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"Another day has passed while our hearts are growing closer, but our time under the African sun has started to come to an end.  Today we had the experience at both Ruby's and Timbutini to pass out a variety of different shirts for the kids.  I cannot even begin to explain the looks on their faces as we gave them a gift as simple as this.  While in Timbutini, some of the girls felt so guilty to take our gifts that they would try to hand them back to us.  The second we told them they were for them they jumped for joy and had smiles from cheek to cheek.  Each and every one of these beautiful children had a little thing called hope in their big brown eyes.  I know that these children are yearning for not only the touch of man, but for the love from the one true God.  Although we are tired and running low on energy from sleeping on rooftops and jumping rope with the kids, God still manages to provide that last extra boost to keep us going."

What you've just read is one of the blog entries from a group from Georgia who went on a mission trip to Swaziland.  Their church partners with Children's Hope Chest in working with orphans in special care points.  The picture above shows some of the kids who received a new dress or shirt from Dresses for Orphans during that trip.  Below you can see the leaders all organized to give out the dresses and shirts.

The Gifts


Catchin' a Couple Z-z-z-z's


Sometimes all the kids want is to relax with someone who loves and cares about them!

Cuties Posing in Their New Outfits

Cropped baby-dresstwo-boys


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