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Supply Chain Insights 
July 2013
Supply Chain Insights LLC monthly newsletter offers our latest research reports, analysis & insights. We provide objective and independent research on the supply chain leader.
Supply Chain Insights

Since the launch of Supply Chain Insights, we have completed 35 reports, fielded 15 research studies, produced 13 webinars and delivered 30 podcasts. We think that this month’s reports are among some of our best. We hope that you hope so too! We welcome your feedback.

Big Data

Data is growing in volume, variety and velocity. Most companies do not know what to do with the data they have today, much less the new forms of data.  However, 76% of companies surveyed see it as a Big Data Opportunity not a Big Data Problem. Read this report to see how companies are mobilizing to drive new business models and take advantage of new forms of analytics.
Don't miss our live Big Data Webinar this Thursday July 11th. This webinar will cover the results of the survey and we will also hear from a panel of experts as they share their insights.


Organizational Alignment

Alignment helps companies to achieve better results faster. Based on research of over 200 respondents, we see that a focus on three techniques helps to accelerate organizational alignment. Read this report to understand how a focus on supply chain strategy, Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP), and Supply Chain Centers of Excellence drives success. Find out more about this report here.

Role of the Store

Retailers are in a vice. Productivity is stalled, and new business models abound. As companies struggle with channel convergence, the question is what is the right role for the store? Read this report to gain insights from over 100 retailers.
Find out more about this report here.

Open Surveys
Your Participation Helps Us Provide Results
Our latest survey is designed to find out more about the talent gap in supply chain. For Manufacturers, Retailers, Distributors & Consultants in supply chain management.
Help us understand:
  • What is the current state of supply chain talent issues today?
  • What are the top issues surrounding recruiting, hiring and training talent?
  • What are today’s top strategies to address these issues and how are they working?
Help us define how companies are using B2B solutions such as EDI and XML to improve their supply chain performance. For Manufacturers, Retailers, Distributors & Co-operatives and 3PL providers. 

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Supply Chain Insights Global Summit
Sept. 11-12, 2013
The Phoenician
Scottsdale, AZ U.S.A.
The time is close.  We believe that supply chain saves the world. It is our goal to help supply chain leaders deliver on improving corporate performance.  We want to give everyone the advantage that comes through supply chain mastery and thought-leading research.

Upcoming Webinars

Big Data
July 11th at 1pm ET is our latest 
webinar, Big Data. Join us as Lora Cecere leads a panel  discussion that covers the latest research report on this hot topic.

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Supply Chain Insights
Supply Chain Insights is focused on delivering independent, actionable and objective advice for supply chain leaders. A company dedicated to research, turn to us when you want the latest insights on supply chain trends, technologies to know and metrics that matter.

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