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The Liberty Prize

Plan the Takeover

Win the $10,000 Liberty Prize, Plus Fame, Appreciation, and the Opportunity to Save America

Wanted: A Plan for Conservatives to take over the GOP by 2016

I'm writing a book entitled, "TAKEOVER"

The focus of the book is one of the most important political battles in American history – and this battle is not between Republicans and Democrats or between Liberals and Conservatives… it is inside the Republican Party.

It is the battle for control of the Republican Party between Establishment Big Government Republicans and Limited Government, Constitutional Conservatives.

For the 100 years this battle for the soul of the Republican Party has been raging, conservatives have often been blamed for Republican defeats, including the 2012 debacle, despite the fact that, while substantial majorities of Americans back conservative positions on the growth of government, balancing the budget, and traditional values, conservatives have been excluded consistently from the leadership of the Republican Party.

As the second decade of the 21st Century advances, it has become clear that establishment Republican and Democratic politicians have failed America because they have both accepted big government as the solution to every problem. 

If what makes America exceptional is to be saved, the people – grassroots conservatives – must lead.

An important part of the book is a detailed plan as to how conservatives can be in a position to take over the Republican Party, win the November 2016 election, and govern America in January of 2017.

This book will be published in the spring of this year.

For years at my home, conservative leaders gathered on Wednesdays for breakfast and dinner.  When presented with a problem or opportunity, Newt Gingrich would often go to a blackboard and write five words:




When we looked at things that way, an hour later when we had filled in the blanks the way forward was clear.

I've got thoughts and ideas for a plan for conservatives to take over the Republican Party.  However, as the Bible tells us in Proverbs 11:14, "For lack of guidance a nation falls, but many advisers make victory sure."

I've got my blackboard set-up and I'm sketching out my ideas.  Now I'm asking you to help me help save our country.

I'm opening the writing of the plan to all conservatives who want to join me in this fight, win this battle, and save our country.

There's much wisdom among America's grassroots conservatives, and together we can indeed make victory sure.

To participate, you don't have to submit a complete plan or follow my format (Vision, Goal, Strategy Projects/Tactics), although over time I've found it to be helpful in clarifying my thinking and charting a way forward – just send me your ideas or a few bullet points if you've got something to contribute.

If I select your plan or idea, in addition to $10,000 in prize money, that I've christened "The Liberty Prize," I'll give you recognition at CHQ, as well as in my book.  If constitutional conservatives take over the Republican Party, as I believe we can and must, and are governing American in 2017, your children, grandchildren, and a grateful free America will thank you.

By the way, you may want to organize a team to brainstorm and submit a plan/ideas.  One possibility would be to gather your Tea Party, Republican Club, or friends and neighbors around a table and work through the Vision – Goal – Strategy – Projects/Tactics process.

If someone writes a great plan, they win the entire $10,000 Liberty Prize, and I'll recognize them, include it in the book and through, private meetings, and public appearances.  And I'll urge conservatives to focus on this plan and follow it.

However, it's more likely a number of people will have 1-2 or more good ideas and, in that case, I'll select the best ideas and divide the $10,000 Liberty Prize money, and the recognition, among the winners. I'll be the sole judge of the winner or winners and the division, if any, of the Liberty Prize.

I've set-up a special website to gather all of the ideas into one place.  Because there are likely to be similar ideas submitted, and because I see this as a project of great urgency, I will generally favor similar ideas in order of date submitted, so don't delay in responding to this challenge.  

My goal is to generate a real "bottom up" grassroots movement with this project.  To that end, I will send each person who makes the effort to submit serious ideas or a plan for conservatives to take over the Republican Party a free autographed copy of my book, "Conservatives Betrayed : How George W. Bush and Other Big Government Republicans Hijacked the Conservative Cause." All plans and ideas must be received by Friday, March 8, 2013.

Conservatives at the grassroots level have the ideas and principles, as well as the numbers, political skills, and talent to run the GOP.
What we have lacked is a coherent, well-thought-out blueprint for taking over the Republican Party and making it the vehicle for advancing conservative government it has long-promised to be.  By sharing your ideas, experience, and wisdom, in a few weeks, we can have that plan.


Richard A. Viguerie
9625 Surveyor Court, Suite 400
Manassas, Virginia 20110

PS – In my 51 years working in the conservative movement at the national level, I've never been more enthusiastic about our prospects for success.  Out of the ashes of the Republican establishment's 2012 defeat, without compromising our principles, we conservatives can rebuild the Republican Party into a strong and principled voice for the majority of Americans who believe in, and will vote for, a government of constitutionally limited powers.

PPS – When you submit your idea or plan for the conservative takeover of the Republican Party, please be sure to let me know where I should send your free autographed copy of "Conservatives Betrayed."
Copyright 2013, Conservative HQ. All Rights Reserved.

P. O. Box 1489, Manassas, VA 20108

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Richard Viguerie
9625 Surveyor Ct.
Manassas, Virginia 20110

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