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February 7, 2013
Puna Pono Alliance
Letting Puna be Puna

Community Meeting at Akebono Theater in Pahoa Saturday Feb. 9th at 4pm

Please join us.  We are very lucky to have some great people speaking:

One of the leading experts on Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) health effects in the US and maybe the world Dr Kaye Kiburn is coming from the mainland to talk to the community (you) about H2S, health impacts, and his proposed health study....

Harry Kim,
former mayor and long time civil defense director, will talk about
what he has been doing and progress in repealing Act 97. Harry has been to Oahu four times as well as Maui, and Moloka'i, since the last community meeting. He has helped us raise awareness and build support across the state. Puna Pono Alliance and Harry Kim have put geothermal development in Hawaii front and center at state legislature. We have their attention and now we need your continued support to make sure they listen.

We will have a Puna Pono Alliance member, Tom Travis speaking about Enhanced Geothermal Systems. FRACKING geothermal as we are  calling it, also known as Hydroshearing. We are still learning about this. Is fracking geothermal coming to Hawaii? All those people who think geothermal projects were going to be isolated to lower Puna better sit up and take notice.  Fracking geothermal could be coming to your neighborhood, and affect your water aquifer and air.. The cat is out of the bag.

Please help us get the word out about this meeting and encourage your family, friends and neighbors to join us.

Geothermal Health Study meeting at HAAS on Sunday 10th at 1pm until 5pm
On February 10th the Adler health study group will be meeting from 1:00pm - 5:00pm. The meeting location for this meeting has been changed to HAAS (makai of Hwy 130, Pahoa Post Office road) This is the second of a series of study group meetings commissioned by Hawaii County R&D Dept, facilitated by Dr. Adler to investigate health issues associated with geothermal in the community.  The meeting may include teleconferences with doctors from the East Coast (Dr. Ninu Quirk), and the Marshal Islands (Dr Sam Ruben was the DOH doctor here during some of the accidents. He documented some of the impacts) and Dr Kilburn will be there.  The public is welcome to observe and there is likely to be time for questions from the public at the end of the session.

Puna rocked the Repeal Act 97 Hawaii County Council Resolution  

Many of you will have probably heard we had a good turn out for the Repeal Act 97 Resolution at the county council. We want to thank everyone that helped get the word out, it worked. Over 80 people signed up to testify. The council got the message, and the resolution passed by unanimous vote. We had drummers and dancers out in Pahoa and that really raised the awareness of what was going on as everyone in the shopping center was talking about it.

Thank you all for supporting us, it really raised awareness in the community. The testimony given was excellent, We are continually  impressed with how well people in the community understand this issue. Harry Kim drove all the way to Kona just to look them in the eye when he testified. He drove back to Hilo, and they were still taking testimony, after which Brenda Ford called him back up to talk about Act 97.

This resolution is
very important in supporting the effort to repeal  Act 97 currently in progress at the state legislatureThank you everyone for all the work that has gone in to get to this point.  HB106 passed to second reading and will need your continued support and testimony before it can pass to law.

Come to our community meetings to hear more about these and other efforts to protect Puna and the whole of Hawaii.

Stay informed, participate and please pass this email on... 

If you wish to stay informed about community action and receive the Puna Pono Alliance Newsletter and Bob Petricci's Updates directly, email with NEWSLETTER in the subject line.

Visit our website or drop by our educational booth at Maku'u Farmers Market on Sunday mornings for the next few weeks to learn more about all these issues and more.

We sometimes ask for people to come out and support us with testimony, especially when important legislation is being passed. This can be done in person or by email. If you have never given testimony but would like to, we can guide you in this process. It is an empowering thing to do and an action that is of immense value when it comes to passing legislation. When the people speak en masse, the politicians listen!

If you want to get involved, there are lots of ways to help. If you have a skill that would be useful, have questions, want information, can donate time or money or want to come to our weekly meetings, please contact
or call (808) 339-4344

Puna Pono Alliance needs funds to keep up the fight for Puna, please contribute by credit card or Paypal at or by check to PO Box 492-668, Keaau, Hi 96749.

If you are getting this newsletter from a friend and would like to receive it yourself directly, please email with  "Newsletter", in the subject line.

Puna Pono Alliance
A Community group working for Puna and Hawai'i
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Puna Pono Alliance
PO Box 492-668
Keaau, Hawaii 96749

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