Denial's in the Mail: Who got the deniers' packet?
Dear Evan,

Around Halloween, teachers across America got a scary surprise: a leading climate change denial organization mailed out thousands of packets filled with material to misinform and confuse teachers about climate change. To defend science education, support teachers, and protect children, NCSE needs your help to track the spread of this mailing.

The mailing sent to teachers
The mailing sent to teachers nationwide includes:
  • a pseudoscientific booklet mimicking a genuine scientific report on climate change (but filled with long-debunked denialist claims),
  • a letter urging teachers to "use that work to inform your thinking—and your students—on this important issue,"
  • a chance for teachers to win $500 if they give the packet their time and attention.
Teachers can tell us whether or not they got this misleading packet by filling out a form on NCSE's website.

Fill out a report on NCSE's website to tell us whether or not you received the mailing.

This packet is a sneaky attack on our children and their future, our teachers, and our schools. Our children have a right to the best science on climate change, probably the greatest challenge their generation will confront. This packet would deny them that right by misinforming, confusing, and spooking their teachers.

The packet also attacks science itself. The booklet at its heart attacks the scientific method, imitating the style of real scientific reports (even using the acronym "NIPCC" to ape the work of the widely-respected IPCC). The authors from the Heartland Institute cherry pick evidence to reach a foretold conclusion and obscure what scientists have learned about the climate. Heartland has a long history of similar attacks on science, having been funded by Big Tobacco and Big Oil to obscure science that those industries find inconvenient.

With your help, we can defeat this sneak attack. Fill out a report on NCSE's website to tell us whether or not you received the mailing, then forward this message to friends and colleagues who might have been targeted.

Many thanks,
Mark McCaffrey, Programs and Policy Director

P.S. NCSE's work is only possible because of the generous support of people like you. Your donation of $10, $35, or even $100 will make us stronger and better prepared for the coming fight.


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