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Supply Chain Insights 
September 2012
The Supply Chain Insights LLC monthly newsletter offers our latest research reports, analysis & opinion, surveys in progress, and updates on what's coming next.
Supply Chain Insights

Webinar: Monday September 24 1pm EST.
The Supply Chain Index, 20 Years in the Making: A Focus on Process Industries

Our upcoming webinar is approaching!

IndexCo-presenters Abby Mayer, Research Associate at Supply Chain Insights and Lora Cecere, Founder of Supply Chain Insights will discuss the company exclusive Supply Chain Index. Learn what they discovered by reviewing 20 years of financial data and hear how it is helping companies evolve their supply chain practices. 


SCI's Exclusive Research Reports
Check out our most recent reports based on our independent research and analysis:

results are ready

Packaging Artwork: An Important Value Chain Process 

Find out insights for the value chain leader on how to streamline packaging artwork approval processes within consumer products, saving money and time.  Based on a recent SCI quantitative research study.


Conquering the Supply Chain Effective Frontier:  A Handbook for the Value Chain Leader to Manage Trade-offs in Defining Supply Chain Excellence 

Here is a framework for determining supply chain excellence that applies the concepts to an industry peer group.  Based on analysis of financial balance sheet data (1995-2012) and interviews with 75 supply chain pioneers.

First Steps: Participate in our Surveys
take a survey We are able to produce top quality industry research reports only with your support. Take a survey and get the results to help you and your company evolve practices and benchmark against your peers.

Supply Chain Insights Community 
September was a monumental month for the Supply Chain Insights team, launching our Jive Community that is dedicated to thCommunitye supply chain professional. We have almost 300 members in a short amount of time from top companies. Come see the educational discussions that are happening and meet professionals in your field. Be sure to friend Lora and the Supply Chain Insights team members: Constance Korol, Regina Denman, Heather Hart, Abby Mayer, Beth Dowd, SCI Admin and Good Karma!


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Supply Chain Insights
Lora Cecere founded Supply Chain Insights in February 2012.  A company dedicated to research. Turn to us when you want the latest insights on supply chain trends, technologies to know and metrics that matter.  

Lora Cecere
Lora Cecere
Founder & CEO
Supply Chain Insights LLC

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