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www.adb.org/Integrity Special Issue, December 2013
Feature: ADB Celebrates International Anticorruption Day 2013

Say no to corruption

December 9 is International Anticorruption Day. This year’s International Anticorruption Day Celebrations highlighted the efforts of ADB’s resident missions (RM) and developing member countries (DMC) to strengthen countries’ integrity systems and anticorruption efforts. It also introduced ADB’s efforts to promote effective engagement by civil society in strengthening good governance and reducing corruption in their countries.

During the main event, ADB President Takehiko Nakao emphasized the importance of every staff member's individual responsibility to fight corruption.  ADB’s keynote speakers for the main event were:

 Dr. Sania Nishtar, Founder and President of Heartfile, 

Dr. Sania Nishtar - Former Federal Minister, Government of Pakistan and Founder and President of Heartfile, a non-profit health sector NGO think tank whose primary focus is catalyzing change through policy analysis and innovative solutions in improving health systems in Pakistan.  She talked about her advocacy towards strengthening and making health policy inclusive through the promotion of good governance and elimination of anticorruption in the health sector of Pakistan.   See Presentation.
Congresswoman Leni Robredo
Hon. Ma. Leonor "Leni" Gerona-Robredo - Member of the Philippine House of Representatives.  She gave insight on how her late husband former Department of Interior and Local Government Secretary Jesse Robredo, dedicated his personal and public life to public service and the fight against corruption through the promotion of transparency, accountability, civil society participation, and good performance of local governments, and how she is continuing this work.  Read more.

Learning Events
In the week leading up to International Anticorruption Day, the Office of Anticorruption and Integrity and the Regional and Sustainable Development Department coordinated with other departments in ADB to carry out a series of learning events in ADB headquarters that showcase the anticorruption efforts of ADB, its DMCs, and external organizations.
David Binns iACT 2013:  iACT Together

David Binns, Director, Office of Anticorruption and Integrity (OAI), ADB

David presented the story so far of ADB’s collective action and fight against corruption. He discussed this year's focus on the role of RMs and DMCs in fighting corruption, and introduced civil society engagement in upholding the highest ethical/integrity standards in ADB’s work.

GACAP II: What is it? How should it be done?

Sandra Nicoll,  Director, Regional and Sustainable Development Department (RSDD)

Tariq Niazi, Principal Public Management Specialist RSDD, ADB

Elizabeth Fischelis, Senior Public Management Specialist, RSDD, ADB

Yesim M. Elhan-Kayalar, Principal Public Management Specialist, Central and West Asia Department (CWRD), ADB

Emma Veve,  Principal Economist, Pacific Department (PARD), ADB
ADB's Second Governance and Anticorruption Action Plan (GACAP II) aims to improve ADB's performance in the implementation of governance and anticorruption policies. In this learning event, staff from RSDD and operational departments shared their experiences and insights on how to best use GACAP II to help strengthen national governance systems and address governance risks in ADB’s priority sectors in operations. 
Sean O' Sullivan and Kathleen Moktan

Delivering Outcomes: The Role of Fiduciary Risk Management - "Can we really control everything?"
Sean O’Sullivan, Director General, Operations Services and Financial Management Department (OSFMD), ADB
Manmohan Parkash, Advisor, OSFMD and Head,  Operations Management Unit, OSOM, ADB

Barry Reid, Principal Financial Management Specialist, OSFMD, ADB        

Kathleen Moktan, Senior Advisor (Financial Management), OSFMD, ADB 
Panel Discussion 1:  Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Panel of Experts:

Xiaoqin Fan, Principal Planning and Policy Economist, SPPI; Norman LaRoque, Senior Education Specialist, SEHS; Cheong Ann Png, Senior Counsel, OGC; Ayako Inagaki, Principal Social Sector Specialist, SAHS; Joel Syquia, Senior Procurement Specialist, OSP2

Panel Discussion 2: Transitioning to Effective Risk Management

Panel of Experts:  

Simon Bradbury, Controller, CTL; Sean O’Sullivan, Director General, OSFMD; Clare Wee, Head, OAI; Ashraf Mohammed, Assistant General Counsel, OGC; Debra Kertzman, Director, SPPI

OSFMD Director General Sean O'Sullivan opened the forum,  emphasizing the need to balance efficiency, effectiveness, and fiduciary comfort while noting the relevance of fiduciary risk management to deliver outcomes. Staff highlighted the need to improve outcome achievement and efficiency, reduce administrative burdens on DMCs, and maintain fiduciary comfort.  See program.
Ear Dupuy
Tackling Corruption: CSO-led ICT Initiatives

Haidy Ear-Dupuy, Social Development Specialist (Civil Society and Participation), NGO, Civil Society and Participation (NGOC),  RSDD, ADB

Lani Azarcon, Senior Operations Officer, World Bank

RSDD's Haidy Ear-Dupuy and World Bank's Lani Azarcon presented on how civil society in various Asian countries are using technology to  crowdsource information,  report on service  delivery, and empower citizens to have a voice in governance.
Effectively used Information Communication Technology (ICT) tools can be a powerful instrument to support the creation of public goods--- fighting corruption.

OAI-PPRR: Enhancing  Project Implementation

Mr. Hari Prasad Pandey, Under Secretary,  Ministry of Finance, Government  of Nepal

Juan Miranda, Director General, Specialist South Asia Department (SARD), ADB

Gambhir Bhatta, Principal Knowledge Management Specialist, SARD, ADB

Caridad Ortega, Integrity Specialist, OAI, ADB

Narendra Chand, Senior Procurement Officer, Nepal Resident Mission, ADB
The speakers shared  insights and lessons learned on mitigating fraud and corruption in projects from recent OAI-Project Procurement-Related Review recommendations for Nepal
Eric Sidgwich Cambodia and Anticorruption: Reflections from the Field

Eric Sidgwick, Country Director, ADB Cambodia Resident Mission

In a country with weak but strengthening governance and a strong potential for sustained growth and poverty reduction, CARM Country Director Eric Sidgwick shared how ADB has been supporting the Government’s governance reform agenda and applying good governance framework, including anticorruption safeguards, in all ADB projects in Cambodia.
Hans Van Rijn
Looking Ahead: How Could Civil Society Play a Larger Role in ADB's Anticorruption and Transparency Work

Heidi Mendoza, Commissioner, Commission on Audit of the Philippines

Vivien Suerte-Cortez, Country Innovations Manager, ANSA East Asia and the Pacific Foundation

Eric Sidgwick, Country Director, ADB Cambodia Resident Mission

Hans van Rijn, Principal Evaluation Specialist, Independent Evaluation Department (IED), ADB

Jesper Pedersen, Senior Procurement Specialist, OSFMD and Southeast Asia Department (SERD), ADB

Philippine COA’s Heidi Mendoza and ANSA-EAP’s Vivien Suerte joined SERD, OSFMD, and IED in showcasing how two key development actors, the public sector and civil society, are working together under a common interest and shared commitment of ensuring that public funds are used for their intended purpose.

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