What does it mean to be ARGUS Platinum?
Curt Pavlicek
Curt Pavlicek, CEO of Pinnacle Aviation, knows what it takes to be the "best of the best."

As one of the premier charter operators in the industry, Pinnacle Aviation achieved their primary objective of becoming an ARGUS Platinum Rated charter operator, the most recognized symbol of quality and operational excellence in the world!

Discover the value of being ARGUS Rated first-hand from Pinnacle Aviation.

Q: Why did you pursue an ARGUS Platinum Rating?
"We’ve been in business for over 27 years and have always endeavored to exceed the standards set by the governing bodies.  The aviation industry is heavily regulated, however not every charter operator meets the same safety standards.  By proactively pursuing comprehensive ARGUS audits and ratings, we’ve certified our operational processes for our most important stakeholders, including; our jet owners who’ve entrusted their assets to us; our employees and pilots within our company; and every charter client, past, present and future.  They know they’ve put their trust in a diligent and safe charter operator."  

Q: How would you describe the Platinum audit process? 
"Our operations team found the audit process to be very professional and thorough.  The ARGUS auditors came prepared and conducted a comprehensive evaluation of our entire charter operation and maintenance team. It is an intensive process, but well worth it."

Q: How has achieving ARGUS Platinum helped your company grow?
"The aviation industry has hundreds of companies offering air charter services.  Charter operators without the ARGUS Platinum rating are at a clear disadvantage.  While there are some charter customers who don’t investigate who they are entrusting to fly them, most do.  Our ARGUS Platinum rating confirms for our stakeholders that our safety processes have been scrutinized by a reputable third party organization and that we meet the highest safety standards.  Certainly, for some of our customers, we would not have been considered without the ARGUS Platinum rating."

Q: What are some of the best benefits of being an ARGUS Platinum Rated Operator?
"Running an efficient charter operation requires exceptional teamwork among groups of our employees who are often working in separate areas or separate cities.  The maintenance team, the charter services team, and the pilots are all working to deliver a safe and customer friendly experience.  The audits that result in our ARGUS Platinum rating confirm to our employees they can be confident in the integrity of the operational processes of their teammates.  The confidence our employees convey is recognized and appreciated by our customers – that very often results in our customers referring Pinnacle Aviation’s services to their family, friends and associates."
Pinnacle Aviation

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