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June 1, 2017
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Ship moving past icebergs

New model helps predict regional and seasonal sea ice

The model forecasts ice coverage in the Arctic Ocean up to 11 months in advance, which can help in the planning of activities such as shipping, fishing and tourism.


Breast cancer cells

RNA molecule shields breast cancer stem cells from immune system

Researchers found a “microRNA” molecule that promotes particularly deadly forms of breast cancer. Inhibiting the effects of this molecule could improve existing breast cancer therapies.

Scuba image

Nitrogen in coral provides evidence of human impacts on the open ocean

The amount of nitrogen is lower than previous predictions, offering the possibility that environmental protection activities in the region may be helping to curb the nitrogen contamination.

Presentation at Princeton Research Day

Princeton Research Day introduces innovative work to new audiences

The May 11 event featured more than 140 presentations by undergraduates, graduate students and other campus researchers from engineering, social sciences, natural sciences, humanities and the arts.

Water filter schematic

Invention produces cleaner water with less energy and no filter

The same technology that adds fizz to soda can now be used to remove particles from dirty water. Researchers found a technique for using carbon dioxide in a low-cost water treatment system.

Branching microtubules

How TPX2 helps microtubules branch out

Microtubules play an essential role in cellular structure and cell division.The team found that one microtubule regulator—a protein called TPX2—controls the formation of new microtubule branches.
Free and open to the public
Athenian vase

The Berlin Painter and his world: Athenian vase-painting in the early fifth century B.C.

Focusing on the extraordinary work of a single anonymous master artisan, the exhibition provides a window onto ancient Athenian society at a time of economic growth and cultural flourishing through the art of vase-painting.
Princeton University Art Museum
Through June 11

Peter Badge: Princeton’s Nobel Laureates

An exhibition features photographer Peter Badge’s portraits of 29 Nobel laureates who have been Princeton University faculty, staff or alumni.
Bernstein Gallery, Robertson Hall
Through August 17

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