not, it's already time to put in your pizza order for the spring semester.  

If you get your order in by this Wednesday, January 8 at 4:00 pm, you won't have to think about what to pack for lunch this Friday!  If you don't get your order in on time, no worries, just turn it in by the following Wednesday, January 15 at 4:00 pm and delivery will start or resume on the 17th.

Attached is the order form if you would like to fill it out now while you are thinking about it.  Your child should also have a hard copy available to bring home on Monday afternoon.

Mary Beth Mueller (


Senior Class Fundraiser

 "Love on a Horse"
Saturday, February 1, 9:30 am - 4:30 pm

Pre-book a fun one-hour riding session on a Valentine's Day decorated horse and receive hot cider and home baked goodies for only $40!  

We've had three generations ride together!  ALL the proceeds go to the EWS Class of 2014 for their senior trip and graduation.

Bring your family, neighbors, and friends out for a fun afternoon on the farm. Absolute beginners are our specialty!!

Blue Skies of Mapleview LLC,  3609 Pasture Road, Hillsborough, NC. 200 lb limit, no age limits.

Contact Deborah Pearson-Moyers 919-933-1444 with questions.

BSLove on a Horse 14 (1)_Page_1 2

Iranian Native Lectures in EWS High School

01.08.14IranianSpeakerArticleby Kaylen Alexis, Grade Eleven

In December, our High School welcomed Iranian native Nikoo Zahra Roodi (Kadivar). Ms. Roodi came to speak about her life in the capital city, Tehran, and her ensuing departure for America in 2008.

Ms. Roodi began and ended her presentation with profound quotes from 13th Century poet Rumi. This was especially memorable because she shared the quotes in Persian, their original language, before offering the translation. Sandwiched in between the poems was a detailed, traumatic, and spirited narrative of a woman’s four-and-a-half decades long experience in an unstable and war-torn country.

As an audience, we learned about Black Friday: a tragic event in the Fall of 1978 in which soldiers opened fire on a peaceful protest in Tehran. Ms. Roodi’s family, while not involved with the protest itself, gave refuge to victims fleeing the soldiers’ deadly gunfire. Black Friday did not spare Ms. Roodi any grief however, as one of her close high school friends was killed in the blood bath.

We learned about the 1979 revolution: how Ms. Roodi was moved to join the successful Iranian Revolution that year after reading inspiring works by intellectual revolutionaries.

Ms. Roodi told us about the Iraq-Iran eight years War, and the way she and her husband felt about it. She met her husband “Mohsen”, while pursuing a higher education at the University of Shiraz in southwest Iran. By this time, Iraq had invaded Iran and the war was taking a toll on the country and its civilians. Together the two of them wrote numerous critical essays and books, gave speeches and interviews, and taught students about the political and religious unrest in Iran. Her husband was arrested in 1999 because of his critical views toward the government, and was forced to complete his PhD dissertation on Religious Studies behind bars.
Mohsen was released a year-and-a-half later a changed man, in the sense that he could sign his name with an academic title tacked on the end, but he remained steadfast and unchanged in his strong opinions. Following more strife with the Iranian government, Ms. Roodi, her daughter, and her husband moved to Virginia where Mohsen taught at UVA for one year.

Ms. Roodi explained about the friction that still exists between her and Iran: she has visited her home country three times since her somewhat bitter exit, and during her most recent trip the tension mounted. Ms. Roodi’s passport was confiscated upon arrival, followed by an “outrageous” and “unjust” interrogation conducted by the authorities. It was during this interrogation that Ms. Roodi invoked the words of Rumi.
She said:  حاصل عمرم سه سخن بیش نیست  /  خام بدم، پخته شدم، سوختم, or “The result of my life is not more than three words: first I was raw, then I was cooked, and right now I am in the fire”.

The value of Ms. Roodi’s presentation transcends the content itself. By exposing our community to different worlds, cultures, stories, and personalities, we are given the opportunity to broaden our horizons and develop more mature opinions. I consider Ms. Roodi’s presentation an educational and enriching gift for all who attended, and I hope that the school will continue to seek out visitors of a similar nature.

Nikoo Zahra Roodi has lived with her husband and daughter in Chapel Hill since 2009.

She is currently teaching an Islamic World block to the 11th grade.


Tablets a Hit with Kids, but Experts Worry

01.08.14TabletsHitWithKidsBy AP/Bree Fowler

Tablet computers are so easy to use that even a 3-year-old can master them -- and that has some pediatricians and other health experts worried.

Since navigating a tablet generally doesn’t require the ability to type or read, children as young as toddlers can quickly learn how to stream movies, scroll through family photos or play simple games.

Read the full article

A Moment of Pause

Soap Bubbles at 16 Degrees Fahrenheit

1.8.14Pause1When the weather forecast predicted the unexpected cold, Washington-based photographer Angela Kelly decided to take advantage of it in one truly creative way. Together with her 7-year-old son, Kelly combined dish soap, Karo syrup, and water and went out to blow bubbles and take pictures as they freeze and melt.

Read more here

Let’s celebrate 2014 by taking time to connect with loved ones, to be fully present, to observe, to create, and to fully appreciate the beauty and the power of nature.  

Happy New Year dear Emerson families and friends! How lucky we are.










Classifieds 2

New iPhone 5 for sale – call Eve Olive at 919-489-2564 if interested.

For Sale - New, Never Used Black Electric Range - AMANA - 4.8 CU. FT. WITH VERSATILE COOKTOP ELEMENTS, dimension 30"/20"/20" with matching FREE new black Range Hood. Call: 215-350-1394

Balance your Life with Ayurveda~ Health & Lifestyle Consultations and Restorative Bodywork.  The focus of this consultation gives you direction in creating optimal health by making simple alterations in daily eating & lifestyle habits which are specific to your unique constitution. Restorative Bodywork nourishes the nervous system as well as the body with Hot Stones, Warm Oil & Steam Therapy. A wonderful gift for loved ones, friends, colleagues, or yourself!  Gift Certificates for special occasions or just giving thanks. Offered in my lovely home office just minutes from Emerson. For monthly specials & more details: or call Shoshanna at 919-309-9989.

Why not have an artist do your hair?  Nancy Moore has been an artist/hairdresser for over 20 years, and an EWS mom for 16. Now located at the beautiful FLOW Salon, 587 Old Farrington Road, Chapel Hill NC  27517  For appointment call or text (919)260-2495 ...or book yourself online at  Let the good hair days begin!

Creating greener families in 2014 ~ Living in alignment with your Waldorf values ~ sustain your health & create a greener home.  To learn more, join me Jan. 11, 2014 10 am ~ noon for an informal social and informational workshop called  "The Shaklee Effect".  Contact EWS grandparent Joanne Estes ~  or 919-929-4534, for location information.

Dr. Hauschka Facials/Retailer: CORI ROTH/Licensed, Certified, Holistic Esthetician.  Revive your body, mind, and senses with a nourishing and soothing Divinerose Facial.  Offered in an unhurried and retreat-like setting.  15% off first-time client.  Visit for more info.

KatieBeth's Learning Garden!
We are a retail store and community class space located at 400 S. Elliott Road in the Galleria Shopping Center. Here, you can find the supplies you need for a Waldorf-friendly home, including imaginative natural toys from Camden Rose, Ralph Evans, and Sarah's Silk, fiber arts kits and supplies from Harrisville, beeswax candles, stones, and supplies from Mercurius. We sell new and consigned educational materials and games for your whole family.


Buying a home?  Selling a home?  Investing in real estate?  HEAD, HEART and 20+ years of HANDS-ON EXPERIENCE giving caring advice and guidance to hundreds of happy home buyers and sellers – let me help you with all of your Real Estate needs!   Judy Weinstock, REALTOR, EWS Alumni parent.  Joyfully donating to EWS with every sale.  Phone 919.951.1800.

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 Wed 1/8
MS Basketball Practice
3:15 - 5:45 pm
Winter Ultimate Practice
3:30 - 5:00 pm
PO Meeting
7:00  - 9:00 pm

Thurs 1/9
HS Basketball Practice 
3:15 - 5:55 pm
EWS Jazz Band Rehearsal 3:30  - 4:30 pm
6th Grade Parent Evening
7:00 - 9:00 pm
Fri 1/10
Nursery Make-Up Day 
8:30 am - 12:30 pm
Tea with Steve & Therisa 8:30  - 9:30 am
Winter Ultimate Practice
3:30 - 5:00 pm

MS Basketball @ HOME vs Carolina Friends
Girls 4:00; Boys 5:00 pm

Sat 1/11
“Inner Smile: Internal Alchemy of Self Acknowledgement, Self Acceptance, Self Love” by Dennis DeJianne
Brown Wing
10:30 am - 12:30 pm


Mon 1/13
HS Basketball Practice
3:15 - 5:55 pm
MS Basketball Practice
3:15 - 5:45 pm
MS Ultimate Frisbee vs. Durham Academy Green @ HOME 3:30 pm
HS Girls Basketball 
HOME vs. Carolina Friends 4:00 pm

Tues 1/14
MS Basketball @ Durham Academy
Girls 4:00; Boys 5:15 pm
HS Basketball Practice
3:15 - 5:55 pm
MS Ultimate Frisbee @ Carolina Friends 4:00 pm

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