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June 15, 2016

We are counting down the days until the Supply Chain Insights Global Summit. Over the coming weeks we will publish a number of Supply Chain Metrics That Matter reports on specific industries. Additionally we will announce the Supply Chains To Admire winners by mid-July. We'll share this information and encourage you to join us in this data-driven approach to understand supply chain excellence.

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Lora Cecere

Founder, Supply Chain Insights

New Reports

Deep research studies. Open Content research. We bring you insights first.  At Supply Chain Insights we write research to help supply chain leaders maximize value in their journey for supply chain excellence. This month we're sharing "Supply Chain Metrics That Matter: A Focus on Food and Beverage Companies" and "Improving Supplier Reliability." The Supply Chain Metrics That Matter report details the path supply chains have taken in the pursuit of becoming more aligned, faster, more agile and proactive, and how the path has led them to be more controlled and global with much room for improvement.  Our report "Improving Supplier Reliability" is an in-depth look at how companies are structuring relationships with suppliers to ensure accountability, reliability, and cost control across their operations.

In Search of Supply Chain Excellence

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Food and beverage supply chains serve local markets. Regional tastebuds drive localized assortment. While many are attempting to be global, they have strong regional governance drivers. As a result, growth agendas drove an increase in items by 32% since 2010. Product complexity grew faster than growth. Average sales per item dropped 22%. This increase in complexity lengthened the long tail of the supply chain affecting both cost and inventory.

This environment has had an enormous impact on the food and beverage industry, and the market has changed in the last year.  In this report 
we review performance of food and beverage companies, trends impacting the market, and recommendations for companies in the space.

Improving Supplier Reliability

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In this report, we share the current state of supplier development programs. Contrast how they are different than supplier diversity programs, share insight on why supplier development is important, and create a plan with suppliers to ensure accountability, reliability, and cost control.

We also share insights on change management issues and provide recommendations to implement a successful supplier development program.

New Webinars


We have scheduled the remainder of our 2016 webinars.  Here's a look at the next few months and we encourage you to join us for any of these or our other complimentary presentations.

Open Surveys 

We have an open survey on the management of material requirements and we'd love your input. Of course, we realize that you can't get something for nothing, so as a thank you for taking a survey, we'll invite you to a private virtual roundtable to discuss the results. It's a win-win. Tell us your current state of operations, we'll do the analysis and tell you how to improve your supply chain performance.  This survey is closing soon, so we encourage you to take our survey now!

Direct Material Sourcing & Supplier Management Technology

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Download an episode and listen on the go.

The Full Agenda

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We've updated the agenda for the Global Summit, and we're happy to annouce our expanded lineup of speakers.  Join us for our keynotes with Doris Kearns Goodwin and Lessons on Leadership from The White House, and Jeremiah Owyang on Embracing New Opportunities through the Collaborative Economy and Autonomous Supply Chains,

Register at www.supplychaininsightsglobal today

Join the Ambassador Program

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Many supply chains are stuck at the intersection of inventory turns and operating margin with little improvement. Leaders often ask how they can make progress to get past this inflection point and embark on a journey of supply chain excellence.  We know the missing link between ideation and execution is often talent, and it requires a new way of thinking.  
CorpU and Supply Chain Insights have created a Next Generation Supply Chain Strategy program to build a guiding coalition based on organizational learning and we are looking for companies to be ambassadors to test the program.

To learn more about joining the ambassador program, contact
 Regina Denman, Director of Client Services.

The Future of Work
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Supply chains are evolving and new technologies are being incorporated into businesses around the globe.  This month we asked our Featured Bloggers to respond to the topic "The Changing Nature of Work - How Technology and the Factory of the Future Will Impact Our World." We heard about the potential of 3D printing, artificial intelligence, big data, robotics and more.

Come into the Beet Fusion community to read these featured blogs today.

Supply Chain Shaman Blogs

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If you're not reading the Supply Chain Shaman's blogs, now is the perfect time to start.  Every week a new blog will tackle topics in the industry, guiding readers along a journey towards improved performance.

Here are some recent entries to get you started:

Evolution of B2B Networks
Groundhog Day

We welcome your comments or feedback about the materials.  Please join the discussion on Beet Fusion by following Lora there.

Where to Find Lora

06/22/2016 - SAP Insider Logistics & SCM, PLM, Manufacturing and Procurement 2016, Vienna,  Austria
06/23/2016 - CSCMP Peru Annual Supply Chain Leadership Conference, Lima, Peru
07/19/2016 - Supply Chain Technology Conference and Expo, Navy Pier, 600 East Grand Ave., Chicago, IL
09/07/2016 - Supply Chain Insights Global Summit, The Phoenician, Scottsdale, AZ


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