Tenth Anniversary of a Saintly Meeting
Dear Handmaids and Servants of the Gardener,

Happy Feast of St. John Neumann!

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We all know the date on which we celebrate Christ's birth, Dec. 25, just as we know the birthdays of our family members.  We remember wedding anniversaries and anniversaries of ordination or profession of religious vows. We remember dates of life-changing events.

JPII-DrM_1-5-05_natural_lightCompToday is the tenth anniversary (Jan. 5, 2005) of my meeting with Pope St. John Paul II. I was with 12 students from Saint Meinrad Seminary. We sang 45 seconds for the Pope during the General Audience. Then, we were introduced to him as a group.

Thanks to Archbishop Daniel M. Buechlein, O.S.B., I was invited to give him a copy of the book, Prayer to the Holy Spirit for the New Moral Life in the New Evangelization for the New Millennium. It has 24 translations from persons all throughout the world of this prayer that I composed, based upon John Paul's philosophy and theology.

I will never forget looking into those wonderful eyes, after I kissed his shoe, and saying, "How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news" (Is. 52:7; Rom. 10:15).

As we all know, he returned to the Father's house three months later (April 2, 2005). That January meeting was the fulfillment of a decades long dream. After immersing myself in his writings for years, meeting him mind-to-mind, so to speak, I had the chance to meet him face to face. So, I wonder often, "Why was I found worthy enough to be given this encounter of a life time?" I do not know the answer,NML-NCYC-comp but I feel a mission to share it with whomever I meet.

Thanks to your financial and prayerful support, since then, I have shared this Prayer with thousands of people, and I have told the story multiple times. I would love to share this story with thousands more because I believe that it was given to me as a gift which I, in turn, need to give away. Won't you invite me to your parish, or school, or diocese to share this story? I can give just a 60 minute presentation, or provide a parish mission of several days, or give a retreat based on the Prayer to the Holy Spirit for the New Moral Life in the New Evangelization.
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I have not yet finished the book length explanation of the Prayer, but we do have copies of the Prayer readily available in English and videos of this encounter, with footage from Vatican TV, through Gardener's Servant Productions. This footage is on a DVD called "Equipment for the New Evangelization." You may order it through our website, or you may contact us directly.

As a matter of fact, Gardener's Servant Productions is looking to 2015 as an amazing year of new items. Our already published books are gaining fans, such as Praying the Marian Rosary in Readers' Theater(TM).

Even our youngest patrons are being edified by our catechetical publications, such as Love Remains: A Catechesis on the Veneration of Relics. Here Claira Crossley grabbed her Pawpaw's, Greg Haas, copy, and put on his reading glasses so that she could understand better why Catholics communicate with the saints. (We will announce soon when the second edition of that book becomes available.)

If you have pictures of one of our GSP items being used, please share it with us and with the rest of the world. It's never too early to start on good literature.

Stay tuned for an announcement about a new series of conversion stories, and an SJHF project in preparation especially for the World Meeting of Families.

In the meantime, please check out our other wonderful tools to help you plant a new springtime of the Church. You might say that it's like the seed catalogue for the new evangelization ;)
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Yes, with technology, there are always solutions. So, I figured out a way, finally, to share with you the nearly comprehensive list of all of the adults who are Handmaids and Servants of the Gardener, the benefactors of St. Joseph's Holy Family, Inc., the pilgrims and visitors to God's Country, the patrons of Gardener's Servant Productions, or those who have shown a general interest in our apostolate over the past five years.

A million times, "THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!" Here is to you because, without your support, we could not continue:

All Saints' Parish, Logansport, IN
Ann Nicholson
Archdiocese of Louisville
Archduke Markus Salvator and Archduchess Hildegarde von Hapsburg-Lothringen
Burleigh Family Foundation
Col. (Ret.) John J. & Mary K. Gomez
David G. Buehler Charitable Trust
Dcn. Vincent L. Bernardin, Sr.
Deacon Archie Bowers
Deacon Charles and Mrs. Patricia Theivagt
Deacon Charles B. and Mrs. Deborah Koressel
Deacon Christopher Borowicki
Deacon Corby Valentine
Deacon Dan and Mrs. Donna Connell
Deacon Daniel and Mrs. Nancy DeCastra
Deacon Dave Farris
Deacon David and Mrs. Carla Bohnenstiehl
Deacon David Fields
Deacon Eugene Uptmor
Deacon George Karnaze
Deacon Gregory and Mrs. Betty Parquette
Deacon Harry L. and Mrs. Cynthia M. Cramer
Deacon James and Mrs. Diane Hill, D.V.M.
Deacon James and Mrs. Diane King
Deacon James and Mrs. Donna Schwartzkopf
Deacon James Benett
Deacon James Darter
Deacon James L. and Mrs. Patricia A. Dalton
Deacon James McConnell
Deacon Jeff and Mrs. Marie Anne Powell
Deacon Jim Paris
Deacon John and Mrs. Lita Murphy
Deacon John Fridley
Deacon John McMullen
Deacon John R. Weist
Deacon John Todor
Deacon Jose and Mrs. Nelida Garrido Rivera
Deacon Joseph and Mrs. Becky Siewers
Deacon Kenneth and Mrs. Gladys Johanning
Deacon Kevin and Dr. Christine Meece
Deacon Larry Durbin
Deacon Leland and Mrs. Janis Johns
Deacon Levi M. and Mrs. Thelma J. Schnellenberger
Deacon Linus Klostermann
Deacon Marco and Mrs. Katherine Rajkovich
Deacon Matthew Keyser
Deacon Michael A. and Mrs. Mary Seibert
Deacon Michael An
Deacon Michael D. and Mrs. Virginia I. Hill
Deacon Mike Rowland
Deacon Patrick and Mrs. Patricia DeLuca
Deacon Paul Koch
Deacon Ricard Ruez
Deacon Richard and Mrs. Barbara Leibundguth
Deacon Rob Huff
Deacon Robert and Mrs. Marian Crosby
Deacon Robert and Mrs. Mary Ann Lundberg
Deacon Robert Consley
Deacon Ron Pirau
Deacon Ronald and Mrs. Lucia Z. Sparks
Deacon Russell Woodard
Deacon Scott and Mrs. Sheila Hunt
Deacon Sean Caveny
Deacon Steve and Mrs. Melissa Miller
Deacon Steve Andrews
Deacon Steve Aubuchon
Deacon Steve Lowe
Deacon Steven House
Deacon Ted and Mrs. Jane Fraebel
Deacon Thomas and Mrs. Lou Anne Kaldy
Deacon Thomas and Mrs. Mary Lehman
Deacon Thomas and Mrs. Susan Wilkinson
Deacon Thomas H. and Mrs. Sheldona M. Kempf
Deacon Thomas Kirsch
Deacon Thomas Mulvenon
Deacon Tim Cox
Deacon Tim DeRousse
Deacon Tom Hill
Deacon William and Mrs. Karen Rood
Deacon William Grant
Diocese of Lexington
Diocese of Owensboro
Diocese of Peoria
Diocese of Springfield in Illinois
Dr. Charlie Johnson
Dr. Christopher Carr
Dr. Daniel C. Eby
Dr. Dean E. Beckman
Dr. Frederick and Mrs. Angela Wallisch
Dr. Glen J. Kissel
Dr. Gregory A. and Mrs. Anne Berger
Dr. J.R. and Mrs. Rosemary Hoffman
Dr. Jack Tuinier
Dr. James and Mrs. Marcia Buckmaster
Dr. John Bergsma
Dr. John Kay
Dr. John M. Dunn
Dr. Joseph H. and Mrs. Kathleen S. Munning
Dr. Kevin and Mrs. Fran Schemenauer
Dr. Mark E. and Mrs. Diane Ginter
Dr. Marshall E. and Mrs. Melinda A. Prunty
Dr. Michele A. Martinez
Dr. Peter A. and Mrs. Christina M. Rosario
Dr. Robert Gotcher
Dr. Steven and Mrs. Catherine DeWitt
Dr. Sue Ellspermann
Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Joyce O'Neill
Dr. Tom Kupfer
Dubois County Museum
Electrical Maintenance & Construction, Inc.
Evansville Catholic Campus Ministry, Evansville, IN
George Koch Sons, LLC
Good Shepherd Council Knights of Columbus
Holy Cross School, Fort Branch, IN
Holy Family Parish, Jasper, IN
Holy Family School, Jasper, IN
Holy Spirit Parish, Bowling Green, KY
Holy Trinity Parish, Evansville, IN
Indiana State Council Knights of Columbus
Ireland Jeep Club
Jasper Council Knights of Columbus
Jasper Deutcher Verein
John Paul the Great Catholic High School, Jasper, IN
Kathy Scarlett
Kim Seger
Lincoln Hills Insurance Inc.
Mary Ann Kuharski
Most. Rev. Charles Thompson
Mr. Adam Heeke
Mr. Al Stoverink
Mr. Alan and Mrs. Debbie Winkler
Mr. Alan and Mrs. Ellen Hanselman
Mr. Alan Crone
Mr. Alan Kunkel
Mr. Albert and Mrs. Clara Mae Timmerman
Mr. Albert and Mrs. Janice Berger
Mr. Albert Brougham
Mr. Alex Boultinghouse
Mr. Allen and Mrs. Jeanne Harth
Mr. Allen and Mrs. Martha Steckler
Mr. Allen Lascher
Mr. Alvey and Mrs. Paula Albin
Mr. Alvin and Mrs. Diane Hoppenjans
Mr. Ambrose Pfister
Mr. Andrew Thomas
Mr. Andrew W. and Mrs. Martha F. King
Mr. Andy and Mrs. Michelle Hardin
Mr. Anthony and Mrs. Jonette Wilson
Mr. Anthony and Mrs. Kathleen James
Mr. Anthony Berg
Mr. Anthony Brown
Mr. Anthony McDonald
Mr. Anthony W. Jahn
Mr. Anthony Worland
Mr. Ari and Mrs. Brittany Doucette
Mr. Austin Appman
Mr. Benjamin O'Neill
Mr. Bernard and Mrs. Marsha Fallon
Mr. Bill and Mrs. Janet Peter
Mr. Bill Pettit
Mr. Bill Potter
Mr. Bill Vogt
Mr. Blair C. and Mrs. Connie L. Mielke
Mr. Bob and Mrs. Marian Davis
Mr. Bob Calhoun
Mr. Bob Grundhaefer
Mr. Bob Oerther
Mr. Brad Mayer
Mr. Brad Schmidt
Mr. Brad Ward
Mr. Bradford Raths
Mr. Bradley Schaefer
Mr. Brandon Bigham
Mr. Brendan E. & Mrs. Robin L. O'Connor
Mr. Brent R. and Mrs. Krystyna A. Crawford
Mr. Bret Ackerman
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Jennifer Bush
Mr. Brian Atkinson
Mr. Brian Biggs
Mr. Brian Fleck
Mr. Brian Hostetter
Mr. Brian J. and Mrs. Amy L. Freyberger
Mr. Brian Murphy
Mr. Brian Schwartz
Mr. Brian Ward
Mr. Bruce and Mrs. Brenda Nord
Mr. Bruce Warren
Mr. Carlos Tejeda
Mr. Cary D. and Mrs. Angela R. Kaufman
Mr. Catesby Clay
Mr. Chad and Mrs. Tamara Hurm
Mr. Chad D. and Mrs. Yvonne M. Lueken
Mr. Chad Mundy
Mr. Charles T. and Mrs. Jeanine Aull
Mr. Charlie Tschirn
Mr. Chris Conlon
Mr. Christopher and Mrs. Donna K. Weyer
Mr. Christopher W. and Mrs. Monica M. Foye
Mr. Clarence Seibert
Mr. Claude and Mrs. Maryetta Boehm
Mr. Clifford J. and Mrs. Linda Mauder
Mr. Clifton and Mrs. Nicole Simpson
Mr. Clifton Howard
Mr. Clyde and Mrs. Joan Meldon
Mr. Colin Hawkinson
Mr. Craig J. and Mrs. Danna Dandurand
Mr. Cris and Mrs. Laurie Goldbach
Mr. Dan and Mrs. Ann Racicot
Mr. Dan and Mrs. Dolores Masterson
Mr. Dan and Mrs. Jody Cozzi
Mr. Dan Elliott
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Doris Oeding
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Sara Fritch
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Suzanne Knies
Mr. Danny May
Mr. Darrel and Mrs. Helen Riley
Mr. Dave A. Cook
Mr. David and Mrs. Anita Seger
Mr. David and Mrs. Diana Fischer
Mr. David and Mrs. Janet Dierkes
Mr. David and Mrs. Joan Lange
Mr. David and Mrs. Linda Steckler
Mr. David and Mrs. Mary Uebelhor
Mr. David and Mrs. Monica Morris
Mr. David Durchholz
Mr. David Fentress
Mr. David Green
Mr. David Rodriguez
Mr. David Shields
Mr. David T. and Mrs. Janet R. Kluemper
Mr. Dennis and Mrs. Joan Schroering
Mr. Dennis and Mrs. Rose Luebbehusen
Mr. Dennis Hankins
Mr. Dennis L. Holt
Mr. Dennis Ray and Mrs. Pamela S. Lampert
Mr. Dennis Sandheinrich
Mr. Denzil and Mrs. Gina Lobo
Mr. Denzil L. Lewis
Mr. Devon and Mrs. Stephanie Bancroft
Mr. Don and Mrs. Mary Mendel
Mr. Don Dewig
Mr. Don S. Kincaid
Mr. Donald J. and Mrs. Linda S. Dudine
Mr. Donald M. and Mrs. Ann C. Swaney
Mr. Donnell Royer
Mr. Doug and Mrs. Elizabeth Klem
Mr. Drew Folz
Mr. Drew Hardesty
Mr. Duane Bolin
Mr. Ed Alldredge
Mr. Ed and Mrs. Lucy Payne
Mr. Ed and Mrs. Sarah Zogelman
Mr. Ed Varel
Mr. Eddy and Mrs. Judy Koonce
Mr. Edward J. and Mrs. Cristie A. Walker
Mr. Edwin Reyes Nalagan
Mr. Eric and Mrs. Krista Neuman
Mr. Erik Slow
Mr. Ethan and Mrs. Sara Smith
Mr. Eugene and Mrs. Cindy Verkamp
Mr. Eugene Brosmer
Mr. Frank Corea
Mr. Frank R. and Mrs. Elizabeth A. Ginder
Mr. Gail and Mrs. Carolyn Norman
Mr. Garry and Mrs. Donna Burry
Mr. Gary and Mrs. Angela Doiron
Mr. Gary Wittmer
Mr. Gavin Steckler
Mr. George H. and Mrs. B. J. Maley
Mr. Gerald A. and Mrs. Lisa J. Gehlhausen
Mr. Gerald and Mrs. Linda Messmer
Mr. Gilbert and Mrs. Margie Kleaving
Mr. Glen Gremillion
Mr. Glen Sturm
Mr. Glennon Gebke
Mr. Glynn and Mrs. Luz L. Smith
Mr. Gordon Smith
Mr. Greg and Mrs. Rhiannon Thomas
Mr. Greg J. and Mrs. Ann M. Freyberger
Mr. Greg Karn
Mr. Greg Schulten
Mr. Gregory B. and Mrs. Linda D. Kissel
Mr. Gregory Cliff and Mrs. Mary R. Karn
Mr. Gregory K. and Mrs. Elizabeth D. Haas
Mr. Gregory L. and Mrs. Elizabeth A. Hauger
Mr. Gregory L. and Mrs. Rhonda S. Uebelhor
Mr. Harold A. and Mrs. Diane M. Kellner
Mr. Harrison Wilson
Mr. Heather Hoffman
Mr. Howard P. and Mrs. Sharon M. Wagner
Mr. J.R. and Mrs. Janis Hobbs
Mr. Jack and Mrs. Connie Yaggi
Mr. Jack and Mrs. Julie Harper
Mr. Jack Dippel
Mr. Jack Martin
Mr. Jacob M. and Mrs. Katherine Herrmann
Mr. Jacob Niemand
Mr. Jacob Sellers
Mr. Jake Bower
Mr. James A. Schmall
Mr. James and Mrs. Cheri Durchholz
Mr. James and Mrs. Colleen Buechler
Mr. James and Mrs. Faye Goebel
Mr. James and Mrs. Margaret Baugh
Mr. James and Mrs. Mary Estes
Mr. James and Mrs. Michelle Ginter
Mr. James and Mrs. Rhonda Mundy
Mr. James and Mrs. Suzanne Darr
Mr. James Baxter
Mr. James Dodge
Mr. James Durchholz
Mr. James J. and Mrs. Flora Stenftenagel
Mr. James Kozlowski
Mr. James M. and Mrs. Dana L. Krodel
Mr. James R. and Mrs. Crystal D. Merkley
Mr. Jason and Mrs. Christine Kear
Mr. Jason Butler
Mr. Jason M. and Mrs. Michelle A. Copperwaite
Mr. Jay and Mrs. Audra Hamlin
Mr. Jeff Theising
Mr. Jeffery T. and Mrs. Annalee C. Wilson
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Michelle Blalock
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Sarah Woehler
Mr. Jeffrey S. and Mrs. Casandra K. Payne-Durbin
Mr. Jeffrey Sickman
Mr. Jeremy and Mrs. Mary K. Goebel
Mr. Jerome A. and Mrs. Brenda M. Wheatley
Mr. Jerry and Mrs. Beverly Himsel
Mr. Jerry and Mrs. Cindy Horne
Mr. Jerry and Mrs. Linda Messmer
Mr. Jerry and Mrs. Marsha Steckler
Mr. Jerry L. Pratt
Mr. Jim and Doris Glenn
Mr. Jim and Mrs. Emily McCarty
Mr. Jim Lindsay
Mr. Joe and Mrs. Alice Niehaus
Mr. Joe Durchholz
Mr. Joe Grace
Mr. John and Mrs. Deirdre Mundy
Mr. John and Mrs. Drina Erb
Mr. John and Mrs. Estella Bennett
Mr. John and Mrs. Judy Sonderman
Mr. John and Mrs. Marilyn Durchholz
Mr. John and Mrs. Sharon Ann Lascher
Mr. John and Mrs. Therese Boucher
Mr. John Bell
Mr. John C. and Mrs. Amy S. Buechlein
Mr. John E. and Mrs. Marilyn S. Durchholz
Mr. John F. and Mrs. Sharon L. Krempp
Mr. John Froehlich
Mr. John Ginter
Mr. John Glauber
Mr. John Jacobi
Mr. John Koehler
Mr. John M. and Mrs. Regan L. Quinn
Mr. John McGregor
Mr. John O. and Mrs. Janet Foehrkolb
Mr. John Patrick Russell
Mr. John Pfister
Mr. John R. and Mrs. Abigail A. Truesdale
Mr. John T. Evans
Mr. Johnny Farris
Mr. Jonathan Blaize
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Holly Brake
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Lisa Hardesty
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Lisa Kuhn
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Norma Blackgrove
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Phyliss Hayden
Mr. Joseph Chrisman
Mr. Joseph Dickinson
Mr. Joseph F. and Mrs. Lisa Ann Kuhn
Mr. Joseph M. and Mrs. Melinda A. Rivelli
Mr. Joshua and Mrs. Angela Greulich
Mr. Joshua and Mrs. Sara Wongler
Mr. Joshua Oliver
Mr. Julius Chirchir
Mr. Justin Fout
Mr. Justin Mitchell
Mr. Justin Pybus
Mr. Karl and Mrs. Jennifer Dolson
Mr. Keith G. and Mrs. Julie B. Murphy
Mr. Keith W. and Mrs. Christina M. Kelley
Mr. Kelly Edwards
Mr. Ken Ogorek
Mr. Ken Rasp
Mr. Ken Richard
Mr. Kenneth A. and Mrs. Elizabeth C. Kissel
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Jane Krempp
Mr. Kenneth Boone
Mr. Kenneth Botner
Mr. Kenneth W. and Mrs. Patricia A. Klueh
Mr. Kerri Mehringer
Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Diane Wertman
Mr. Kevin C. and Mrs. Kathleen R. Sergesketter
Mr. Kevin L. and Mrs. Patricia A. Arthur
Mr. Kevin Templin
Mr. Kevin Zeeb
Mr. Khris Seger
Mr. Kurt and Mrs. Janis Tretter
Mr. Kurt and Mrs. Kay Freyberger
Mr. Kurt Mehringer
Mr. Kyle Barrientos
Mr. Kyle Neterer
Mr. Kyle Rdden
Mr. Larron and Mrs. Beverly Luegers
Mr. Larry and Mrs. Nancy Schaum
Mr. Larry and Mrs. Ruth Lutz
Mr. Larry C. and Mrs. Judith A. Freyberger
Mr. Larry J. and Mrs. Melina S. Hurm
Mr. Leo M. Grimes
Mr. Leroy Albert
Mr. Lonnie P. and Mrs. Patricia C. Nicholson
Mr. Lou and Mrs. Betty Derry
Mr. Lowell and Mrs. Lucy Allen
Mr. Lucas and Mrs. Robyn Haas
Mr. Luke Hassler
Mr. Luke Keusch
Mr. M. Todd and Mrs. Lindsey J. England
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Julie Kelley
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Kim Messmer
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Lana Hubers
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Lori Kabat
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Stephanie Rankin
Mr. Mark Gebhard
Mr. Mark Kabat
Mr. Mark Kiblinger
Mr. Mark Pugh
Mr. Mark Weinzapfel
Mr. Mark Yaste
Mr. Martin and Mrs. Avigay Ignacio
Mr. Marvin and Mrs. Janessa Schepers
Mr. Matthew and Mrs. Lisa Wagner
Mr. Matthew and Mrs. Nichole Riehle
Mr. Matthew and Mrs. Tiffani Sheridan
Mr. Matthew Ernstes
Mr. Matthew P. and Mrs. Michele R. Brookman
Mr. Matthew Pinto
Mr. Max Fischer
Mr. Maximillian and Mrs. Laura Pawlowski
Mr. Mel and Mrs. Patti Schroeder
Mr. Melvin and Mrs. Terry Ziliak
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Ann Ackerman
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Alana Goepfrich
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Anntoinette Sowers
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Barbara Meny
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Beverly Hirsch
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Carol Becher
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Carolyn Nelson
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Elizabeth Pruitt
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Janet Effron
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Kay Hagerdon
Mr. Michael Boldrey
Mr. Michael F. and Mrs. F. Patricia Jones
Mr. Michael F. and Mrs. Sarah W.  D'Addabbo
Mr. Michael Hagedorn
Mr. Michael J. and Mrs. Julie M. Stone
Mr. Michael Kreilein
Mr. Michael Roesch
Mr. Michael Shumway
Mr. Michael Sorg
Mr. Michael Stock
Mr. Mike and Mrs. Barb Meny
Mr. Mike Caci
Mr. Mike D'Addabbo
Mr. Mike Fitzmayer
Mr. Mike Morris
Mr. Mike Waninger
Mr. Myron and Mrs. Bernice Fischer
Mr. Neil Lynch
Mr. Neil Suerrman
Mr. Nicholas and Mrs. Amy Soellner
Mr. Nicholas Lebish
Mr. Nicholas Welch
Mr. Nick Ring
Mr. Norb Spellmeyer, Jr.
Mr. Pat and Mrs. Marian Lyons
Mr. Patrick Bauer
Mr. Patrick L. & Mrs. Tamara M. Miller
Mr. Patrick W. and Mrs. Kimberly Schneider
Mr. Paul A. and Mrs. Carla M. Schuch
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Jackie Aud
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Mary Delgado
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Mary Reynolds
Mr. Paul Hasselbrinck
Mr. Paul Legeay, III
Mr. Paul R. Bragin
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Jennifer Barry
Mr. Phil and Mrs. Shona Moore
Mr. Phillip A. and Mrs. Angie G. Stephenson
Mr. Ralph and Mrs. Ruth Langhauser
Mr. Ralph Fox
Mr. Randall and Mrs. Ruth Sickbert
Mr. Randall K. and Mrs. Donna M. Kissel
Mr. Raymond J. Schwenk
Mr. Rex and Mrs. Brenda Robertson
Mr. Rex and Mrs. Carolyn Doyle
Mr. Richard Alan and Mrs. Judith Anne Bennett
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Ann Kline
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Betty Plumb
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Elizabeth Scuteri
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Gayle Ostby
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Kathy Tretter
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Kathy Wilderman
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Mary Zoe Cannon
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Paula Demuth
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Valada Howard
Mr. Richard Burek
Mr. Richard Clements
Mr. Richard Schnetzler
Mr. Rick and Mrs. Julie Fagan
Mr. Rick and Mrs. Laura Titzer
Mr. Rob and Mrs. Ginger Hornbrook
Mr. Robert A. and Mrs. Julie L. Langan
Mr. Robert Alles
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Cassandra Jacobs
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Ethelene Petrig
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Kathy Smith
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Linda Wehr
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Shirley Demuth
Mr. Robert Anthony
Mr. Robert C. and Mrs. Lisa M. Bindley
Mr. Robert F. and Mrs. Michele C. Mehringer
Mr. Robert J. Hanrahan
Mr. Robert R. and Mrs. Kathleen A Benesh
Mr. Robert Schneider
Mr. Robert Schuler
Mr. Robert Tippen
Mr. Robin and Mrs. Michelle Emmert
Mr. Roger and Mrs. Katherine Verkamp
Mr. Roger and Mrs. Margaret Foppe
Mr. Roger and Mrs. Michele Kordes
Mr. Roger J. and Mrs. Patricia G. Fischer
Mr. Roger Krebsbach
Mr. Roger Persohn
Mr. Ron and Mrs. Mary Frances Dy-Liacco
Mr. Ronald Pittman
Mr. Ronnie and Mrs. Sharon Boehm
Mr. Rose Wheeler
Mr. Russel Harris
Mr. Ryan Prechtel
Mr. Ryan Vaal
Mr. Sal Della Bella
Mr. Samuel Williams
Mr. Scott Cannon
Mr. Scott Foster
Mr. Scott L. and Mrs. Debra J. Freyberger
Mr. Scott R. and Mrs. Suzanne R. Burgess
Mr. Sean O'Brien
Mr. Sean Wisnieski
Mr. Severin and Mrs. Amy Kempf
Mr. Stanley and Mrs. Diane Verkamp
Mr. Stanley and Mrs. Mary Jane Krempp
Mr. Stanley R. and Mrs. Martha J. Steckler
Mr. Steve and Mrs. Karen Goldbach
Mr. Steve Dabrowski
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Bonnie Uebelhor
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Christan Shockley
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Bittner
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Patricia Dlugosz
Mr. Steven P. Luegers
Mr. Steven R. Sandheinrich
Mr. Terry and Mrs. Patty Englert
Mr. Terry Schepers
Mr. Theodore and Mrs. Tamara J. Glaser
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Carol Mae Schneider
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Carolyn Thorpe
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Elaine LeClere
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Margaret Weyer
Mr. Thomas R. and Mrs. Patricia Miller
Mr. Tim and Mrs. Diane Kempf
Mr. Tim Doersam
Mr. Tim Erny
Mr. Tim Jarboe
Mr. Tim Martin
Mr. Tim. P. and Mrs. Judith Baer
Mr. Timothy A. and Mrs. Dee Ann Bell
Mr. Timothy Daugherty
Mr. Timothy H. and Mrs. Heidi A. Graham
Mr. Todd and Mrs. Michelle DeWeese
Mr. Todd Holman
Mr. Todd Mehringer
Mr. Todd Scheller
Mr. Tom Grubb
Mr. Tom Malewitz
Mr. Tom Schumer
Mr. Tony Miller
Mr. Tyler Tenbarge
Mr. Victor and Mrs. Susan Ippoliti
Mr. Vince and Mrs. Mary Clare Heuser
Mr. Vincent P. and Mrs. Victoria L. Granacher
Mr. Virgil and Mrs. Dolores Pingsterhaus
Mr. Wade and Mrs. Kelly Lovell
Mr. Warren and Mrs. Margaret Bolin
Mr. William and Mrs. Allison Kaiser
Mr. William E. Rogers
Mr. William J. and Mrs. Barbara S. Beals
Mr. William T. and Mrs. Janet R. Waite
Mr. Zachary Davis
Mrs. Angela Rahman
Mrs. Ann Buechler
Mrs. Ann Flaherty
Mrs. Anna Schulten
Mrs. Annie Karto
Mrs. Arleta Weyer
Mrs. Barbara Habig
Mrs. Becky Gadlage
Mrs. Beth Collins
Mrs. Betty Weinzapfel
Mrs. Bev Bryan
Mrs. Brandi Thomason
Mrs. Brenda Krempp
Mrs. Brenda Nord
Mrs. Brenda Weyer
Mrs. C. Shannon Shearin
Mrs. Carol Fallen
Mrs. Carol Heeke
Mrs. Carol Herzog
Mrs. Carol Niehaus
Mrs. Carol Olinger
Mrs. Cecilia LeChevallier
Mrs. Charlene Urbancic
Mrs. Charlotte Ernst
Mrs. Cheryl Gadlage
Mrs. Christine Balaty
Mrs. Christine Pawlowski
Mrs. Cindy Masterson
Mrs. Cindy Steltenpohl
Mrs. Clara Fromme
Mrs. Connie Baehl
Mrs. Debbie Vogel
Mrs. Debi Hopkins
Mrs. Donna Karas
Mrs. Donna Murphy
Mrs. Doris Glenn
Mrs. Dorothy Buechler
Mrs. Eileen Goldbach
Mrs. Elaine Robertson
Mrs. Elizabeth Flatt
Mrs. Elizabeth Mohr
Mrs. Gaylene Laubscher
Mrs. Ging Smith
Mrs. Glenda Prechtel
Mrs. Gwen Taylor
Mrs. Irma Schmitt
Mrs. Jacie Brengman
Mrs. Jan Durcholz
Mrs. Jan R Broers
Mrs. Jane Durcholz
Mrs. Janet Rydberg
Mrs. Janice Martin
Mrs. Janie Gayhart
Mrs. Janie Kempf
Mrs. Jeanie Lewis
Mrs. Jen Thacker
Mrs. Jennie Latta
Mrs. Jennifer L. Kluemper
Mrs. Jo Rean Hoffman
Mrs. Joan Stromberg
Mrs. Joanne Haas
Mrs. Josh Kusch
Mrs. Julia Crossley
Mrs. Julia Hurst
Mrs. Julie Lagree
Mrs. Karen D. Kuhlenhoelter
Mrs. Karen L. Blankenberger
Mrs. Karen Thompson
Mrs. Karla Wigand
Mrs. Katherine Seger
Mrs. Katherine Wilderman
Mrs. Kathy A. Hagerdon
Mrs. Kathy Ginter Varnado
Mrs. Kathy Hermann
Mrs. Kathy Mullaney
Mrs. Kathy Riedford
Mrs. Kelly Hedges
Mrs. Kim Kendall
Mrs. Lana Fierst
Mrs. Laura McAninch
Mrs. Leah Haley
Mrs. Linda Freyberger
Mrs. Linda Kaiser-Wessel
Mrs. Linda Schmitt
Mrs. Linda Stasiowski
Mrs. Lisa Dale
Mrs. Lisa Schmidt
Mrs. Lori A. Cassidy
Mrs. Lori Spindler
Mrs. Lorinda Wallace
Mrs. Louise Steckler
Mrs. Lynn Louviere
Mrs. Maggie Niemeier
Mrs. Mande Keusch
Mrs. Margaret Van Alstyne-Hahn
Mrs. Marie P. Freyberger
Mrs. Marilyn Wassmer
Mrs. Martha Howard
Mrs. Mary A. Daugherty
Mrs. Mary Ann Metzner
Mrs. Mary Ann Seng
Mrs. Mary C. Kiesel
Mrs. Mary Ellen Van Dyke
Mrs. Mary Keogel
Mrs. Mary Lou Russler
Mrs. Mary Rahman
Mrs. Mary Winnecke
Mrs. Melinda Weidenbenner
Mrs. Melissa Schaefer
Mrs. Michele Schoenbachler
Mrs. Nancy Federico
Mrs. Nanette Dahlquist
Mrs. Pamela A. Freyberger
Mrs. Pamela M. Giesler Bell
Mrs. Patricia Nixon
Mrs. Patricia Vesper
Mrs. Phyllis Burkholder
Mrs. Regina Soellner
Mrs. Rita Reller
Mrs. Rita Rexing
Mrs. Rose Parsons-Lichlyter
Mrs. Rosina Schuler
Mrs. Ruth E. McDaniel
Mrs. Sally Sternberg
Mrs. Sandra Kays
Mrs. Shawn I. Bender
Mrs. Shelley Weiss
Mrs. Steve Fischer
Mrs. Sue Eck
Mrs. Susan Blume
Mrs. Suzanne R. Knies
Mrs. Tamara Cesare
Mrs. Tamara Schneider
Mrs. Tara Blessinger
Mrs. Tara Cabral
Mrs. Tara Sorg
Mrs. Teresa Kaey
Mrs. Teresa Vallee
Mrs. Theo Stearns
Mrs. Theresa Ecker
Mrs. Virlee Payne
Mrs. Yvonne Westhoff Aisquith
Ms. Phyllis Alspaugh
Ms. Alice Perry
Ms. Alison Luebbehusen
Ms. Amanda Houska
Ms. Amy Michel
Ms. Amy M. Parmer
Ms. Amy Vaughn
Ms. Angela Huffman
Ms. Angela Laesch
Ms. Ann Kunst
Ms. Anna Sorg
Ms. Anna Williamson
Ms. Anne M. Buchanan
Ms. Barbara Morris
Ms. Barbara Samsel
Ms. Barbara Young
Ms. Barbra Rainbolt
Ms. Becky Schmidt
Ms. Beth Ann Willis
Ms. Beth Hendrickson
Ms. Betty Dossett
Ms. Betty Kleinhelter
Ms. Bonnie J. Cain
Ms. Bonnie Worland
Ms. Brenda Ferguson
Ms. Brenda Gehlhausen
Ms. Brenda Taylor
Ms. Brigid Johnson
Ms. Brittany Hopster
Ms. Candace Tobin
Ms. Candy Neal
Ms. Carley Knapp
Ms. Carol Gerleman
Ms. Carol Hugenberg
Ms. Carol Pruim
Ms. Caroline Gainey
Ms. Carolyn Lambert
Ms. Carrie McGraw
Ms. Carrie Weihler
Ms. Catherine Collins
Ms. Catherine Russell
Ms. Cathy Knight
Ms. Cathy Zimmerman
Ms. Cecelia Kruse
Ms. Cecilia Price
Ms. Charlene Adler
Ms. Charmein Weathers
Ms. Cheri Hall
Ms. Cheryl Bolton
Ms. Cheryl Hurst
Ms. Christine M. Hazelip
Ms. Cindy Wehr
Ms. Claire Callahan
Ms. Claire Moorman
Ms. Colleen Smith
Ms. Cookie Barrow
Ms. Courtney Dewees
Ms. Crissy Stevenson
Ms. Cynthia Jacob
Ms. Danielle Klinker
Ms. Dayna Seib
Ms. Deanna Bullock
Ms. Deborah Stenftenagel
Ms. Denise Draper
Ms. Denise Goodman
Ms. Denise Hohler
Ms. Diane Emge
Ms. Diane Knies
Ms. Diane M. Willis
Ms. Diane Schafer
Ms. Donna Eckert
Ms. Donna Marie Goetz
Ms. Elaine Robertson
Ms. Emily Wannemuehler
Ms. Eva Haas
Ms. Gabriela Carrero
Ms. Germain Schuck
Ms. Glenda Inness
Ms. Heidi Weber
Ms. Helen Ohmes
Ms. Holly Walther
Ms. Jackie George
Ms. Jamie Claybrooks
Ms. Jana Knight
Ms. Jane Fichter
Ms. Jane Heilman
Ms. Jane Persohn
Ms. Janet Dauby
Ms. Janet Lubbers
Ms. Janet Schmidt
Ms. Janet Theiring
Ms. Janet Waite
Ms. Janice Lukich
Ms. Jeanette Hammes
Ms. Jeanie Huff
Ms. Jen Rogge
Ms. Jennifer Dolson
Ms. Jennifer Knight
Ms. Jennifer Slade
Ms. Jessica Matick
Ms. Jill Rodes
Ms. Jill Schmitt
Ms. Jill Sorg
Ms. Joan Dilger
Ms. Joan Long
Ms. Joan Reynolds
Ms. JoAnn Goldbach
Ms. Jolinda Moore
Ms. Joyce Gessner
Ms. Joyce Voegerl
Ms. Judith Lund
Ms. Kaitlin Emmert
Ms. Karen Ardel
Ms. Karen Guth
Ms. Karen Jarboe
Ms. Karen Kuhlenhoelter
Ms. Karen Long
Ms. Karen Ubelhor
Ms. Karen Wilkins-Butz
Ms. Kate Bittner
Ms. Katherine M. Filippelli
Ms. Katherine Voytovich
Ms. Kathleen Dixon
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Ms. Linda A. Schmitt
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Ms. Linda Cook
Ms. Lisa Combs
Ms. Lisa Hohler
Ms. Lisa Kite
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Ms. Lita Matrick
Ms. Lori Murphy
Ms. Louis Leppert
Ms. Lucy Neal
Ms. Lynn Krodel
Ms. Lynn R. Schue
Ms. M. Diane Begle
Ms. Maggie Jewitt
Ms. Malana Boris
Ms. Mande Keusch
Ms. Marcie Jacob
Ms. Margaret Marie
Ms. Maria Gomez
Ms. Maria Gonzalez
Ms. Maria Janney
Ms. Marilyn S. Redding
Ms. Marlene A. Paone
Ms. Marlene Merkel
Ms. Mary Altman
Ms. Mary Ann Elizabeth Fawcett
Ms. Mary Ann Huls
Ms. Mary Ann Witte
Ms. Mary Caton
Ms. Mary Fran Cassidy
Ms. Mary Grady
Ms. Mary Haas
Ms. Mary Izor
Ms. Mary Lou Gromley
Ms. Mary Lou Warren
Ms. Mary Schmitt
Ms. Mary Wray
Ms. Maureen Gutgsell
Ms. Melissa Blythe
Ms. Melissa Schaefer
Ms. Melody Summers
Ms. Merannie Rodriguez
Ms. Michele Elpers
Ms. Michelle Ginter
Ms. Michelle Luttrell
Ms. Michelle Reller
Ms. Micki Gress
Ms. Mildred E. Baer
Ms. Millie L. Blemker
Ms. Miranda Mundy
Ms. Misty Orr
Ms. Monie Freeman
Ms. Nan Claire Ross
Ms. Nancy Burton
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Ms. Natalia Balcallo
Ms. Natasha Garcia
Ms. Nicolle Cyrill
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Ms. Romona Camarata
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Ms. Soozi Scheller
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Ms. Susan B. Williams  
Ms. Susan J. Williams
Ms. Tammy Rose
Ms. Tania Dabbs
Ms. Tammy Wessel
Ms. Tara Cabral
Ms. Teresa Bittner
Ms. Teresa Ippoliti
Ms. Theresa Adler Richardson
Ms. Theresa Allen
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Ms. Theresa M. Gootee
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Ms. Toni Reckelhoff
Ms. Tonya Boley
Ms. Trina Maxwell
Ms. Vanessa Covarrubias
Ms. Vicky Connor
Ms. Vicky Wagner
Ms. Vicky Waterbury
Ms. Wanda Englert
Ms. Wanda Stephens
Ms. Wendy Peter
Msgr. Bernard Powers
Newburgh Council Knights of Columbus
Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, Owensboro, IN
Parish of the Immaculate, Owensboro, KY
Pat Probst
Rev. Aaron Pfaff
Rev. Alejandro Puello
Rev. Anthony Vinson, O.S.B.
Rev. Augustine Davis, O.S.B.
Rev. Brandon Williams
Rev. Brian Emmick
Rev. Brian Esarey
Rev. Catesby W. Clay
Rev. Charles Howell
Rev. Christopher Droste
Rev. Claude Burns
Rev. Clifford Vogelsang
Rev. Daniel Whelan
Rev. David Fleck
Rev. Dennis Duvelius
Rev. Dominic Petan
Rev. Dustin Boehm
Rev. Emmanuel Udoh
Rev. Eugene F. Heerdink
Rev. Eugene Schmitt
Rev. Gary Fukes
Rev. Gary Kaiser
Rev. George McInnis, C.P.M.
Rev. J.K. Finnegan
Rev. Jason Gries
Rev. Jean Vogler
Rev. Jeff Hopper
Rev. Jeffrey Read
Rev. John Boeglin
Rev. John Sasse
Rev. Joseph M. Mills
Rev. Joseph Mary Brown, C.S.J.
Rev. Joseph Ziliak
Rev. Julio Barrera
Rev. Mr. Adam Ahern
Rev. Mr. Carl Wertin
Rev. Mr. Daniel  Arechabala
Rev. Mr. Gary Clark
Rev. Mr. Peter Bucalo
Rev. Mr. Shayne Duvall
Rev. Myron Effing, C.J.D.
Rev. Paul Ferguson
Rev. Ralph Schipp
Rev. Raymond Brenner
Rev. Richard Powers
Rev. Richard W. Weltin
Rev. Sengole Thomas Gnanaraj
Rev. Sidney Sidor
Rev. Stanley Pondo
Rev. Thomas Schliessmann
Rev. Timothy Tenbarge
Rev. Tony Ernst
Rev. Travis Stephens
Rev. William Thompson
Rev. William Worgel
Right to Life of Southwest Indiana
Robert E. and Janice C. Harpenau Foundation
Sacred Heart Parish, Schnellville, IN
Sacred Heart Parish, Vincennes, IN
Schwartzkopf Printing, Inc.
Servants of the Gospel of Life, Indianapolis, IN
Sister Geneva Stumler, O.S.B.
Southern Indiana Antique Tractor Club
Sr. Cristina Soyao
Sr. Diane Carollo, S.G.L.
Sr. Jane Nesmith, S.B.S.
Sr. John Mary
Sr. M. Faustina, O.S.F.
Sr. Maria Stella, C.J.D.
Sr. Rosanne Spalding
Sr. Suzanne Sims, OSU
St. Alphonsus Catholic Church, Crossville, TN
St. Anthony of Padua Parish, St. Anthony, IN
St. Bernard Parish, Rockport, IN
St. Celestine Parish, Celestine, IN
St. Ferdinand Parish, Ferdinand, IN
St. Henry Parish, Ferdinand, IN
St. James Parish, Haubstadt, IN
St. James School, Haubstadt, IN
St. John's School, Newburgh, IN
St. Joseph Parish, Jasper, IN
St. Joseph Parish, Princeton, IN
St. Joseph's Construction
St. Luke Parish, Indianapolis, IN
St. Malachy Parish, Geneseo, IL
St. Martin I Parish, Chrisney, IN
St. Mary Magdalene Parish, Owensboro, IN
St. Mary's Grade School, Whitesville, KY
St. Mary's Parish, Edwardsville, IL
St. Mary's Parish, Huntingburg, IN
St. Mary's Parish, New Albany, IN
St. Maximilian Kolbe Catholic Books & Gifts, Owensboro, KY
St. Michael's Parish, Bradford, IN
St. Petronille Church, Glen Ellyn, IL
St. Philip Parish, Evansville, IN
St. Pius V Parish, Troy, IN
St. Raphael Parish, Dubois, IN
St. Thomas Parish, Paducah, KY
Sts. Peter and Paul Parish, Haubstadt, IN
Tell City Deanery, Archdiocese of Indianapolis
Trinity High School, Whitesville, KY
Ursuline Sisters, Precious Blood Parish, Owensboro, KY

If there are mistakes, I apologize. If you notice any, please let us know (sjhf@psci.net).
+ + +

In the past decade, the definition of marriage has been turned completely on its head throughout our society. Along with many other faithful Catholics, God-fearing Christians and Jews, and people of goodwill, we have been one consistent, compassionate, and truthful voice among a multitude working to keep the defintion of marriage between one man and one woman.

As workers in the Lord's garden, sometimes we are preparing the soil, sometimes we are planting the seeds, sometimes we are applying the fertilizer, sometimes we are watering the plants, sometimes we are pulling the weeds, and sometimes we are harvesting the fruit. The most rewarding task is harvesting the fruit.

Although it is the middle of the winter, a recent harvest is the wonderful video documentary on Reen Gutgsell that was just posted to YouTube by Fr. Josh McCarty of Lolek Productions (Lolek was Pope John Paul II's childhood nickname.) I am extremely thankful and honored to be part of Reen's conversion, and to share in a very small way in the production of this documentary.

We hope that you will share this video with everyone who is confused about God's plan for love, marriage, and family. The Holy Spirit continues to work in Reen's life in manifest ways, and I suggest that you keep your radar tuned in to other ways that God will continue to use her to lead others to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ through His Holy Catholic Church.
+ + +

Do you have any prayer requests for us to bring before Our Lord God and Savior, Jesus Christ? Please e-mail them to us (sjhf@psci.net), or, better, join us in Evansville, IN at St. Boniface Catholic Church in the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes for our monthly 2nd Thursday Holy Hour for the Renewal of Catholic Family Life. We begin at 6:30 p.m. on Thurs. Jan. 8, 2015. Dcn. Tom Kempf is scheduled to preside and to preach.adore3_comp

Many of you are not physically able to join us in Evansville, but could you start a Holy Hour, with Eucharistic Adoration and Benediction, in your local diocese or parish to happen at the same time that we pray for the renewal of Catholic family life? With the World Meeting of Families in September and the Ordinary Syond of Bishops on the Family in October, 2015 is looking to be an Amazing Year for the Family. We need to support these efforts with intense and consistent prayer and fasting.

If you can schedule another time in an adjoining diocese or archdiocese, please let us know so that we can let others know about it and so that some of us might be able to join you.

Much is happening, and God wants to do so much more. Please let Him do it through you.

St. John Neumann, pray for the U.S.
Pope St. John Paul II, pray for St. Joseph's Holy Family, Inc.
Blessed Louis and Zelie Martin, pray for us and for the renewal of Catholic family life.
St. Joseph, provide and protect all of the families mentioned in this e-mail.
Our Lady, Star of the New Evangelization, pray for the Handmaids and Servants of the Gardener to be faithful missionaries of the Risen Lord Jesus.

God's PEACE!


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