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  May 16, 2015

HHI Wowed at TEDxMtHood!

It was tears, cheers and laughter from the full house at TEDxMtHood!

I’m excited to report, that I truly gave the talk of my lifetime! It took months of preparation, 40+ drafts, and more practice than I ever imagined, but it all came together and was totally worth it! My talk, “Love: a low-tech solution,” tells the story of why I created HHI, some of the trials and tribulations, and our journey from India’s orphanages to communities around the world. I ended with a challenge to all of us be more loving in our everyday lives.

Love is a core human nutrient; something babies need to survive and the rest of us need to thrive. In the first 3 years, 85% of brain development occurs, and love is a critical component to building healthy brains and whole people. In our everyday actions, we can just act, or we can act with love. I’ve made a whole career about love, but I’m no expert at putting it into practice. I often act as what I say or do doesn’t matter, but nothing is further from the truth.

Love is one of the most powerful, yet underutilized tools we have to better children’s lives and our world. To learn more, I invite you to watch the video here.



And, when you are all full of warm and fuzzy love – please share this generously with your family, friends and co-workers.


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(Laura - look for the RED dress - is featured on pages 5 and 13)

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My deepest gratitude to all of those who contributed to this talk with their time and talents. Each of you has changed my life with your LOVE, thank you!

BIG Thanks to: The love of my life, and most generous supporter, Cris Apatachioae. My talk-whisperer, Cynthia Lopez. The vision, faith and relentless generosity of Jim Greenbaum. All of my colleagues at Thrive Networks, with a special thanks to Jessica Burg. My parents and ardent HHI supporters, Don & Roberta Peterson. My smart and talented friends and allies: Sara B. CooperKristin Ohlson, Paige Jones, Julie Livingston, Kara North, Deb Burke, Miriam Garcia, Liliana Barzola ReadTheresa PridemoreJensine LarsenCasey Vaverka, Ted Moeller, Katarina Krouse, Tina Hart, Michelle JonesMark Powers, Elicia Brandon, and Darcy Jones. Loren Podwill and his team at Bullivant Houser Bailey PC. The entire TEDxMtHood team, who’s hard work, ceaseless generosity, tech-wizardry, and organizational skills were mind-bogglingly-awesome! And the stunning stage art, created by Sabina Haque.



News and Updates:

Hands to Hearts is in Haiti right now! We're working on a new collaboration with The Alliance for Children Foundation to support their mission of improving the lives of orphaned and at-risk children and families. HHI is training the caregivers at The Foundation’s Infants’ Home, which serves children ages birth to three years, including those with special needs.  We're also working with their Community Center, training a group of local trainers to deliver HHI's education, ensuring that this resource will be available to parents in the community for years to come.

In June, HHI heads to Zimbabwe to work with our colleagues at World Education. Hands to Hearts will be supporting the launch of their new parenting program for HIV+ mothers and their infants. Stay tuned, more information is coming soon.
Follow our updates from around the world on Twitter and Facebook. And, as always, thank you for the support that makes our work possible. 

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Hands to Hearts' work - love, nurturing, healing for vulnerable infants - is possible because
of your love and generosity. 

LOVE.    Give.    Done!

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"Love doesn't make the world go 'round.
Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.

~ Franklin P. Jones



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