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ICLEI South Asia E-News                        

                                                      September 2014

Emani Kumar
Executive Director, ICLEI South Asia

Greetings readers!

The past month has seen numerous local sustainability actions from across the South Asian region, be it the people of Nashik showing tremendous zeal and vigour to carry on the legacy of the Urban Nexus project, citizens of Jaisalmer and Kishangarh getting trained on water quality testing as well as stakeholders in Rajkot showing their eagerness to give their city a greener and more sustainable future. This e-news also presents a number of tools, publications and videos developed to guide and support cities on their sustainability path.

We also welcome into our midst Panaji, ICLEI’s newest member from the South Asian region and ardently hope that more cities will join our network. Together we can definitely create change! The September e-news also gets us familiarised with few actors of change from South Asia – Tony Chammany, Mayor of Cochin, India and Ashish Verma, Manager (Energy and Climate), ICLEI South Asia. Read on to know more about us and our cities.

Honourable Mayor Tony Chammany – Cochin, India

"ICLEI South Asia has been providing technical expertise and support for the successful implementation of major sustainable urban development projects that are helping Cochin to become more energy-efficient and resilient to climate change."

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Ashish Verma – Manager (Energy & Climate), ICLEI South Asia

Cities in India are at different stages of development based on their location, resources and facilities available to them; working so closely with them enables me to analyse these gaps and work towards filling them”.

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People of Nashik promise to carry on the legacy of the Urban Nexus project

We are leaving behind a centralized way of working and looking ahead towards a more integrated and resilient future”, said Mr. Yatin Wagh, Mayor of Nashik. The GIZ funded Urban Nexus project has come to an end but its legacy will be carried on by the people of Nashik, as a result of the outstanding level of community involvement and the city’s commitment.

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Indian cities of Jaisalmer and Kishangarh trained for water quality testing

Capacity building is an integral part of the European Commission funded Adopting Integrated Urban Water Management in Indian Cities (AdoptIUWM) project; one of these initiatives saw the citizens of Jaisalmer and Kishangarh receiving hands on training on testing and monitoring water quality in their cities, using a water testing kit provided as part of the project.

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Providing a perfect blend of adaptation and mitigation measures for Nashik

The first ICLEI South Asia project to be using an integrated approach comprising of both adaptation and mitigation measures, the Nashik Sustainable Urban Habitat Action Plan (SUHAP) is progressing at a fast pace. On-ground consultations on vulnerable areas and actors and assessments of the impact of energy consumption on climate change are some of the initiatives undertaken, with the goal to identify tailored solutions for a more sustainable future for the city.

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ICLEI ACCCRN Process – Helping cities build climate resilience

Developed by ICLEI’s South Asia and Oceania offices and the Rockefeller Foundation supported Asian Cities Climate Change Resilient Network (ACCCRN) program, the ICLEI ACCCRN Process (IAP) is a toolkit which enables local governments to assess their climate risks in the context of urbanisation, poverty and vulnerability and formulate corresponding resilience strategies.

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Rejuvenating the Nehru Place District Centre

With over 100,000 visitors each day, Nehru Place, New Delhi, is the largest market for electronics and IT in the country, and is today a bustling yet rundown, congested and degrading space. The Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation funded Nehru Place Revitalization project aims to develop a rejuvenation and reclaiming plan for the Nehru Place District Center.

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The revised CPHEEO Solid Waste Management manual released soon!

In this era of rapid urbanisation, “The need of the hour is to adopt a financially sustainable and economically viable model for managing solid waste”, said Mr. Pramod Kumar, Director, Indian Ministry of Urban Development, highlighting the importance of and need for a solid waste management manual. ICLEI South Asia has supported GIZ GmbH in revising the existing CPHEEO manual on municipal Solid Waste Management (SWM).

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Global Mayors Compact - A powerful symbol of unity among the world’s cities

As cities act on climate change, ICLEI partners on the Global Compact of Mayors and seven other bold initiatives at the UN Climate Summit 2014. The Compact of Mayors not only demonstrates global cities’ commitment to helping nations set more aggressive, transparent climate targets, but also encourages nations to recognize local commitments and direct resources to cities to limit any further increase in global warming.

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Biodiversity Summit for Cities and Subnational Governments, 12-14 October 2014

The Biodiversity Summit 2014, taking place in held in Gangwon Province, Republic of Korea, will build on the ground-breaking outcomes of previous Biodiversity Summits focused on bringing local governments to the forefront of the biodiversity negotiations. The draft of the Gangwon/Pyeongchang Declaration on Cities and Subnational Governments for Biodiversity is now open for comments. 

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Show that you care… Join UNertia!

UNertia, a campaign and competition that encourages anyone and everyone in the Asia-Pacific region, to engage in sustainable actions which will yield positive environmental benefits in their local communities, is currently in its last phase – Green Spaces. Don't miss the opportunity to showcase your ideas on making a difference. Join UNertia now!

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