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July 7, 2012

B A S H    F L A S H

News from the Illinois Bash Softball Association


Good Programs are built with Great Coaches

Tryout season is rapidly approaching and the Illinois Bash is looking for coaches at all levels.  In an effort to provide the best possible coaching for the Illinois Bash players we will open up all coaching positions on all teams.  Our program is growing and we anticipate having teams at 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U, 18U and Gold.   If you feel you could be a good Head Coach or Assistant Coach please contact us with a brief dTeam picture 3escription of how your experience and talent can help evolve the skills of our players and make the Illinois Bash a better program.  Please send all inquiries to:

 Jim Goranson

Program Director


Players Wanted at all Levels

The Illinois Bash tryout dates are set for the 2012-2013 season.  Tryouts will be held right after our teams return from Nationals.  Due to popular demand our program is growing again this year. We anticipate having teams at 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U, 18U and Gold next season.  Tryouts for are scheduled for August 11 & 12. To learn more about locations and times go to the Illinois Bash website  
Submit your application now.  Team applications can be found online at: 

The Value of an Elite Programheadshot_2_patt_bailey_101711 7

By Bailey Patt - IL Bash Alum & ASU player

Collegiate softball always seemed like it was something out of reach for me, let alone playing Division 1. I was not sure what their schedules consisted of or if I was even talented enough to play with/against some of the best girls in the country. Playing at a Division 1 school is not about having all the perks. Getting free equipment and sponsorships is a highlight, but it is a privilege that you are given. The hard work and dedication you put into it is what makes all your opportunities possible. Being apart of the Illinois Bash really prepared me for what I went through my first year at a Division 1 school.


You know just as well as I do that from the moment you become a member of an elite softball program in the fall and all the way until the end of the next summer, you have a full schedule. Whether its tournaments, practice or fundraising you are always doing something.  A typical fall D1 schedule can be compared to what the Bash does. Not as many tournaments are played or games in general, but there is a lot of practice and conditioning. Throughout the fall your fundamentals are broken down and bettered. The conditioning in the Bash warehouse you all do is hard work, most Division 1 schools are doing similar workouts, but for an hour or more five times a week. Besides the running you do at practice, you have scheduled time with a strength and conditioning coach where you just focus on getting stronger and faster. All the dedication you put in just for the offseason really develops how you will play in the spring.


Throughout the year on a travel team, you get to know the girls you are spending all your time with. When you go away to school, team chemistry needs to be developed just as much as your skills. Whether its fundraising, team bonding activities, or just hanging out with each other on free time, you have to be able to make relationships with your teammates because you are with them all the time and those relationships make your team stronger.


I know that being on an elite program conflicts with your life outside of softball, but that is a choice we make for our sport. When you are a member of a D1 program there isn't as much free time as you want. You may think you have the rest of the day off, but then your coach will call a meeting or practice and you have to give up your free time to go with what your coach says. It really is the ultimate sacrifice. Yes you may get upset because you already had plans that you now have to change, but when you join any kind of softball program whether it's a D1 or Junior College, you have to remember that this is like a job. A coach is paying you to go to school to perform on and off the field. What they say goes.


This article isn't written with the intention to scare you into not playing D1. Quite the opposite, it is to share first hand my experience and to inform you that the Bash program really will prepare you for college. Throughout my softball career I never learned as much as I did until I joined the Bash. The practice/tournament schedules are crazy, and you always have to work hard, give 100%, but that's what it takes.  Being able to sacrifice for your team will open up more opportunities than you know. If collegiate softball is something you strive for, keep working. Don't let anything stop you from getting to your goal, and remember: Safe Softball Sucks.

2012 College Commitments

Three more players from our program have made commitments to the Colleges and Universities of their choice. Congratulations to graduating seniors Megan Hubbard and Jaz Skor, and in-coming senior Lauren Logan. 


Carly Danek                  Villanova University

Danielle Chitkowski        Syracuse University

Danielle Goranson          Michigan State

Jaz Skor                        Harper College

Kati Herberg                  Cardinal-Stritch University

Lauren Logan                 University of Missouri-St. Louis

Megan Hubbard              Purdue University

Rachel Lang                   Roosevelt University

Rachel Matthies             University of Missouri-St. Louis

Steph Tomazin               Lewis University


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Join the Bash:

August Tryouts

Mead Jr High School
1765 Biesterfield Road
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
Click here for directions
August 11 Saturday
18 & Gold 12:00 PM
14U-16U  10:30 AM
10U-12U   9:00 AM
August 12 Sunday
18 & Gold - 9:00 AM 
14U-16U - 10:30 AM 
10U-12U - 12:00 PM


Melas Park
1400 W. Central Ave.
Mt. Prospect, IL 60656
Click here for directions

August 14th Tuesday
16U-18U-Gold 8:00  PM
10U-12U-14U  7:00  PM


Applications Requested

Sign up today for the Fall Bash Tournament

Elgin, IL

Whats Happening:


Practices per team schedules


Pitching Lessons 

Tuesday Nights:

Huitink Pitching Academy


Hitting Lessons

Monday Nights:  

Mark Doran Hitting Clinic 


Upcoming Tournaments

July 5-8:


Chicago Metros

Lemont, IL

16U & 18U

Orland A's National Qualifier

Orland Park, IL

18 Gold 

Gold National Qualifier

New Lenox, IL


July 12-15:

16 & 18U 

Chicago Metros

Lemont, IL

18 Gold 

Legancy Showcase

Atlanta, GA


July 20-24:

14 & 16U

Orland A's Last Chance

Orland Park, IL


Didi Memorial

Lemont, IL

18 Gold

Newtown Rock Showcase

Newtown, PA


July 23-28:

14U, 16U & 18U

Elk Grove Heat Tourney

Elk Grove, IL

18 Gold

ASA Gold Nationals

Oklahoma City, OK


Team Schedules


New Spirit Wear Now Available

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It's not the will to win that matters - everyone has that. It's the will to prepare to win that matters.

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