March 8, 2013

7 Years = 170,000+ Lives Touched

In February of 2006, HHI was born at an orphanage in Chennai, India.  Our intention was to train caregivers how to best support child development and the most important component of that was to show the baby love.

We've come a long way since then, but our core beliefs remain the same.  HHI recognizes that to truly impact the most children, we must first reach their parents or caregivers, and to do this, we must reach them where they are and with the resources they have available.  The resource that HHI has found that exists everywhere in the world is the love that parents have for their children, and their desire to provide the best that they can for their children.  To make the most of this love, parents must first know how important it is, and how important THEY are!  

HHI has now trained over 40,000 parents, health workers, day care staff and others, and now everyday they are able to create a better life for the 130,000+ children in their care.  Here is just one story, from just one father:

A father in Lira, Uganda attended an HHI training. Afterward, he spent more time with his youngest child and he not only grew to recognize the baby's needs, but he taught the baby basic signs to communicate even more. Their relationship blossomed and he is proud of their bond. He didn't have this relationship with his other children, who he often turned away and sent to their mother and punished with beatings. He doesn't look back with sadness, rather, he is working on building new relationships with them and proudly tells of how his children run and greet him and want to spend time with him! 

For this father and child, and the thousands of others like them - we give thanks and we CELEBRATE!!!

International Women's Day

International Women's Day is an official holiday celebrated by countless countries, organizations, and communities around the world.  This invaluable holiday magnifies the innumerable accounts of women's strength and their uncanny endeavors to gain equality, justice, and peace. 

Today, on March 8thHands to Hearts International (HHI) honors the commitment of the mothers, sisters, aunties and all the men who have taken a stand for women's rights, also known simply as "human rights."



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News & Updates:

HHI's Annual Report 2012

Last year was HHI’s biggest year ever, working in more countries, collaborating with new partners and offering training and support to more caregivers around the world.  Read last year’s highlights in our newly published annual report.  AnnualReport2012



25 Portlanders Changing the World

HHI's Founder and Executive Director was honored to be featured in Portland Monthly's cover story.  It makes total sense to us!  Read more.



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