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ICLEI South Asia E-News

August 2017

Emani Kumar
Deputy Secretary General, ICLEI and Executive Director, ICLEI South Asia


The month of July has been eventful for ICLEI South Asia, with the CapaCITIES project running in full swing. Climate Action Planning workshops were held in Coimbatore, Siliguri and Rajkot, and was well attended in all the three cities. ICLEI South Asia, along with other partners, initiated at source segregation of waste in two wards in Udaipur. Also, as part of this project, Swiss experts visited Rajkot, Udaipur and Coimbatore with the aim of developing solutions for waste water sector in these cities. Moreover, ICLEI South Asia organised a visit for the partner cities to Panaji to help them understand biomethanation as a technology to deal with organic waste.

The Rapid Integrated Urban Water Management Planning and Implementation project is being executed in Kishangarh city. Door to door collection of segregated waste and its management have been initiated in two wards.

In addition, other projects like INTERACT-Bio, Urban Nexus and Kochi Smart City Plan have also witnessed remarkable progress.

ICLEI also participated in the Moscow Urban Forum where the achievements and ongoing work on developing sustainable and resilient cities through nature-based solutions were showcased. ICLEI initiatives like Local Action for Biodiversity, ICLEI ACCCRN Process Toolkit, ICLEI- RUAF City Food Network and INTERACT-Bio project were among the prominent ones discussed in a session at the Forum.

The Mayor of Karnal, Mrs. Renu Bala Gupta, also spoke to us at length about the ongoing traffic chaos in Karnal, and the measures taken to overcome that. We are happy to share that ICLEI South Asia is providing technical support to Karnal's mobility sector. The organisation has already suggested modified bus routes in the city. It will assist the city in development of pricing mechanism for parking and zoning of vendors among other issues.

Read on to know more about our projects.

CapaCITIES Project - Expert Visits made to Rajkot City

As part of the CapaCITIES project, supported by Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), a team from ICLEI South Asia along with Ms. Simone Buetzer, Division Manager, Hunziker Betatech made various site visits in Rajkot between the 17th and 19th of July. During the visit, the technical team was appraised of the working and shortcomings of the plant including compliance, efficiency and performance. The team aims to develop an overall perspective plan that will help streamline waste management activities in the city.

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CapaCITIES Project - Udaipur Commences Waste Segregation at Source

ICLEI South Asia, along with other partners, initiated source segregation of waste in two wards in Udaipur city. In a bid to improve the existing municipal solid waste management practices in the city, Udaipur Municipal Corporation aims to institutionalise the process of collection and transportation of segregated waste to meet the provisions under Solid Waste Management Rules, 2016 and also the larger goals of the Swachh Bharat Mission. The project aims to support the city in designing and implementing a decentralised waste treatment/processing plant for the segregated biodegradable waste that is collected from the two wards.

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Climate Action Plan Workshops in Siliguri, Coimbatore and Rajkot

As part of the CapaCITIES project, supported by SDC, ICLEI South Asia is developing Climate Change Action Plans for Siliguri, Coimbatore, Udaipur and Rajkot through a series of consultative workshops. The first workshop in Siliguri was aimed at identification of climate risks, climate trends, identification of fragile urban systems, conducting risk assessment of fragile urban systems, vulnerability assessment of fragile urban systems and identification of vulnerable places and people in the city. In Coimbatore, the second workshop was conducted to identify and prioritise resilience interventions to address climate mitigation and adaptation. Similarly, in Rajkot, first workshop was held wherein climate change trends and projections for the city were discussed, the fragile urban systems that may be impacted by climate change were identified and a risk and vulnerability assessment of fragile urban systems to identify the vulnerable areas and actors was conducted.

Pedestrianisation Plan developed out for Udaipur’s Walled City

ICLEI South Asia, under the project Supporting Smart Urban Mobility and Built Environment, supported by Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation, carried out a pilot experimentation of the Pedestrianisation Plan in the Walled city area in Udaipur. This will include, restricting the entry of cars and other heavy vehicles on selected streets, complete pedestrianisation of selected streets along with the introduction of non-motorised transport and environmentally friendly vehicles (e-rickshaws, bicycles) to ply on the narrow streets. To deal with the issue of choked streets, the ICLEI South Asia project team recommended that a city focused, phase wise “pedestrianisation plan” should be developed, which will be based on a detailed study and analysis of selected road stretches within the walled city.

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Seventh Regional Workshop on Integrated Resource Management in Asian Cities: The Urban Nexus

More than 150 local and international participants, representing six National Governments, participated at the Seventh Regional Workshop on ‘Integrated Resource Management in Asian Cities: The Urban Nexus', held in Tanjungpinang City, Indonesia. The Urban Nexus project intends to promote a “circular economy” approach where resources such as water, food, and energy are used (and reused) more effectively. Mr. Emani Kumar, Deputy Secretary General, ICLEI and Executive Director, ICLEI South Asia shared his experiences with the Indian cities while implementing projects using the nexus approach at this conference.

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Supporting Kochi's Smart City Plan

ICLEI South Asia has a longstanding relationship with Kochi Municipal Corporation, having worked on projects dealing with energy planning, climate adaptation, and sustainable transport. ICLEI South Asia is now working on a project entitled 'Energy Interventions in Kochi as part of their Smart City Plan', which aims at developing a viable action plan with key focus for the Area Based Development scheme of the Smart City project. The project’s kick-off workshop will be organised in the second week of August in Kochi.

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ICLEI Africa Technical Team Visit Delhi and Kochi

As part of the activities under the ongoing INTERACT-Bio project, two experts from the ICLEI Africa Secretariat- Dr. Ingrid Coetzee and Dr. Ernita Van Wyk made a week-long visit to India. The expert team also visited Kochi, the project model city. The visit led to developing a better understanding of the scenario in Kochi through interactions with stakeholders along with site visits to areas with significant biodiversity and ecosystem service potential.

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Moscow Urban Forum

ICLEI was represented in Moscow Urban Forum where
Mr. Emani Kumar, Deputy Secretary General, spoke on the need for using nature-based solutions in order to develop sustainable and resilient cities. He highlighted the Local Action for Biodiversity program, one of the pioneering initiatives of ICLEI, which aims towards biodiversity management at the local level. He also presented other toolkits and projects being carried out by various offices of ICLEI all over the globe. Cities were also invited to join the ICLEI-RUAF City-Food Network which aims to accelerate local and regional government action on sustainable and resilient city-region food systems by combining networking with training, policy guidance and technical expertise.

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Rapid Integrated Urban Water Management Planning and Implementation

Rapid Integrated Urban Water Management Planning and Implementation project, funded by Global Water Partnership, is being implemented in partnership with India Water Partnership in Kishangarh city. The aim of this pilot project is to improve the catchment of the Hamir Sagar and Gundolav pond. Activities under pilot project on door to door segregated waste collection and management in two wards have been initiated. The project is linked with Swachh Bharat Mission.

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Project Cities’ Visit to Panjim to Learn Key Principles of Sustainable Waste Management

ICLEI South Asia organised a visit to the Salegaon biomethanation plant, one of the successful examples of waste to energy, for Coimbatore, Rajkot, Siliguri and Udaipur to understand the operations of the plant and structure of the bidding process.

With the support of City Corporation of Panaji (CCP) officials, participants experienced the possibility of ensuring 100% door step segregation and community based waste management. Members also interacted with the CCP staff and understood the process which led to the success of this initiative.

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Meet Mrs. Renu Bala Gupta, Mayor of Karnal, India

"Our citizens as well as our officials had prioritised the need to resolve mobility issues. ICLEI South Asia has already suggested proper bus routes for the proposed bus service in the city. Based upon planning and design principles ICLEI South Asia has also made an assessment of the on-street parking facility provided by the Municipal Corporation recently." In conversation with ICLEI South Asia, Mrs. Renu Bala Gupta, Mayor of Karnal, India on how Karnal will make the transition to a smart city and the steps the city is taking to improve its traffic management.

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Meet Mr. Nikhil Kulkarni, a Sustainability Champion at ICLEI South Asia

"Being an Environmental Engineer, I focused on practicalities of the problem, its causes and the applicability of a solution using an innovative approach. Interdisciplinary knowledge and problem solving skills helped me a lot throughout the projects. I was able to apply my technical skills while executing on ground implementations in various cities in the water and energy sectors. All these experiences helped me gain valuable knowledge and enrich my skills." In conversation with Mr. Nikhil Kulkarni, Senior Project Officer at ICLEI South Asia, based in Thane, who shares his journey with the organisation and the experience he has gained.

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EcoMobility World Festival 2017

In October 2017, the Kaohsiung City will host the 3rd EcoMobility World Festival. The Festival will be a live demonstration of how cities can take a bold step to create a forward-thinking urban transportation culture through ecomobility. It also gives residents the opportunity to experience how traveling through integrated, socially inclusive and healthy transport options can improve their quality of life.

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