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Dealing with Back to School Worries

Back so school time is here again! This time of the year can be both exciting and stressful as parents and children get back into the swing of things. Gone are the relaxing and fun days are summer, only to be replaced by early mornings, homework, and busy schedules. To help manage the stress of this time for both you and your kids, try some of the following back to school tips.


Tips For Parents:

For Elementary School Students:

Rock Back Their Sleep/Wake up Schedule- Set a bed-time that lets your child feel well-rested. Young children especially need plenty of sleep to do their best. Also, waking them up is a lot easier if they are not exhausted.

Prepare and Organize Materials Ahead of Time- Have your child help prepare what they can the night before (pick out clothes, pack school bag, pack lunch, etc.)

Make Sure All Supplies are in Place- Check with your school ahead of time to find out what your child needs for the year.

Get Them Excited- Try to get your child excited about school (e.g., remind them of the friends they will see, the fun field trips they will go on, etc.)

Connect with Classmates Before School Begins- Try to introduce your child to one or more of their classmates ahead of time. This will give your child a familiar face once school begins and can make the process of making friends a little easier.

Talk About Worries and Concerns- Respond to signs of anxiety by talking to your child about their concerns. School can cause some children to really worry.

Limit additional pressures- Try not to add unnecessary pressure to your child during the school year. Instead encourage them to do their best and praise their success.

Limit Electronics Use- Set limitations on things like TV and videogames until homework is done.


For Middle & High School Students:

Prepare- Encourage your teen to prepare as much of their stuff the night before.

Adjusting Their Sleep Schedule- Try having your teen go to bed and wake up earlier a few nights before school starts so they can get used to it again.

Stay Connected- If your teen is just entering high school or is switching to a new school, talk to them about their concerns. Keep checking in periodically to see how they’re adjusting. Address any problems that arise as soon as possible.

Stay Involved- During the teen years it is normal for parents to become less involved in their child’s academic life, but stay involved in your teen’s school experience by attending parent-teacher events and school activities they are in (plays, sports, etc.)

Focus on the Positives- Focus on their positive efforts to overcome obstacles. Be supportive instead of critical.

Help Them Develop a Good Organizational System- Have your teen keep a planner of all their assignments and activities. Organization helps reduce the likelihood of missed assignments or activities and greatly reduce stress.
Resources section on our website offers great links and downloads so that you can to learn more about how you can help your child/teen manage anxiety and worries.  You can also check out "Gyro Blog" for more tips and suggestions.  Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help you and your child, 360.236.0206.

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Community Events

Nature Alphabet 
Sept. 7 10:30am-11:30am
Tacoma Nature Center, Tacoma, WA
Ages 3-6. $6 a child, adults free.

Young ones will explore different nature topics through hands-on activities, stories, crafts, and nature walks.

Family Day at Museum of Glass
Sept. 8 1:00p.m.-4:00p.m.
Museum of Glass, Tacoma

Family days at the Museum of glass encourage visitors of all ages to make their own are, guided by a professional artist. For added fun and inspiration, there are also performances by local dance and music groups! Family days are schedules of the second Saturday of each month.

Summit Garden Club Sept. 8 1:00p.m.-3p.m.
Summit Pierce County Library, Tacoma, WA
Ages 6+

Children and their caregivers will learn about plants and nature while helping to complete an outdoor garden project with a Washington State University Master Gardner and a librarian.

Budd Inlet Treatment Plant Tour
Sept. 8 1:00p.m.
LOTT’s WET Science Center, Olympia, WA

Must be 10 years old to participate. Dress for outdoor weather and wear close toed shoes.

Come and learn all about how the Budd Inlet Treatment Plans has been cleaning up our urban waste water!

Get to Know Nemo
Sept. 15 11:00am-1:30 pm
Galaxy Tacoma Narrows 8, Tacoma, WA
All ages. 11a.m Presentation is free.

Finding Nemo 3D at 12 is normal 3D admission price.

Galaxy Narrows and Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium team up to give you a scientific look at the fish in the movie “Finding Nemo!”
Phone: 253-383-5665

Might Microbes: The Superheroes
Sept. 15 2:00p.m.
LOTT’s WET Science Center, Olympia, WA

Learn all about how LOTT uses microscopic bugs to help clean wastewater! Get a chance to looks at microbes under a microscope and visit the water quality lab to talk to a real scientist.

Snake Lake Campout Sept. 15 3:00p.m.
Tacoma Nature Center, Tacoma, WA
$25 per family (up to 4) $7.50 for each additional child.

Join this exciting event for an overnight camping experience at Snake Lake. Gear provided and experts on hand, all you have to do is bring the family for a fun time!

Call 253-591-6439 to register.

Washington’s Marine Mammals
Sept. 22 2:00p.m.
LOTT’s WET Science Center, Olympia, WA

Experience a fun and engaging presentation about the variety of marine mammals along Washington’s coast! The presentation will talk about habit and the life history of whales, dolphins and seals.


Family Fun

Egg Carton Shakers

Recycle your egg cartons to make awesome musical instruments!

What you’ll need:
- 1 egg carton
- Scissors
- 4 colors of tempera paint
- Paintbrushes
- Rice
- Scrap paper
- Hot glue gun

Cut off the top half of the egg carton.

Separate four individual egg cups from the bottom.

Paint the outside of each cup with different colors

When the cups are dry, flip two of them over and pour ¼ teaspoon of dried rice into each one.

Hot glue the two remaining cups onto the ones filled with rice, creating your egg shaped shaker.

Wait for the glue to set before trying them out!

Featured Activity for Kids & Families

Sea Scouts

Sea Scouting provides a great opportunity for youth 14-18 years old from Mason and Thurston counties to experience the natural wonders of the Puget Sound from the vantage point of the picturesque bays and inlets of the South Sound. 


Their local chapter (453) has a variety of vessels ranging from small power boats, 1-2 man sailing skiffs as well as a 40 foot Navy launch named “The American Adventure.” The fleet also consists of a 27-foot sailboat called the “Seadog” and a 36-foot wooden powerboat named the “Gillespie.” The Seadog is
primarily used for local races, day sails, and overnight trips while the Gillespie is used for day trips, weekend trips, and for a ten-day cruise ever summer.

Captain with girl

The Sea Scouts go on at least one overnight cruise or activity each month, and a 10-day long cruise during the summer. Some favorite weekend cruise destinations include: Jarrell's Cove State Park, Penrose Point State Park, Gig Harbor, Steilacoom.

Boys hanging off

Places of interest during the 10-day long cruise may include: Seattle, Blake Island State Park, Friday Harbor, San Juan Islands, Hood Canal, Canadian Gulf Islands, Victoria B.C., Alaska.
In wheelhouse

Sea Scouting has four (4) advancements in which boating and leadership may be learned: Apprentice, Ordinary, Able, Quartermaster. Each level requires new nautical skills and seamanship abilities. The Quartermaster, the highest level, is equal to an Eagle Scout.

Boys on Boat

The sea scouts compete against other NW area Sea Scout Ships in boating skills and athletic competition twice each year. In addition, they often participate in and provide volunteer support to community events such as the Olympia Harbor Days, Wooden Boat Fair, Parade of Lighted Christmas Ships, Toliva Shoals Sailing Race, and Lakefair.


Please visit their website for more information, gallery of photos, calendar of events and to download a youth application.  Please contact Mike Godat to learn more  about this exciting program, 360-918-6426.
Bon Voyage!

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Kids in the Kitchen

Hawaiian Sweet Bread French Toast


You will need:
- Large mixing bowl
- Measuring cups
- Measuring spoons
- Whisk or fork
- Frying pan
- Spatula
- Pot holders

2 eggs
¾ cup milk
2 teaspoons salt
1 tablespoon granulated sugar
6 slices Hawaiian Sweet Bread (You can substitute any type of bread you prefer)
2 tablespoons butter
Break eggs into bowl and whisk in milk, salt, and sugar

Melt butter in frying pan over medium-high heat

Quickly dip bread slices into egg mixture until both sides are coated

Place coated bread slices onto pan. Cook until the bottom of the bread is a light golden color and then flip it over till the other side browns. Repeat with remaining slices of bread.

Serve hot with syrup, jam, powdered sugar, or whatever you like!

Almost like being at Sam Choy's!

Creative Kids

Congratulations to our "Featured Artist of the Month"
for September 2012!

August coloring winner
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