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Supply Chain Insights 
May 2013
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Supply Chain Insights

Supply Chain Insights Research Reports

Healthcare Value Chain

The hospital organization is drowning in data. They are trying to drive insights from data. While the mission is clearer on what defines supply chain excellence than for other industries, getting, using and maintaining data is an obstacle for the hospital to drive more value in the healthcare value chain. This report will summarize the findings of our latest survey in the field and will suggest next steps for improvement. 

Don't miss our live Healthcare Value Chain webinar Friday May 17th. This webinar will cover the results of the survey and we will also hear from a panel of experts on their insights of how to heal the system.


The apparel industry has, on the whole, performed poorly over the past decade and struggled to improve performance on a variety of supply chain financial metrics. The rise of outsourced manufacturing, commodity price fluctuations, fast-fashion and the growth of corporate social responsibility have proved challenging for the industry, but we remain optimistic about the ability of supply chain to help right the ship. As part of the continuous Metrics that Matter series, this report will share insights on the current state of apparel supply chains. 

Our Latest Infographic: Supply Chain Plateau

From Lora Cecere's latest blog post "Taking The Hill" , this graphic shows how most industries are stuck on a plateau. Read how Lora describes the current state of supply chain and what it takes to climb up the supply chain summit here.
Supply Chain Effective Frontier

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Shellie Molina, Vice President of Global Supply Chain for First Solar is the very special guest on this week’s Straight Talk with Supply Chain Insights. This in-depth look at her leadership and supply chain strategy at the three billion dollar company is insightful and inspirational. Download and listen to this and all of our 17 podcast recordings here.

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supply_chain_index_319x125_TMOur latest 
webinar on the Supply Chain Index ™ will provide an overview of this new rating tool. It will also provide an in-depth look into the metrics that matter for the consumer and healthcare value chains. 

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Read Lora Cecere's blog post: Public Markets Reward Supply Chain Alignment

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Supply Chain Insights
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