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As Easy As 2 Steps!


The Solarium Network business is based on a 100% Success Rate Platform and we back that up with 100% Performance-Driven Guarantee. Further, all Solarium transactions (SDR Package Orders) are within an Escrow environment. *Experience this for yourself as you engage with Solarium!

After you are registered with Solarium and are logged in; simply follow the easy instructions that are displayed in your Solarium BackOffice and secure your position with the qualified 3rd Party MLM Company.
With the said qualified MLM company (located in your Solarium Backoffice) you can earn your home income with NO RECRUITING, NO SELLING, NO MONTHLY FEES, and is based on your own activities in your own account! Get PAID to do the things that you enjoy doing online (they call it "Qubing"): e.g. Watch Videos, Play Video Games, Download Apps, Give Product Opinions, Give Product Feedbacks via Surveys, and more.

"The Core Business Model is NOT based on the amount of money people is based on the amount of money people EARN". 

You can earn a minimum of $500 per month (doing your "Qubes"). *Depending on your level of time commitment, you can earn substantially more per month (without having to bother anyone you know).

*You can also choose to purchase products you NEED & LOVE (that saves you money & time) to satisfy your "Qubing" requirements for your income. *Please see the details in your Solarium BackOffice (located under MLM Company: Information & Resource Center).

When you are ready;

Simply engage with Solarium's valuable service to empower your account with Solarium Direct Referrals (SDRs) that are placed into your Downline (on your behalf) to maximize your earnings potential. With SDR, you can grow your Downline systematically and automatically! 

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