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May 7, 2016

"So in Christ Jesus you are all children of God through faith, for all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ. There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, neither male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus."

~ Galatians 3.26-28

     In. This Sunday we continue our exploration of that tiny-but-mighty preposition that proclaims to us our union with Jesus Christ. Particularly, we explore a passage in Paul's letter to the church in Galatia in which he argues that in Christ Jesus we are: children of God, clothed with Christ, one, Abraham's seed, and heirs. (Which means that we are no longer immature children or slaves). In Christ, the world and its history has turned a corner, a new age has come, and, because we are in Jesus, we are part of the new age as God's new humanity! I encourage you to read and reflect on Galatians 3.23 - 4.7 prior to our time together tomorrow morning.
     We will also come together, united in Jesus, around the feast of our Lord's Supper. I invite you to prepare in heart and mind to be nourished by God and to joyously commune with our Lord and our brothers and sisters in Christ tomorrow morning.
     Also, there will not be Sunday School, so children will remain in the service once again tomorrow.

Upcoming Events and Opportunities:

garden 2
Community Garden Open House:    
     Everyone is invited to join us during our community garden's open house on Saturday, May 14th, from 10:00 to 12:00. Come prepared to get dirty and help get some work done, or just swing by and see what's going on!  There will be activities for kids, information about the garden, and refreshments for all who come by. If you are able to help by bringing some veggies (carrots, snap peas, cucumbers, bell peppers, etc.), fruit (strawberries, grapes, apples, oranges, etc.) or granola ingredients (dried fruit, nuts, seeds, baked oats, etc.), please talk to or email Jennifer Monroe ( Pray for sunshine!

Swimming Suits for Binghamton Youth:
     Becky Stocum is still taking donations of all swim suit styles and sizes for children in the city of Binghamton. Swimming in street clothes is not allowed, so life guards are told to turn anyone away who is not wearing a swim suit. Though it only costs 25 cents to swim, many kids don't have suits. As you are spring cleaning and come across swim suits that don't fit or don't get used, please bring them to Becky.

Summer Congregational Meeting:
     Mark your calendars! Our summer congregational meeting will be on Sunday, June 5. Following the service of worship will we head upstairs to continue our fellowship and worship with a potluck lunch and celebration of the Lord's Supper, and then we will have our summer congregational meeting.


~ Valley Church ~
Gathered as God's family, we are sent into the world as agents of God's mission of renewal.

This Sunday:
Worship Service:
10:00 a.m.
No Sunday School this Sunday

That we might better pray for one another:

     Giving thanks for the healing she has experienced, we pray for continued recovery for Holly Nelson.
     We also pray for continued healing for the Krempel family, giving thanks for Keith's return to work.
     We pray for continued healing for Ruth Giese.
     We pray for peace and wisdom for our high school seniors and their parents as they approach the end of the school year and make decisions regarding the future.
     We pray for continued guidance and energy for the various teams planning and implementing the community garden, and that God would guide our neighbors to join us as we seek to honor and steward his reign over all things as we garden together.

     We ask for God's guidance and wisdom regarding a relationship between the Salvation Army and Faith & Finances.
     We pray for the shalom of the greater Binghamton area, and for guidance as to specific ways we as individuals and as a church might partner with God as stewards of his reign to cultivate that shalom in the city of our exile.
     We pray for God's world: for ongoing restoration, renewal, and justice for the people of Haiti; for refugees fleeing violence around the world; for those who are persecuted for their faith around the world; for God's miraculous intervention in the Middle East; for the people of the United States during this election season; for organizations fighting to protect religious liberty in our changing world.

     We pray for friends and family: for Zach following his motorcycle accident; we pray for peace and healing for Jim Canary's father and for peace for the whole extended family following his cancer diagnosis; we continue to pray for healing for Adam Derzanovich and for details to be worked out with insurance; for Jordan Patch's daughter; we give thanks for Inga's healing following her heart attack; for Mike Corgan's nephew who is battling heroin addiction; for healing and rehabilitation for Marcus Doller's mother; for energy and strength for Alistair Krempel; we pray for those battling cancer: for Jim and Marsha Conrad's friend Judy, for Marcus Doller's friend Scott, for the DeYoungs' niece/cousin Terri; for the Petersons' friends Pat and Amy.

Sunday Morning Ministries for
May 8, 2016

Greeter: Ruth Giese

Ushers: Herleen DeYoung and Charlie Huizinga

Intercessory Prayer: Doug Aukema

Scripture Reader: Al Vos

Nursery: Lor Recker-Woodnorth

Church Telephone: 607.648.8224
Church email:
Church website:

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Valley Church
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