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ICLEI South Asia E-News

July 2017

Emani Kumar
Deputy Secretary General, ICLEI and Executive Director, ICLEI South Asia


In the past month we have initiated ground work in some of the new project cities. Intensive meetings were held with Kochi and Mangaluru which are cities under our flagship Biodiversity project-INTERACT Bio, in Coimbatore under the CapaCITIES project, development of a detailed strategy on Solid Waste Management for the City has been initiated and in Karnal as part of our PROMISE project, we assessed and recommended measures to improvethe city’s mobility infrastructure and planning.

We also continue to strengthen our commitment to knowledge management and information sharing. As the secretariat of the Asia LEDS Partnership, ICLEI South Asia on behalf of the ALP co-organized two international workshops, one at the Asia Clean Energy Forum 2017 in Manila and the other in Bangkok.

This e-newsletter features the Mayor of Rajkot, Dr. Jaiman Upadhyay, who talks about the initiatives in his city and their future plans. Also featured is Mr. Nagendran Nagarajan a Sustainability Champion at ICLEI South Asia who talks about how he is able to take our agenda forward in Coimbatore.

Read on to know more about our work developments and upcoming events.

A PROMISE for better mobility in Karnal

Under the project, ‘Promotion of Inclusive, Sustainable Growth and Diversity to Strengthen Local Governments (PROMISE)’ supported by the EU, ICLEI SA assessed the existing infrastructure of the mobility sector in Karnal. The recommendations put forward by the team include, revisiting the use of parking spaces, junction improvements, bus routes as well as implementing non-motorized and public transport options.

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Swiss Solid Management Experts visit Coimbatore

Expert visits by Mr. Raphael Fasko, from Rytec AG and Mr. Stephan Textor from Textor Engineering Ltd. were made to Coimbatore city, facilitated under the CapaCITIES project. ICLEI SA organized a strategy workshop on solid waste management with the Municipal officials of the Corporation and a site visit to the landfill. The entire process of solid waste management was evaluated and the feasibility of technologies such as bio-menthanation and the capping of the Vellalore Landfill site were assessed in order to arrive at realistic strategies for the city to implement.

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Commencing city visits under INTERACT-Bio

ICLEI SA conducted visits to the cities of Kochi, Trivandrum and Mangaluru to discuss the project objectives and implementation and garner support for biodiversity activities from the city corporations and the Kerala State Biodiversity Board. Both the project cities- Kochi and Mangaluru see the project as the need of the hour and proactively suggested avenues of work where the project could have immediate visibility and impact.

Kochi is the model city under the project while Mangaluru and Panaji are the satellite cities. The project team is presently collating information required for the national, state and city level scoping studies and meetings with Karnataka State Biodiversity Board, Corporation of City of Panaji and Goa State Biodiversity Board are being planned.

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Asia Clean Energy Forum 2017

At the12th Asia Clean Energy Forum, the Asia LEDS Partnership along with USAID co-organized a deep dive Workshop on ‘Enabling Private Sector Clean Energy Investment in Southeast and South Asia: Recommendations from Corporations and Governments’ on the 5th of June, 2017. 160 participants from the public and private sector, working in the area of clean energy, attended the session.

Discussions revolved around how large corporations are taking big steps in switching to Renewable Energy and how governments can support them to invest in and accelerate clean energy development.

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Workshop on Multi-level Governance and the NDCs in Asia

To assist sub-national and national governments in Asia with achieving faster implementation and improved integration of their NDC targets, the Asia LEDS Partnershipco-organized a workshop in Bangkok on the 23rd of June, 2017. This workshop on ‘Multi-level Governance and the NDCs in Asia: Accelerating Sub-National Implementation and Raising National Ambitions’saw four ALP countries - Bangladesh, Bhutan, Philippines and Vietnam, coming together for peer-learning where they discussed the status of their NDCs implementation and the major challenges with sub-national integration in their countries.

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Meet Dr. Jaiman Upadhyay, Mayor of Rajkot city, India

“In order for a city to develop a vision of where it wants to be in the next five years, it must know where it stands and what the status of its services and its level of compliance are presently.” In conversation with ICLEI South Asia, Dr. Upadhyay, Mayor of Rajkot city shares how the city has begun its journey towards becoming a SMART city and the various green initiatives it has taken up.

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Nagendran Nagarajan, a Sustainability Champion at ICLEI South Asia

Nagendran Nagarajan is a Project Officer at ICLEI South Asia, stationed at the Coimbatore regional office. “My GIS background helps me develop a clearer understanding of urban issues, therefore enabling a better design of sustainable solutions for the city. In the projects that I have worked on, using GIS platforms allowed the project team and the city tovisualize information, like the level of vulnerability which certain parts of the city are facing, both in terms of climate change and in terms of urban delivery of services. This helped to develop a more direct and structured list of solutions for the city to execute to build their resilience”, says Mr. Nagarajan while talking about his experience in Coimbatore.

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First Climate Action Planning Workshop

As part of the activities planned under the CapaCITIES project, the cities of Siliguri and Rajkot will commence the first of a series of Climate Action Planning Workshops in July.

Seventh Regional Workshop on Integrated Resource Management in Asian Cities: the Urban Nexus

The cities of Rajkot and Nagpur will be represented at the 7th Regional Workshop on Integrated Resource Management being organized by UN ESCAP at Tanjungpinang, Indonesia from the 19th -21st of July 2017. The seventh edition of the workshop aims to develop policy recommendations to help local governments adopt nexus initiatives, integrate the nexus approach in national policies, and link nexus activities at the local level to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the New Urban Agenda of the United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Development (Habitat III), and the Paris Climate Agreement.

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