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www.adb.org/Integrity Special Issue, December 2012

Feature: ADB Celebrates International Anticorruption Day 2012

iAct KeepGoing logo only 300 pixels 2In the run-up to International Anticorruption Day 2012 [link to UNODC website], which is officially on 9 December, ADB organized a week-long series of presentations, during which ADB staff members from different departments spoke of their efforts to uphold integrity in ADB projects and activities. During the main celebration event on 10 December, President Kuroda commended staff for their efforts in 2012 to ensure that ADB funds were used for their intended purpose. 

Dasho Neten Zangmo, Chairperson of the Anticorruption Dasho Netenn ZangmoCommission of Bhutan, was the keynote speaker of the event and shared her personal and country’s experiences and lessons learned in its fight against corruption.

This year’s theme iACT – Let’s keep up the fight was chosen to support continued engagement by ADB staff in the fight against corruption. In 2012, ADB staff demonstrated serious commitment to integrity, which resulted in record numbers of integrity-related actions by staff Bank-wide (submission of complaints and integrity-related preventive measures, such as due diligence/conflict-of-interest checks).

Learning Events
ADB's International Anticorruption Day 2012 Celebration kicked off with a series of learning events

Clare Wee “iACT: Why act? Because you matter"

Clare Wee
Director, OAI

Increased staff engagement in preventing and catching integrity violations in ADB projects and activities has made a huge difference in keeping the fight against corruption.   OAI Director Clare Wee summarized the effects of iACT over the last 12 months, highlighting successful collaboration between OAI and operations departments in preventing fraud in ADB projects. 
Mary Greenhow Integrity Due Diligence: Black Lists, Grey Lists, Strategically Deficient Countries

Mary Greenhow, Senior Counsel, OGC
Mira Davidovski, Senior Counsel, OGC

Certain key issues underlie integrity due diligence, including the impact of Financial Action Task Force (FATF) “black lists” and “grey lists” on integrity due diligence (IDD).  Office of the General Counsel's (OGC) Mary Greenhow presented on how ADB's staff and departments are exercising due diligence to protect its reputation and integrity.  OGC's Mira Davidovski discussed the global framework for fighting money laundering, financing of terrorism, and ADB's role, including AML compliance.    
Genevieve Abel When Bad Contracts Happen to Good Projects

Genevieve Abel
ncoming Senior Portfolio Management Specialist (Integrity) CWOD-PSS

Despite best project designs, ADB's development impact depends on goods and services under the project.  Incoming Central West Asia Regional Department (CWRD) staff, Genevieve Abel,  presented projects with poor contracts and proposed steps for project staff to focus on development results, not contract terminations.  There are ways to mitigate red flags identified during project implementation.

Lorraine Wang-Reyes, Sofia Shakil and Edzen Garcia ed
SAHS shares recent experience of OAI's Spot Review: Value, Outcome, and Synergies

Sofia Shakil
Social Sector Specialist, SAHS

 H. Lorraine Wang-Reyes
 Principal Integrity Specialist, OAI
Edzen Garcia
Integrity Officer, OAI

Identifying gaps in procurement, financial management, and asset inspection of an education sector project can strengthen country systems.  Human and Social Development Division (SAHS), South Asia Department's (SARD) Sofia Shakil and OAI's Lorraine Wang-Reyes and Edzen Garcia explained how SARD and OAI joined forces to identify gaps in an education sector project in Sri Lanka.  A spot review was conducted and an action plan was developed to improve the capacity of the project and address longer-term implications for procurement and financial management improvements in the education sector.
Claudia Buentjen Moving from Risk Assessments to Risk Mitigation. Innovative Project Designs from the Philippine Program

Claudia Buentjen, Principal Country Specialist, Philippine Country Office, SERD
Jeffrey M. Miller, Principal Transport Specialist,  SETC

Promoting anticorruption as a core priority of a government’s political agenda opens up avenues for citizens to engage.  Southeast Asia Department's (SERD) Claudia Buentjen and Jeffrey Miller highlighted  two Technical Assistance Projects  aimed at supporting CSOs in mitigating corruption risks in procurement, budget preparation, and execution in the Philippines.
Philip Erquiaga and Michael Barrow Innovation, Impact, and Integrity in PSOD Non-sovereign Transactions

Philip C. Erquiaga, Director General, PSOD
Michael Barrow, Director, PSIF1

Private Sector Operations Department (PSOD) Director General Philip Erquiaga highlighted the importance of due diligence within ADB's private sector operations. Infrasturcture Finance Division 1 (PSIF1) Director Mike Barrow presented a case study where extensive and complex field investigations have helped form ADB's private sector due diligence framework.

Haidy Ear-Dupuy Creating Demand for Anti-Corruption - Citizen's Roles

Haidy Ear-Dupuy
Social Development Specialist, NGOC

Citizens have a vital role in fighting corruption.  NGO and Civil Society Center's (NGOC) Haidy Ear-Dupuy presented on the importance of citizens' civic education, awareness building, and engagement in monitoring the quality of community services. Lessons learned on engaging citizens to fight corruption and their participation in the development process werediscussed.

Stephen Groff, Kathleen Moktan and Sean O'Sullivan
Mini fiduciary forum: Due diligence in the project cycle - what are we missing?

Stephen P. Groff, Vice President (Operations 2), Simon Bradbury, Controller, CTL, Kathleen Moktan, Senior Advisor (Financial Management), COSO, Sean O’Sullivan, Principal Director, COSO, Sandra Nicoll, Director, RSGP and Chair, Governance and Public Mangement Community of Practice,  Ignatius Santoso, Director, COS1, Rune Stroem, Director, CWEN, Hans Carlsson, Advisor and Head, Portfolio, Results and Quality Control Unit, SAOD, Manmohan Parkash, Advisor, COSO and Head, Portfolio Management Unit, COSO, Rudolf Frauendorfer, Lead Urban Development Specialist,  Eric Gagnon, Principal Procurement Specialist, COS2, H. Lorraine Wang-Reyes, Principal Integrity Specialist, OAI, Raushan Mamatkulov, Senior Urban Development Specialist, EASS, and Hayden Everett, Financial Sector Specialist (Public Finance), PARD

ADB’s operating environment is changing. The challenge now is to better identify, assess and manage the fiduciary risks associated with these changes, while at the same time reducing administrative burdens on borrowers. Convened by Central Operations Services Office (COSO), the forum considered these risks and potential responses.
Emil Bolongaita
Do accountability agencies matter for inclusive growth?

Emil Bolongaita
Public Management Specialist, SAPF
SARD's Emil Bolongaita presented a comparative analysis of anticorruption agencies in Southeast and South Asia; and sought to explore where, when, and how they may impact on inclusive growth.


Commissioner Kezang Jamtsho
Investigators' Insight into two ADB funded projects in Bhutan

Commissioner Kezang Jamtsho
The Anti-Corruption Commission, Bhutan

The presentation by Commissioner Kezang Jamtscho of The Anti-Corruption Commission of Bhutan examined the contract supervision structure and how the inadequacies in oversight led to inefficiencies, cost overruns in two ADB funded projects


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