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February 9, 2014
Puna Pono Alliance
Letting Puna be Puna

This coming week is really important for Puna at the State, we need your help!

In brief this is what is needed to support PPA at the State – more detailed information below.

  1. Write testimony in strong support of SB2940 (Ban Fracking)

  2. Write testimony in strong support of HB2359 (Ban Fracking).

  3. Write testimony in strong support of HB1766 (Repeal Act 97)

  4. Write testimony in opposition to HB2639, pointing out that  HB1766 is a much stronger bill.

  5. Write testimony in opposition to SB2663 (Senator Malama Solomon's permitting bill) until it incorporates amendments that will be submitted by Bob Petricci and supported by Senator Ruderman.  These amendments will make SB2663 accomplish our goals of restoring contested case, restoring county permitting, restoring geothermal sub-zones, and implementing the recommendations of the Geothermal Public Health Assessment Report (the Adler Report).

  6. Write testimony to strongly oppose HB1584. It combines the worst elements of past geothermal law with the PLDC type "streamlining".

More detailed information:   We need your urgent testimony on several bills (below) and an email, phone and fax campaign to urge the Senate Water and Land Committee to hear SB3021 to repeal Act 97 and restore contested cases.

The big ones are SB2940 and HB2359, please testify in STRONG SUPPORT to these Anti Fracking bills.                                                       There are other bills that are also very important.

The State website makes it really simple for you to be a part of the legislative process . We are providing Talking Points on each of the bills below to help you help us all. It's ok also to just give a very brief testimony saying you strongly oppose or support a bill without using any talking points.


GO  to submit testimony.

Sign in at the top - (the first time, you'll need to create a password.)

Click on the "Submit Testimony" icon.

Type the Bill number in the box and click on "Submit." Click on "support" or "oppose"

Click on "Individual" (Unless you are submitting testimony on behalf of a bonafide Organization.)

Add comments if you wish or attach written testimony form your browser

Click on "Next" Check small box at the bottom

Press Submit again and you will get a "Successful" message. (A copy of your testimony will be emailed back to you.)

SB2940 and HB2359 – both Anti Fracking Bills.

SB2940 - Relating to the environment

Talking Points for SB2940:

This document Geothermal Fracking, Hydro Shearing, and Hydraulic Fracturing” available at has some excellent Talking Points on SB2940

Your testimony “strong support' needs to be submitted by 1.15pm this Tuesday Feb 11 for SB2940.

Please also testify in “strong support” of SB2940's companion bill in the House HB2359


RELATING TO THE ENVIRONMENT. - Conservation; Mining and Materials; Hydraulic Fracturing

Testimony in “strongly support” of HB2359 is needed by 8.40am Wednesday Feb 12.

Talking Points for HB2359:

This document Geothermal Fracking, Hydro Shearing, and Hydraulic Fracturing” available at has some excellent Talking Points on HB2359.

Help needed to reinstate contested cases and county permitting.

These bills are all Act 97 related.


Testimony needed, by Feb 12, 8.40am.

PPA strongly supports this bill.

Talking Points for HB1766:

This document Setting Planning Right—Repeal Act 97 and Restore Contested Case” available a has some excellent Talking Points on HB1766.

* * * * * * * * * *

HB2639 HD1 - Relating to Geothermal Resource Development

Testimony needed, by Feb 12, 8.40am.

Testimony should STRONGLY OPPOSE HB2639 HD1 and strongly support passing HB1766 which would reinstate Contested Cases and County Permitting.

Use same talking points as HB1766 above: say you appose this bill because it does not do the things discussed in talking points. You could also simply just testify in Strong Opposition to it without the need to use talking points.

* * * * * * * * * *


This is a VERY BAD bill in its present form. 

Please "oppose it strongly" and request that they pass 

SB3021 instead or include the permitting and contested case parts of that bill, in SB2663.

Use same talking points as HB1766 above: Strongly oppose SB2663 unless they amend it to include the provisions of SB3021.

* * * * * * * * * *

HB1584 - Construction Industry Task Force

Testimony is required by Monday Feb 10, 8.15am.

Testimony should strongly oppose HB 1584.  

Talking Points:

  • It combines the worst elements of past geothermal law with the PLDC type "streamlining".

  • Purporting to establish a renewable energy facility siting process based on Appendix L of the Construction Industry Task Force Recommendations resulting from 2009 Senate Concurrent Resolution 132, the bill appears to overlook the existence of HRS Chapter 201N by its failure to be formatted to show statutory changes.

  • This is a very dangerous bill and should not advance. Please hold this bill.

Harry Kim needs our help to get the Senate Repeal Act 97 Bill heard.

We urgently need a polite but insistent email, phone and fax campaign insisting that Senator Solomon, Chair of the Water and Land Committee and Senator Gabbard, Chair of the Energy and Environment Committee hear SB3021.

Please request that they both schedule a hearing for this important bill.

Tell them it's only right that the people in Hawaii who currently live with geothermal energy production have the opportunity to be a part of the process to decide on the permitting process and the right to contested cases on geothermal. These rights were taken away by Act 97. SB3021 is the only bill that does this.


Geothermal Resources Development; Subzones; Public Health Assessments

Restores, amends, and repeals certain statutory provisions relating to geothermal energy production that were repealed or enacted by Act 97, SLH 2012, including the restoration of geothermal resource subzones. Establishes a permitting process for geothermal resources development. Requires BLNR and the counties to implement the recommendations of the 2013 Final Report of the Geothermal Public Health Assessment Study Group prior to issuing permits for future geothermal development.

(The full bill is available )

Water and Land Committee

Chair: Senator Solomon, Senate District 4, phone: 808-586-7335, fax: 808-586-7339,

Vice Chair: Senator Galuteria, Senate District 12, phone: 808-586-6740, fax: 808-586-6829,

Senator Dela Cruz, Senate District 22, phone: 808-586-6090, fax: 808-586-6091,

Senator Ihara, Senate District 10, phone: 808-586-6250, fax: 808-586-6251,

Senator Ruderman, Senate District 2, phone: 808-586-6890, fax: 808-586-6899,

Senator Shimabukuro, Senate District 21, phone: 808-586-7793, fax: 808-586-7797,

Senator Taniguchi, Senate District 11, phone: 808-586-6460, fax: 808-586-6461,

Senator Thielen, Senate District 25, phone: 808-587-8388, fax: 808-587-7240

Energy and Environment Committee

Chair: Senator Gabbard, Senate District 20, phone:  808-586-6830, fax: 808-586-6679,

Vice Chair: Senator Ruderman, Senate District 2, phone: 808-586-6890, fax: 808-586-6899,

Senator Chun Oakland, Senate District 13, phone:  808-586-6130, fax: 808-586-6131,

Senator Slom, Senate District 9, phone: 808-586-8420, 

fax: 808-586-8426,

Senator Ihara, Senate District 10, phone: 808-586-6250, 

fax: 808-586-6251,

Please also copy your email to all senators:


If you wish to stay informed about geothermal community action, receive the Puna Pono Alliance Newsletter and Bob Petricci''s Updates directly, email with NEWSLETTER in the subject line.

Visit our website for information about Fracking (Enhanced Geothermal), Geothermal, making testimony at the Senate, House, and County,'s a great resource!

We sometimes ask for people to come out and support us with testimony, especially when important legislation is being passed. This can be done in person, in writing, by email or video.
If you have never given testimony but would like to, we can guide you in this process. It's an empowering thing to do and an action that is of immense value when it comes to passing legislation. When the 'we the people speak' en masse, the politicians listen! 

Visit the Puna Pono Alliance booth at Maku''u Market on Sundays, and pick up information and a T shirt. Talk to your neighbors, work colleagues, family and friends about the future you want for Puna. 

If you have an organization that you are a part of and would like to have PPA do a presentation please email with details. 

If you want to get involved, there are lots of ways to help. Come to the Tuesday Meeting at HAAS, 15-1397 Homestead Road, Pahoa, at 4.30pm and get involved.
If you have a skill that would be useful, have questions, or want information, please contact the secretary at or 808 339 4344.

Puna Pono Alliance needs funds to keep up the fight for Puna, please contribute by credit card or Paypal at or by check to PO Box 492-668, Keaau, HI 96749. All checks should be made out to Puna Pono Alliance.

Puna Pono Alliance
A Community group working for Puna and Hawai''i

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Puna Pono Alliance
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