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Aramis Gillon

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This is Aramis we call him Air Bear since all he dose is jump and climb like a bear in the air.

Aramis is my 5th child and a very welcome surprises. He is the most lovable little guy you will ever meet.

Being number 5 by the time he was 12 months I knew there was something unique/special about him. At 20 months of age I suggested we have him tested. The specialist said she felt it was autism. Confirmed at age 3. AUTISM I had no clue what that was other than the Rain-man movie. I'm no stranger to a difficult journey for I myself am also disabled, I'm an amputee since birth. I am a strong mom, my 2nd son (now 23 years old) was diagnosed with liver cancer at 11 months (he's now 22 years cancer free). I am an older mom now 50 in August, and its just getting harder and harder to keep Aramis safe. I get tired way before he does...

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Planning For Your Special Needs Child’s Financial Future
As a parent of a child with special needs, you will face many of the same challenges other parents face.  However, you’ll also be confronted with some unique issues as well.  Below are some of the top financial considerations families should plan for when preparing for their special needs child’s future.
  1. Plan for future medical, educational and housing needs: It will be important to determine how much financial support your child will need over their lifetime.  Start by thinking about medical needs, education and housing.  The projections can then serve as the foundation to developing a financial strategy. 
  2. Apply for government benefits: Government benefits such as Medicaid or Supplement Security Income may be available based on financial need.  You should also research state and local benefits that may be available... 
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Robert N. Rodgers, CFP®, CDFATM
Hefren-Tillotson – Financial Advisor 
Neither Hefren-Tillotson, Inc. nor its representatives give legal or tax advice and this article should not be construed as such. A personal attorney or tax advisor should be consulted regarding any legal or tax strategies discussed.




FIF Fiesta

Location: Mad Mex in Robinson Township        
May 20, 2014 • 7-9pm

Hosted by the FIF Board of Directors, this festive, Mexican-themed dinner is a family-friendly evening of good friends, good food, entertainment, and a chance to win a fabulous Margarita basket. All of the proceeds of the Fiesta goes to FIF...


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Success Story!

Meet Tyler. Tyler has sensory processing disorder, ADHD, and Asperger's Syndrome.
Part of the Sensory Processing Disorder is that he is missing that proprioception piece. He needs and seeks that deep pressure in his body. In the past, he has used a weighted vest, especially to get through haircuts and dentist visits to help calm him and give him that deep pressure. Taylor loves hugs, but deep pressure hugs are the best. He walks on his toes seeking that deep pressure. In February 2014, Fund It Forward provided him with an outdoor trampoline so that he can experience the deep pressure on a regular basis that also helps with his ADHD, too!
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