November 21, 2013

Invest in Results!

For years, HHI has served tens-of-thousands of vulnerable children, their mothers, fathers and heath providers.  We've heard incredible stories from them, such as "no babies have died since [HHI]", and "my baby is healthier, stronger, and smarter, because of what I learned from HHI".

But this year, HHI's warm and fuzzy stories are proven out in quantifiable, cold, hard statistics. HHI is achieving results similar to programs that take longer, cost more, and reach far fewer in need.  
What makes HHI so unique, so powerful?
  • HHI believes that all parents love their children, want the best for them
  • HHI is always led by local community members, who know and respect their culture and traditions
  • HHI delivers - we go to where people are!
  • HHI leads group trainings, meaning if someone chooses to change, they are not alone
  • HHI's core messages -
    • "you are capable"
    • "there is no one right way"
    • "do what you do with love"
Then incredible outcomes like fathers getting more involved in caregiving.  Parents showing more love and nurturing.  Or parents doubling or tripling their interactions that they have learned promote their baby's development and overall health - these happen naturally. And these positive changes last!  Because, every parent loves their baby and wants the best for them.

Give now and ensure that HHI can do more! 

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Invest in the results you want to see in our world, join HHI today.
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Protecting Children from Toxic Stress

New York Times, by DAVID BORNSTEIN

Imagine if scientists discovered a toxic substance that increased the risks of cancer, diabetes and heart, lung and liver disease for millions of people. Something that also increased one’s risks for smoking, drug abuse, suicide, teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted disease, domestic violence and depression — and simultaneously reduced the chances of succeeding in school, performing well on a job and maintaining stable relationships? It would be comparable to hazards like lead paint, tobacco smoke and mercury. We would do everything in our power to contain it and keep it far away from children. Right?
Well, there is such a thing, but it’s not a substance. It’s been called “toxic stress.”

Children can be shielded from the most damaging effects of stress if their parents are taught how to respond appropriately. 

This article describes HHI beautifully, read more!


Outstanding Outcomes in Uganda

Final evaluation highlights include:
  • Cognitive stimulation from parent to child increased from 30% – 76% (doubled!)
  • Linguistic stimulation increased from 23% – 64% (tripled!)
  • Stopped corporal punishment
  • Stopped domestic violence!
  • Fathers increased their role in care-giving and were enjoying time with their children
  • Noticeable improvements in hygiene, nutrition, improved breastfeeding practices, and providing more frequent and responsive feeding
  • Increased love and affection between children and their parents
And these finding showed sustainability 1½ years AFTER we were there!


HHI on Rainmaker's TV - Watch it now 

Founder/director, Laura Peterson, was interviewed at the Clinton Global Initiative. 

Portland Fundraiser raised $14,637!!!

Thank you Portland! Your generosity equals a total of $29,274 in new funding for HHI!  Pictures and a long list of Thank You's to all our donors, and supporters will be shared in the next few days. Stay tuned!

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"When will our consciences grow so tender that we will act to prevent human misery rather than avenge it?

–Eleanor Roosevelt




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