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January 16, 2013
Puna Pono Alliance
Letting Puna be Puna

A Powerful New Year!

Evidence is mounting of a growing momentum throughout Hawaii to repeal Act 55 that brought the PLDC Public Land Development Corporation into being in 2012.

Yesterday January 15 2013 marked the coming together of a new group for Hawaii whose initial primary motivation is to repeal Act 55. 
This network will be known as The Hawaii Alliance.

A landmark meeting was held in Honolulu yesterday. Proudly The Puna Pono Alliance was one of the initiators of this important strategy and networking meeting. 
It brought together activists and key individuals building solidarity between all the Hawaiian Islands uniting us in the cause of repealing Act 55. 

The meeting began at the Capitol with addresses by various legislators including our own Senator Russell Ruderman and Council-member Margaret Wille. 

The legislators let delegates know what they are planning in the coming months regarding the repeal of Act 55 and how we can help them achieve this objective.

The second part of the meeting, the strategy session, included a keynote address by Harry Kim. There was also a short presentation by the new political movement AiKea that achieved so much on Ohau during the recent election.

We are excited by the coming together of so many activists for this cause and sent Bob Petricci, Lance Duncan and Barb Cuttance as our delegates.

The Cost of Saving Puna

Funding is becoming a major issue for Puna Pono Alliance especially with the cost of travel to Ohau and printing costs.

Recently Beverly Frederick organized a very successful fundraiser at Hawaiian Sanctuary for which we are very grateful. We plan to have other fundraising efforts in the future.

With the challenge to repeal Act 55 and hopefully Act 97 there has been a need for travel by key people in the organization. There may continue to be some need for travel although we are hopeful to be able to limit this. 

The landmark meeting yesterday came about directly as a result of Bob Petricci, Tom Travis and Barb Cuttance's trip to Ohau just prior to Christmas; we believe that yesterdays meeting will have far reaching effects.

We are currently not in a position to be able to cover all the costs of travel for this meeting and are asking for your help with this.

Shortly we will begin having a weekly stand at the Makuu Market and are in need of funds to enable this to happen. There are printing costs associated with doing this as well as stand costs. We see this as an important activity as there are still many people in Puna who are unaware of the issues surrounding geothermal power generation in Puna. We believe it is important to continue to have a strong outreach into the community about this.

Please contribute to help us help Puna, by credit card or paypal at  or by check to PO Box 492-668, Keaau, Hi 96749

Health study call to action...
Dr Alder does not think there are many health complaints. We need to ensure that he is made aware off all those people who believe their health issues are due to the blow out, accidents, drilling, noise or issues that "may" be related to geothermal. 

Puna Pono Alliance has prepared a simple online form to help document health complaints in the community at the link below.
Please fill in and share these forms with anyone that has or has had health complaints over the history of the plants, well drilling, and testing in Puna.  This includes everyone that sued for damages.  

or download a PDF of the form at this link. 

Last Saturday Jan 12th the Peter Adler health study group met for the first of five meetings. The meeting was held at the Pahoa Community Center 9:00am - 3:30pm. About 25 community members attended the meeting as observers and gave testimony at the end of the meeting.

The next meeting date has not been announced yet. Expect to see and email update from Bob Petricci as soon as we know what the next date is.

There are three members of the Puna Pono Alliance participating in the study group meetings. Tom and Laura Travis and Bob Petricci.

Public comments were heard from 3:00 - 4.30pm....This is the study into whether there needs to be a health study to find out whether residents health has been impacted by PGV or HGP-A.

The public is welcome to observe these meetings but will not be able to ask questions or comment until 3:00pm. If you want to see what we are doing or comment please come. You do not have to attend the rest of the meeting to speak but the comment period may be short so if you want to address the group be there by 3:00pm.

Save this date...January 23

Please mark your calendar to support an important resolution being brought to the Hawaii County Council by Council-member Brenda Ford. This resolution is asking for the repeal of Act 97 and encourages all other County Councils throughout the state to also pass this resolution calling for the state to repeal Act 97.

Act 97 allows geothermal drilling anywhere in Hawaii, and takes away home rule of the counties. The resolution will come up on January 23 at the Hawaii County Council. Puna Pono Alliance would like to show strong support for this resolution and ask that you mark your calendar for this meeting. More information to follow.

Recent Windward Planning Commission Meeting

At the Windward Planning Commission meeting on January 10 the commission asked the Planning Director Billy Jean Leithead Todd to draft a new rule to allow the Planning Commission to use the Asset Fund to fund a health study for Puna. More about this later as information comes to hand.


Please Pass On This Email 

If you wish to stay informed about community action and receive the Puna Pono Alliance Newsletter and Bob Petricci's Updates directly, email with NEWSLETTER in the subject line.

We sometimes ask for people to come out and support us with testimony, especially when important legislation is being passed. This can be done in person or by email. If you have never given testimony but would like to, we can guide you in this process. It is an empowering thing to do and an action that is of immense value when it comes to passing legislation. When the people speak en masse, the politicians listen!

Puna Pono Alliance needs funds to keep up the fight for Puna, please contribute by credit card or paypal at  or by check to PO Box 492-668, Keaau, Hi 96749

If you want to help in other ways please call (808) 339-4344 

Puna Pono Alliance
A Community group working for Puna and Hawai'i
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