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December 2015


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 Abigail and Suzanne Godfrey
Abigail and Suzanne Godfrey



Ginny Hauser with Lorraine at Avalon Care Center
Ginny Hauser with Lorraine at Avalon Care Center

"Music Can Be So Healing": A Mother’s Journey
The other day, Suzanne Godfrey was playing music for her 19-year-old daughter when Brown Eyed Girl came on. Suzanne began singing the lyrics. “Hey, Abigail,” she said, “you’re my brown-eyed girl!” Abigail smiled and looked at her mother. It was a good day.

Abigail has Heller’s Syndrome, also known as Childhood Disintegrative Disorder, a rare condition on the autism spectrum with no known cure that causes severe loss of social, communication and other skills, mimicking Alzheimer’s.


The “Pullman Effect”: Creating a Continuum of Care with MUSIC & MEMORY℠ on the Palouse

In the southeast corner of Washington State, amidst undulating hills of wheat fields on the Palouse, the City of Pullman, population 31,000, is bringing MUSIC & MEMORY℠ to a new level of holistic care.

Across the continuum, care professionals and volunteers are collaborating to enable individuals to benefit from personalized music. Whether an individual needs hospitalization, nursing home support, adult day care, hospice, or some combination, his or her music goes along.

Dan Cohen

MUSIC & MEMORY℠ Launches in Australia and Holland

Dear Pamela

Welcome, Australia and Holland!

We are watching a video. The gentleman with dementia quickly and powerfully moves his fists to the music he always loved, opens his eyes wide, turns and looks with amazement at his wife. Many in the audience are moved to tears.

No, this isn’t Henry, star of the world’s most-viewed video of someone with dementia (13 million and counting). It’s Jimmy, an Australian with advanced dementia.

When Henry went viral in April, 2012, the responses outside of the U.S. ranged from "Which homes in my country do this?" to "How do I make this happen where I live?" Now Australia, along with Holland, are the first two countries to launch a concerted effort to bring Music & Memory to all their nursing home residents.

We are fortunate to have wonderful partners in each country. Our Australian partner, the Arts Health Institute (AHI), is already improving elder quality of life with its brand of research-based "humor therapy" in 100 nursing homes. Led by Dr. Maggie Haertsch, AHI brings its reputation, research focus and best practices to its M&M rollout, which officially began in November.

In Holland, Manon Bruinsma, a neurologic music therapist, has voluntarily offered guidance for creating autobiographical playlists for residents of nursing homes in Holland since 2012. She now runs Music & Memory Netherlands and serves as Music & Memory's European Director.

As part of this international effort, there are numerous research projects currently underway, with many more being formulated in North America and abroad. Our team includes Australian, Dutch and American researchers. Communication and collaboration in the research community will help us learn how to replicate our program across cultures, avoid duplication of effort, refine our plans and share best practice.

Music & Memory welcomes Australia and Holland as integral partners. We look forward to working together to improve quality of life and quality of care for our elders and everyone being served by the healthcare system.


Warm regards,
Dan Cohen, MSW
Executive Director


6919134-4x3-700x525Music can evoke some powerful and profound memories. 


Stories of MusicA multimedia book with stories from around the world.

Featured Coverage of MUSIC & MEMORY℠ 

Word of Music & Memory is spreading worldwide. H
ere’s an in-depth report about Music & Memory by radio host Lynne Malcolm of the Australian Broadcasting Corp.: Click here to listen.

And here's a great article about reducing anti-psychotic medication use: Click here to read

Stories of Music
Looking for an inspirational holiday gift that keeps on giving? Stories of Music by Holly E. Tripp explores music’s role in healing, community, family and cultural traditions, musicianship and travel. Forward by our own Dan Cohen; 5 percent of the proceeds benefit Music & Memory.


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