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October 2016
Spectrum of Advocacy

Given that the election is fast approaching, we decided to devote this newsletter to the topic of advocacy. There is a whole spectrum of ways to engage in advocacy. 
Policy & Legislative

This election season, we encourage you to make educated choices about the elected officials you choose to represent you. Cancer is a political issue, from how much funding goes to research, to being able to access paid time off from work, to accessing health insurance. And, it’s important to remember that these issues are not just relevant to picking a president – but also when choosing your members of Congress, state governors and legislators, and local elected officials, as they all have the power to impact the laws and regulations that might matter to you.
For example, some elected officials are in favor of repealing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka ACA or Obamacare), where as others feel that the framework of the law should be kept and improved upon. Studies estimate that if the ACA is repealed, up to 25 million people could lose their health insurance coverage. The ACA also requires insurance companies to offer coverage to people with pre-existing medical conditions, such as cancer.  If repealed, that protection would no longer be available.
There are also big decisions that can be made around Medicare, Medicaid, paid family leave, and many other issues that impact the cancer community. If these are the types of issues that matter to you, make sure that you know the candidates’ positions before you vote. Here are a few non-partisan resources that may be helpful:  
Regardless of who you decide to support, the most important thing you can do is vote! 
Personal Advocacy
Voice Heard

There are many forms of advocacy, all of which are incredibly powerful.  One form of advocacy that is sometimes overlooked is personal or self-advocacy.  Personal advocacy can be as simple as arming yourself with accurate and reliable information, seeking a second opinion, asking for a reasonable accommodation at work, or enrolling in a clinical trial.
Triage Cancer has a number of tools to help you become a better self-advocate.
On October 18, we are hosting a webinar on “Choosing Wisely: How to Pick Insurance Plans.” 

During this webinar we will go over common elements of health insurance policies and how consumers can chose the best plan for their family and needs. The concepts discussed are relevant to anyone, regardless of if you are choosing between two employer-sponsored plans, buying a plan offered through the state health insurance marketplaces, comparing an employer plan with a marketplace plan, or picking a Medicare Advantage plan.
We also have a variety of resources to help you understand the different aspects of participating in a clinical trial; how to rebuild or maintain good financial health, and what rights you may have at work.
TC_Webinar -small - FB
Don’t forget to check out our past webinars and our educational blog for more resources on being a personal advocate!
We are also pleased to announce that we have added 2 new Quick Guides to our website. 
Quick Guides are patient friendly guides meant to help you navigate various aspects of your cancer survivorship. Go to to see a list of all the guides.
Research & Scientific Advocacy

male docs

Engaging in scientific advocacy could be as simple as answering a survey or advocating for more cancer research funding. It could also be more in-depth, such as participating in a clinical trial or sitting on a grant review committee. 

If you would like to learn more about this type of advocacy, Triage Cancer has created a Quick Guide on Research & Scientific Advocacy Opportunities


Media Advocacy

Media advocacy used to involve giving an interview to a news station or writing a letter to your local newspaper. These are still excellent ways to engage in media advocacy, but with the growth of social media platforms, people are more frequently using social media messages to engage in cancer advocacy efforts. 

Triage Cancer has collected the Facebook and Twitter handles for the current members of Congress. Engage them in a cancer advocacy conversation! 

Triage Cancer also has a webinar on how to use Twitter as an advocacy tool.

Community Advocacy:
Partner Events
West Coast Conference Flyer 07.19.16
West Coast Conference on Work & Cancer
Saturday, October 15, 2016
Los Angeles, CA

In its second year, this free event, explores the complexities of balancing treatment and recovery with employment. It is open to patients, survivors, caregivers, healthcare professionals and anyone else touched by cancer. Complimentary CEUs are available for oncology nurses and social workers. For more information, click here.
North American Educational Forum on Lymphoma
Friday, October 28-Sunday, October 30, 2016
Chicago, IL

The North American Educational Forum on Lymphoma is a comprehensive educational conference hosted by the Lymphoma Research Foundation in Chicago, IL. Joanna Morales, Esq. of Triage Cancer will present two breakout sessions on Employment and Health Insurance during the conference.
Triage Cancer Webinar: Don’t Stress the Stress
Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Do you have stress in your life, but are you too stressed out to do anything about it? This webinar will really explain what stress is, how it affects everyone differently, and most importantly, provide simple, practical techniques to get your stress under control.
Can’t make any of these events – we may be in a city near you, soon!

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